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Our Destiny 2 Valor boost and carries service is a cheap way to gain rank quickly. Hire our professional D2 boosting service to quickly achieve any Valor rank you want at reasonable rates.

Valor is a method of ranking used in the Crucible and rank is increased by playing matches in the Crucible Quickplay playlist. It can take a significant amount of time to reach the top Valor ranks but our Destiny 2 services can assist you to achieve the rank you want.

Why Players Want Destiny 2 Valor Boosting Carries

Improving your Valor ranking is important for participating in many of Destiny 2 activities and improves your performance in others. Some of the reasons for boosting Valor rank include:

  • Earn emblems, ornaments, and weapons when your Valor rank goes up.
  • Earn a Crucible engram with each advance in Valor rank.
  • Gain access to weapons and other gear from Lord Shaxx.
  • Obtain reset rewards.
  • Some Triumphs and quests require a Valor reset which requires you to reach the highest Valor rank.

Just as with a Garden of Salvation raid boost, those who order a Valor boost will generally have a specific goal or target in mind.

Understanding Destiny 2 Valor Rank Boost

In Destiny 2 the more you play quickplay matches the higher you will end up ranking. Unlike Glory, when you lose Valor matches you don’t lose points or rank. As a matter of fact, you earn points even if you lose, but not as many as if you win. There are a total of 6 Valor ranks with all having 3 sub ranks except for the final. The following is a list of all the ranks as well as the points required to achieve a rank and advance to the next level. 

Level Total Points Points to Rank Up
Guardian I 0 – 9 10
Guardian II 10 – 24 15
Guardian III 25 – 49 25
Brave I 50 – 109 60
Brave II 110 – 214 105
Brave III 215 – 349 135
Heroic I 350 – 419 70
Heroic II 420 – 549 130
Heroic III 550 – 699 150
Fabled I 700 – 789 90
Fabled II 790 – 939 150
Fabled III 940 – 1149 210
Mythic I 1150 – 1279 130
Mythic II 1280 – 1509 230
Mythic III 1510 – 1799 290
Legend 1800 – 2000 200

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Players get a certain number of points for every match they win depending on their rank. The amount of points increases if you win matches consecutively up to 5 wins. The following shows the number of points earned by each rank for winning matches.

Rank Loss Win 1 Win 2 Win 3 Win 4 Win 5+
Guardian 10 12 17 22 27 32
Brave                     10 12 17 22 27 32
Heroic                   10 15 20 25 30 35
Fabled                   10 17 22 27 32 37
Mythic                   10 20 25 30 35 40
Legend                  10 22 27 32 37 42

Aside from winning matches, you can also earn some Valor points from Destiny 2’s Daily Bounties. Completing a small daily mission earns 15 points so this is another route you can take if matches aren’t your thing.

You aren’t necessarily finished ranking up once you have maxed out at the highest rank of Legend. You can reset your Valor rank and begin the process over again. Some weapons and gear are tied to how many times you have reset your Valor rank. For example, you must reset your Valor rank 5 times to get Redrix’s Broadsword, a powerful pulse rifle. All Valor ranks are reset at the end of every season.

Benefits Of Our Destiny 2 Boosting Service

There are many benefits for Destiny 2 fans who choose to use our carry services.

  • Reasonable Rates: Our pricing is always fair and competitive with other services
  • Customer Support 24/7: Our customer service can be reached any time and is always ready to provide the assistance you need
  • Get the Rank and Gear you want: Some ranks, weapons, and other gear may appear completely out of your reach but if you want an Exotic Fusion Rifle ordering our Destiny 2 guaranteed 1000 Voices carries will get it for you.

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Destiny 2 Valor Carry: How Valor Rank Boosting Works

Ordering our Valor rank boost is easy. Just provide us with your current Valor rank, as well as the Valor rank you desire and we take care of the rest. We can take your character to any Valor rank you choose or through as many Valor rank resets as you like. Customers who purchase a Valor, buy Anarchy Destiny 2 carries, or order any of our services have 2 options:

  • Guided Boost: Our booster joins you in the game and guides you while you play your own character.
  • Piloted Solo: One of our boosters will log into your game account and work on increasing your rank for you

With either option, our booster will quickly help you achieve your desired Valor rank.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Destiny 2 Valor?

Destiny 2 Valor is a ranking system in the Crucible where players can earn rewards by improving their rank through playing Quickplay matches.

How much is professional D2 Valor carry?

The cost of a Destiny 2 Valor carry will depend on your current rank and the Valor rank that you want to achieve.

Is Destiny Valor boosting legal?

Hiring a Destiny 2 Valor boosting service is legal but almost certainly violates the terms of service of the gaming website.

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