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Albion Online

Albion Online Silver

Albion Online

Albion Online PvE Fame Farming

Albion Online

Albion Online Mastery Leveling 0-700

Albion Online

Albion Online Silver

Albion Online

Albion Online Mastery Leveling 0-700


Stop being an Albion broke! With the cheap silver market we will expose in this article, you’ll never lack coins anymore. Read on to learn what it is and how to buy.

Why Do I Need Albion Online Silver?

Silver is the Albion’s foundation. You need it to:

  • Invest. Purchase demanded items cheaper and sell them over time for more;Buy Albion Silver
  • Buy gold. Once you buy Albion Online silver, you can trade it into gold. You need it to purchase a premium status, which gives you a 50% boost for silver, fame, and gathering yield. Plus, gold can get you an island. It’s one of the best Albion Online ways to make silver;
  • Get gear. You can buy any gear piece for silver. Equip it to become stronger and excel in PvP and PvE encounters;
  • Get mounts. A better mount allows you to carry many resources and be quicker. This speeds up the farm;
  • Learning points. You need Albion silver to buy skill nodes to carry better gear, which unlocks deadly abilities.

Do you see how crucial silver is for upgrading your character? But you also need it to cook food, create crafting facilities, and improve your guild visuals.

Where to Buy Albion Online Silver?

A primary way to buy Albion silver is the market. There, you trade it for gold. But beforehand, you must purchase gold for real cash, whose exchange rates aren’t great.

If you want to transfer your real money into Albion silver, there’s a more optimal way: a game boosting website.

Albion Silver for Sale

How to Buy

Buying silver in Albion Online from boosters is easy and quick. It requires the following steps:

  1. Pick boosters. Askboosters presents top Albion boosting sites with silver and other services. You can read their full reviews (LFCarry, Skycoach, etc.) or brief features;
  2. Choose a service. Open a boosting site, proceed to the Albion section, and choose Albion silver for sale;
  3. Adjust a service. Select how many millions of silver you want (10 – 500), your region, and delivery speed;
  4. Pay via PayPal, Visa/MasterCard, Google Pay, Apple Pay, WebMoney, Skrill, Bitcoin, Qiwi, etc.;
  5. Wait for the manager to contact you for further discussion.

This wouldn’t take more than 5 minutes. Moreover, it’s a universal guide you can apply to Palia boosting, WoW raid boost EU, Elo boosting LoL, or to buy SWTOR credits for sale.

How do the Services Work?

You get silver through trading. A courier will contact you (probably in Discord) and explain the process. You’ll have your bag in less than an hour.

Albion Online Silver Price

It’s €0.60 for 1 silver million. You can buy from 10 to 500 million, which will cost €301.50. Changing a delivery speed increases the price.


To get Albion Online silver for sale, you must have an active account. It would also be perfect if your character reached a town, so your silver trading looks legit.

Cheap Albion Silver

Is It Safe?

Sure. Couriers use trading, which makes your order appear as a casual item exchange. Based on our experience, moderators never penalize for it.
We have other gaming secrets to share. Visit our “Guides” section to find the best way to farm gold in Diablo 4, top WoW Dragonflight classes, Destiny 2 weapon guides, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need silver for in Albion Online?

The primary silver application is to make your character stronger. It gets gear and unlocks abilities. But you can also use it for investments like demanded items (mounts, siphoned energy) and an island for a better silver farm.

Can you buy silver for real money?

Yes. A common way to do that is to purchase gold in the Albion Online shop and trade it into silver on the market. But very few people do that. Instead, they get better exchange rates from silver sellers.

Who are Albion Online silver sellers?

They are pros who farm silver and sell it to other players. They do it through boosting sites like LFCarry, Skycoach, G2G, and others.

What’s the Albion Online silver price?

It costs €0.60 for 1 million. You can buy starting from 10 million €6.03 to 500 million €301.5. The express order will have a 20% increased price. However, you can always get a discount with a site’s bonus or an “askboosters” promo code.

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