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To stay strong in MLB the Show 22, you must have a solid team. However, building it without enough MLB the Show stubs is impossible. And if you want to do it, you’ll spend tens of hours grinding. Moreover, this process is highly-dependant on your luck. So a strong roster is not guaranteed in the end.
You can avoid all these struggles and inconsistencies. Purchase stubs from AskBoosters. It immediately lets you build the best team and skyrocket your win rate. And here is how you do it.

What are the MLB Stubs, and Where to Spend Them?

Buy Stubs MLB the Show 22

Stubs are the main currency in the MLB Show 22. It is used mainly in the Diamond Dynasty to create strong and unique teams. You can also spend them on:

  • The Show Packs. Open them to get player cards which you can use in your own roster. The rarity and strengths of the players you can get that way differ;
  • Community Market. Players obtained from the pack opening can be sold. Other gamers upload their cards on the Community Market, where you can buy them for your stubs;
  • Stadiums. Purchase a legendary baseball-playing stadium, so you can use it for your games;
  • Equipment. Customize your Diamond Dynasty teams and stand out among competitors with unique sportswear;
  • Perks. Get new abilities for your team and players to beat your opponents in specific game moments;
  • Sponsorship. Sign a sponsor and accept individual tasks. Complete them to get additional currency and exceptional rewards;
  • Soundbites and celebrations. Change the manner of your team celebrations and soundbites to be different from the rest of the players.

As soon as you buy stubs, you will instantly get access to all these features. They will help you build a capable team that, in your hands, can become invincible for seasons.

How to Get Stubs in MLB the Show 22?

San Diego Studio (game developer) has provided several ways players can get MLB stubs. To get them, do this:

  • Win Mini Seasons against computer-driven teams. Such events consist of 28 matches and reward you with 10 000 stubs for the 1st place;
  • Flip community market. Look for the items with prices cheaper than their worth, buy them, and then sell for more;
  • Play Showdowns and complete challenges. Get 300 stubs per one;
  • Complete programs and gain new levels. After each one, you will get a different amount of stubs;
  • Sell cards that you obtain during playing and pack opening. That will give you many stubs, especially if you get rare players.

These methods can give you a solid number of MLB 22 stubs. Still, the speed of obtaining them is no match for the purchase you’ll soon discover.

Can You Buy MLB The Show Stubs?

Most inexperienced players consider the best way to get stubs in MLB The Show 22 is by buying them from the game shop. Yes, you can do it. And it costs you real money. Here is a brief representation of their prices:

  • 1 000 stubs will cost you £0.99;
  • 5 000 stubs will cost you £3.99;
  • 11 000 stubs will cost you $7.99;
  • 24 000 stubs will cost you £15.99;
  • 67 500 stubs will cost you £39.99;
  • 150 000 stubs will cost you £79.99;

Maybe that seems like a good deal. But it does unless you know other markets where you can get some stubs for a cheap price. The next paragraph will tell you about it.

Buy Cheap MLB Stubs

How to Buy Stubs in MLB The Show 22 Cheaper?

AskBooster is one of the best alternatives to the MLB in-game shop, with much lower stub prices. On their website, you can purchase 50 000 stubs for just £7.69. You shouldn’t be a mathematician to know how profitable it is compared to the previous method.
AskBoosters allows you to buy stubs MLB The Show 22 in different numbers, starting from 50K and finishing with 15M. You can also do it regardless of your platform: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, or Xbox S.
Once you specify your platform, number of stubs, and the region you play in, you must indicate your email and pay with one of the following methods: PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Skrill, Bitcoin, Qiwi, and a few others.
When payment is made, AskBooster’s manager will contact you. He/She will specify all the order details and tell you when it will be completed. The average time for that is never longer than 2 hours.
AskBoosters has been giving game-leveling services for more than 7 years. Through this time, the site has learned to complete its orders quickly and efficiently. They’ve honed their skills by doing countless Brawl Stars Boosting Services and Tower of Fantasy Boost Services.

Are MLB Stubs Cross-Platform?

MLB stubs are a cross-platform currency. So you can carry them over to your PS and Xbox accounts. However, this is applied only to the stubs you’ve earned by doing in-game activities (Showdowns, winning seasons, etc.). If you buy MLB The Show 22 stubs through the in-game shop, they are locked to the device you purchased them on.
And as you can guess, stubs purchased from the AskBooster don’t fall under this rule: they are cross-platform. So that’s another solid reason to choose that seller.

Buy MLB 22 Stubs Boost

Is It Legit to Buy Stubs from AskBoosters?

Just like buying ESO gold or Path of Exile currency from third persons, purchasing stubs from AskBooster is prohibited. And if you violate this, your account should get a sanction. But that’s only in theory.
AskBoosters prioritizes their clients’ account safety. So they implement several measures to get you out of risk. First, they never use bots, as they draw suspicion from the game moderators.
And secondly, AskBoosters hides the fact of the stub selling under the fair trade. So for the MLB game masters, your purchase will seem like an ordinary item-to-stub trade.
As a result, MLB will have nothing on you. So your account won’t become a suspect and never get any penalty.
AskBoosters is one of the most experienced and credible game-services sellers. We work in the market for 7+ years delivering Faceit ELO boosts,  Dota 2 MMR grind, and even сharacter boosting products for D4. Also, thanks to many partners and orders, AskBoosters provides the cheapest and quickest services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I purchase MLB stubs?

Stubs are the main currency to become strong and dominant in Diamond Dynasty (the most popular MLB mode). Use stubs to purchase new, stronger players, get them better perks and customize their appearance to your taste.

Where can I buy MLB stubs?

The first and obvious place to buy stubs is through the MLB game shop. However, their prices are terrible. Especially compared to AskBoosters, where you can buy 50 000 stubs for just 7.69 euros.

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