Boosthive Review 2022

Here is a comprehensive Boosthive review, which contains everything you need to know about the platform. In this article, you will learn about WoW, Destiny 2, and other video game boosting services they provide. Discussion covers the quality of service, the company’s reputation, and more.

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What is Boosthive Boosting Service?

Boosthive is a gaming boosting platform where you can boost your gear, level, and rating to outsmart your enemy and dominate the game. They are always improving their services to ensure players get the best experience possible for every order, every day. They have over 50,716 completed orders.

Boosthive has a simple website where you can navigate effortlessly to choose the service you want. On the platform, every game is well laid out with call-to-actions to enable you to take steps accordingly. With various methods of payment, you have the flexibility to select the ones that suit you. They have got everything you need to take your gaming experience to a higher level.


Boosthive supports a range of games and boosting services. The services are available across Europe and the US so you can enjoy their first-rate services regardless of where you are. Here are the major games supported by their platform:

WoW Boost

Wow Boost Boosthive

Get top-rated Boosthive WoW boosting services at affordable rates. Boosthive is one of the best WoW boosting websites. The services are divided into the following categories:

Today Events: With the boosting calendar at Boosthive, you can find a raid, event, or a special offer that is available for sale. Next, select the run-time of your choice and you are ready to go.

Raids: This service is a trustworthy way to complete a full run. Raid boost services help gamers to enhance the character’s item level by getting rewarded with new high ilvl gear. It is fun and stress-free.

Mythic Dungeons: Whatever your goals are, they have a team of professional WoW mythic boosters capable of helping you on a successful run in the game.

Bundles: With bundles boost, you can significantly improve your WoW performance and achieve everything you have ever wanted.

Torghast Tower: Buying this WoW boosting service will improve your competitive edge in the new World of Warcraft Shadowlands expansion. It will enable you to attain the high tiers in the difficult dungeon.

Powerleveling: Enjoy a fast, safe, and cheap power leveling boost service with Boosthive. Their Powerleveling service will help you level up your WoW character within a short time.

Character Boost: They offer a range of WoW character boosting options, ranging from the gathering of azerite, gold, searching for particular items to professions leveling. Leverage Boosthive’s character boost to transform your game playing experience and enjoy the game more.

PvP Boost: Instead of spending many hours of play to get top results, you can quickly buy WoW PvP boosting services to fast-track your advancement in the game. Best of all, you will get to improve your PvP skills in the process.

Collectibles: Get any WoW mount of your desire from Boosthive. They offer mount collection boosting that gives you access to rare WoW mounts, which a few players have.

Achievements: Enjoy an exciting grind with WoW achievements boosting. This will help you to ensure your character and account are advancing in the game.

Timewalking & Mage Tower: Leverage their Timewalking services to get rewards and special collectibles by looting some special TW loot and farming both TW Dungeons and Raids.

Black Market: These boosting services enable you to acquire hard-to-get items and transmogs in WoW. No need to waste time trying to get things on your own when you can get the rarest rewards with their Black Market boosting services.

New World Boosting

New World Boosting Boosthive

Buy a safe and secure New World boost from Boosthive. Enjoy in-game coaching and boosting services from vetted pro players. Here are the New World boosting services they offer:

Powerleveling & Farming: Get 100% safe and guaranteed level boosting with Boosthive. With this service, you can level up your champions with the help of professionals to improve your gameplay experience within a short time.

Currencies: The core activities – professions, land conquering, construction – of the game are heavily dependent on currency and resources. New World currency boosting can help you advance in the game faster.

Expeditions: Work with a team of professional boosters to make your gear farming effortless. Buying Expeditions will help you conquer competitive scenes in no time.

Trade Skills: If you are looking for a fast and efficient way to unlock some end-game recipes and make coins from your professions, buying Trade Skills is the way to go.

Reputation: Use this boosting service to level up your territory standing while improving your overall gameplay experience.

PvP: New Word PvP boosting is a quick way to get great rewards without farming for many hours.

Destiny 2 Boosting

Destiny 2 boosting boosthive

Buy a professional Destiny 2 boosting service with Boosthive and enjoy fast and secure boosting. The major service categories include:

Trials of Osiris: Boost your performance in this weekly competitive PvP event and enhance your opportunity to loot great rewards.

Season of the Lost: Buy Season of the Lost boosting services to enhance your combat advantage in the game.

Bungie 30th Anniversary: Improve your performance in the six major Seasonal Events in Destiny 2, get special cosmetics, and other things to customize your account, and get festival rewards.

Raids: Save time and get rid of challenging scenes in the game with Destiny 2 Raid boosting services.

Nightfalls: Leverage the Nightfall services to acquire powerful weapons.

Seals: Buy the Destiny 2 Seals and let professional boosters help you dominate the game and qualify for a good title.

Bundles: Buy D2 Bundles, sit back and watch Boosthive’s pro players help you reach your goals in no time.

Dungeons: Are you finding it difficult to clear D2 Dungeons? You can rely on their boosters to take your gameplay to higher levels.

PvE & Powerleveling: These services will help you climb through the ranks faster, improve your stats, and loot special gear & weapons.

Collections: D2 weapons collections services make it easy for you to get weapons just when you want them.

PvP: Unlock interesting game modes, acquire new skills, and improve your overall gameplay with their pro PvP boosters.

Season of the Splicer: These boosting services offer Guardians combat advantage by enabling them to receive rewards ahead of other players.

Season of the Chosen: Boost the capacity of your Guardians with Boosthive’s Season of the Chosen boosting services.

Solstice of Heroes: The solstice of Heroes event is time-consuming. Save many gaming hours by working with the boosting team.

WoW Burning Crusade

Here are the services offered under the WoW Burning Crusade:

Powerleveling: Use the Powerleveling services to reach your dream levels without having to spend many hours of your playing time.

Raids: Buy raid carries and have professional players help you land the best Outland loot.

Reputations: Save some time and free yourself from the boring grind with Burning Crusade reputation carry services.

Dungeons: Get your character ready for raiding and other difficult scenes with the Dungeons boosting services.

Professions: Save yourself the stress of leveling up the profession in the game by buying the TBC Classic professions boost.

PvP: Work with the veteran boosters to improve the results of your character.

Mounts: Buy mounts and enjoy fast order completion and a short boosting time.

Season of Mastery: This is a boosting service that enables you to overcome in-game challenges and improve your experience.

Diablo 3

Buy the boosting services you need to achieve your goals in the game. They offer the following four service categories:

Powerleveling: The Diablo 3 Powerleveling service will help you ascend your character faster and save you many hours of boring grind.

Gearing: Buy D3 gear and watch your results improve with minimal work.

Rifts: With rift boosting services, you can get everything you need to reach your goals in Diablo 3.

Items: You can relieve the stress that comes with getting some Diablo 3 items by buying the Diablo 3 Items boost service.

WoW Classic

Enhance your gameplay experience and attain your dream tier in WoW Classic using the following services:

Powerleveling: Leveling up can be stressful and time-consuming. You can avoid spending much time and advance in the game faster with the lvl boosting service.

PvP: Overcome tough rounds and progress quickly with the WoW Classic PvP service.

Classic Raids: Get rid of all your raiding challenges with Boosthive’s WoW Classic raid boost.

Mobile Legends

Increase your achievements and win rates in Mobile Legends with the following services:

Rank Boost: Rank up faster in the game with the help of proven professional players.

Achievements: Improve your achievements and win rates with the assistance of veteran boosters.

Apex Legends

They offer the following Apex boosting services:

Rating: Improve your gameplay and qualify for rewards & RP faster with the Rating boosting service.

Leveling: Allow professional players to help you level up faster and qualify for special rewards.

Badges: You can quickly get any Apex Badge of your choice with help of the professional boosters.

How it Works

Boosthive offers the easiest and most efficient way to earn all possible in-game services both in PvE and PvP around the globe. They are constantly finding new ways to revolutionize their services to offer better experiences and go beyond customers’ expectations. Here is how their offers work:

Step 1: Choose Service - select the services you want and add them to the cart. The website is easy to use and does not require any tutorials. Pick services and provide the required information and proceed to the next step.


Step 2: Place Order - go to the cart, fill in the necessary information, and checkout. There are various payment methods to enable you to pay with no hassle. Choose a payment method and pay for the order.


Step 3: Their Team Contacts You - you will be contacted after payment to discuss your order details. Being a company that is committed to fast and efficient boosting, you will be contacted within 7 minutes of payment.


Step 4: The Job Gets Done Efficiently - immediately after placing your order, top gamers will be deployed to start working your order. As a result, your goals are reached just when you want them and no order lasts longer than necessary.


Step 5: Order Delivered! Drop a Testimony - after a mind-blowing service has been delivered to you, there is a feedback page where you are expected to leave a review.


Bonuses and Coupons

You can leverage bonuses and coupons to cut down the costs of boosting. Get 15% off with promo code: askboosters. As a customer, you stand to enjoy promotions, discounts, and loyalty programs.

Boosthive Reddit Reviews

Over the years, Boosthive has built a great reputation in the gaming industry. You can find Boosthive reviews on various online platforms, including Reddit, where a lot of happy customers leave reviews after using Boosthive services.

Boosthive Ratings

When it comes to ratings, Boosthive is among the best in the industry. Boosthive has a 5-star rating on Trustpilot. In addition, their rating on is 4.93.


Boosthive services are available in Europe and the United States. If you live in any European country or in the U.S. you can enjoy their offers effortlessly using Boosthive EU and Boosthive US platforms, respectively.

Boosthive Benefits

The platform stands out from competitors when it comes to experience, quality of service, and pricing. Here are some of the benefits of using the platform:

  • They Meet All the Key Decision-Making Factors: The major decision-making factors include affordability, fast delivery of orders, and high-quality service.
  • Top-Rated Boosters
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Fast Delivery of Orders
  • High-Quality Services.
  • Cheap Services

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Conclusion – is Boosthive Safe?

Boosthive is safe, affordable, and fast. It is a leading boosting service that has been around for some years with over 50,307 completed orders and a 5-star rating on Trustpilot. And 93% of the reviews are excellent. With Boosthive, you will enjoy 24/7 customer support, game experts, and time-proven methods. If you want to take a look at other game boosting services, read our Skycoach review and Leprestore review.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Boosthive Legit?

Boosthive has been providing boosting services for some years with over 50,307 completed orders. The platform has a 5-star rating on Trustpilot with 93% of the reviews being excellent. In a nutshell, Boosthive is a legitimate site.

How Much Does Boosthive Boosting Service Cost?

The amount Boosthive charges varies based on your orders. However, you will enjoy one of the best rates in the industry. In addition, they offer bonuses and coupons to help you cut down costs.

What is Boosthive?

Boosthive is a reliable game boosting service that can help you reach your in-game goals in a number of video games. They provide pro-level players to play with you or on your behalf until your goal is reached.

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