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AskBoosters is one of the leading League of Legends boosters on the market, and we will help in regular or duo ELO boosting. The ELO system is specifically designed to ensure that you play multiple games before getting a proper rank placement.

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Our website also features top-tier HTTPS and SSL encryptions, which ensures that all your private data is safe.

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To maintain the integrity of our services, as well as ensure you get what you paid, all the orders are handled by a real human being without the help of any software from start to finish.

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Thanks for boosting my LoL account! I wasn't banned and now can play with top guys.


Quick and efficient boosting. Definitely a 5-star rating.

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Usually, this means playing anything between 200 and 300 ranked games per season to get proper placement. Unfortunately, that’s too much of a commitment for some people, but our LoL boosters will grind the hard games on your behalf, leaving you in a safe place.

Worse still, LoL’s ranked system can prove frustrating, especially when you find yourself in the loser’s queue. Our LoL boosters will help fix this by improving your ELO rank. Our ELO boost expertise covers: Solo Normals, Solo Net Wins, Solo Placement Games/Unranked, Solo Guaranteed Divisions, Duo Q Guaranteed Divisions, Duo Q Net Wins, Duo Q Placement, Duo Q Games.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ELO boosting?

Also known as MMR (Matchmaking Rating) ELO Boosting is the act of a professional helping a low-ranked player in a ranked game to improve their standings. It’s an excellent strategy for players who don’t have the time to individually grind the ranks or those looking to have a feel of playing on higher ELO.

How does ELO boosting work?

Basically, ELO works by giving the Booster/ Professional player partial or total authority to take over their player's account and play a ranked game in a bid to improve their standing. The two major boosting options include regular and duo boosting. Regular LoL ELO Boosting entails the player delegating the entire gameplay to the booster whereas duo boosting means the player combines forces with the professional booster.

How to become an ELO Booster?

ELO BOOSTERS rake in thousands of dollars simply by collaborating with the players. For this reason, you can become an ELO booster as long as you have high gaming skills in League of Legends. While at it, you also need to strategic in choosing your gaming plans for purposes of winning the games because there are low-ranking boosters who have managed to beat even the most experienced players.

Whether you have Nunu on the Rift or not, the League of Legends game can literally get your blood boiling. This is especially the case when playing as teammates, as very little can be done to salvage an inviting, poorly performing summoner. In fact, you may find the entire team slugging through their inadequate performance, ultimately dragging you down and enduring a long losing streak.

We are ready to start ramping up your account!

When you buy the LoL ELO boost of legends, you not only get to overcome the above challenges but also gain all valuable skills and experience to help improve your gaming aptitude. Still, not everyone has the luxury of having the time to play countless games per season, and would quickly want to escape the ELO hell.
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The Easiest, Fastest, and Professional ELO Boost Services

Trusted by the League of Legends community worldwide, AskBoosters will help boost your ELO either through regular or duo boosting. We boast of an experienced team of Master, Challenger, and Diamond 1 Elo Boosters who are always on standby to help boost your account until you reach your desired ranks.

Whether you’ve lost too many games via feeders and trolls, want to move into a higher rank, or even feeling a bit unlucky, our boosters will work with you either in the regular or duo queue mode to ensure you reach your desired level effectively and efficiently. All this at a set and guaranteed price.

Our ELO Boost Expertise

  • Solo Guaranteed Divisions
  • Solo Net Wins
  • Solo Placement Games/Unranked
  • Solo Normals
  • Duo Q Guaranteed Divisions
  • Duo Q Net Wins
  • Duo Q Placement
  • Duo Q Games

Want To Get Coached Instead? Worry Not!

The idea of coaching came about after realizing that the majority of customers on our site were making progress after getting their initial ELO boost. Indeed, by encouraging them to play in duo queue boosts or even spectate as the boosters engage in real gameplay, many have become better players (some even better than our FPS boosters).

How Does Our Coaching Work?

  • Depending on your availability and desired coaching level, you can choose between the multiple options available and get coached by top-tier coaches.
  • Next, you need to determine the desired number of hours you need to be coached and your coach of choice.
  • You will be redirected to the Checkout page where you will be prompted to register if you are a new player or login if you already have an account.
  • After the payment, our reps will get the ball rolling with your schedule set up.
  • Lastly, checkout and you will be redirected to the order details indicating your soon-to-be coach and proffered coaching mode.

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Choose the service of your liking between ELO Boost and LoL Coaching.

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From the displayed options, choose your preferred package whether it’s to buy a league of legends boost or a coaching session with your favorite coach.

Checkout with Payment

Once you have confirmed your proffered choice, Order and Checkout. If you don’t have an account, create an account with us and pay.

Track your Order

After placing your order, you will be instantly redirected to the Order Dashboard, where you can track your Order Details as well as communicate with our reps.
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Why Hundreds Of Happy Customers Have Chosen Us?

  • Your Account Is Secure

Your security is a major priority for us. For this reason, our servers are rigged with a VPN (Virtual Private Network) and when the boosters access your account they will operate in the same “ country or location” as yours. All our systems are handled by professional, so you can rest assured that your LoL ELO boost is in safe hands

  • 24/7 Customer Support & Live Chat with Boosters

Another reason why we are considered one of the best ELO boosting sites is because of our empathetic customer service support. You get 24/7 access to a live chat without having to use the League of Legends communication chat.

  • Fast Elo Boost

Our experienced team of League of Legends boosters is made up of Masters, Grandmasters, and Challengers, meaning you can get a fast boost and can easily get over 1 division a day. All of them are sourced among the best LoL players and our minimum thresholds are some of the industry’s highest.

  • Cheapest ELO Account Boosting

At AskBoosters you are guaranteed cheap, reliable, and affordable LoL boosting services and coaching. Unlike our competitors, our boosters are sufficiently remunerated to ensure they deliver quality service, making our prices affordable.

Also, we have special discounts and occasional legit promotional programs to ensure that our loyal customers feel a part of the family as well as save on costs once they buy an LoL ranked boost, XP boost, or even skin boost.

  • Safe Payments

Our payment system uses end-to-end SSL encryption, which ultimately protects your personal information as well as credit card information. Along with that, we accommodate a wide range of payment options to ensure everyone is catered for irrespective of their geographical location.

  • Mobile Compatibility

Want to follow your booster while on the move, our LOL ELO Boost Features a spectator area to chat with them as well as track your progress using a mobile device.

How much Does ELO Boosting Cost?

There isn’t a standard cost for ELO boosting as there many variables that come into play when setting the amount such as timing, booster’s pay, the account’s server, the play queue, and so on. With that said, there is a placeholder guide on the average going rates for an ELO boost to cost. But still, you need to keep in mind that these are placeholder amounts and the cost may vary from site to site.

Iron accounts.

The average cost is $6 per rank for iron.

  • To bronze: $20, and an additional $9 per rank.
  • To silver: $50, and an additional $11 per rank.
  • To gold: $100, and an additional $17 per rank.
  • To platinum: $180, and an additional $30 per rank.
  • To diamond: $300, and an additional $75 per rank.
  • To master: $750.

Bronze accounts $7 per rank.

  • To silver: $22, and an additional $10 per rank.
  • To gold: $70, and an additional $20 per rank.
  • To platinum: $150, and an additional $26 per rank.
  • To diamond: $290, and an additional $70 per rank.
  • To master: $730.

Silver accounts for $11 per silver rank.

  • To gold: $28, and an additional $18 per rank.
  • To platinum: $100, and an additional $28 per rank.
  • To diamond: $240, and an additional $85 per rank.
  • To master: $700.

Gold accounts: $18 per gold rank.

  • To platinum: $50, and an additional $26 per rank.
  • To diamond: $180, and an additional $90 per rank.
  • To master: $620.

Platinum accounts: $30 per platinum rank.

  • To diamond: $70, and an additional $70 per rank.
  • To master: $520.

Diamond accounts:

  • To master: $300.

Remember, all these are rough estimates and they may vary depending on your prevailing rank and division, as well as the ones you want to purchase. Still, the currency being used on the site may also cause variation, which is why it’s important to research by yourself. As for AskBoosters, our prices are heavily discounted compared to the going rates and we also offer occasional promotions which further drives down the cost.

Many Have Fallen Along The Way, But We Have Stood The Test of Time

The main reason why we have continued to remain relevant is partly because of our commitment to providing Elo Boosting services on a global scale without losing a sense of touch with our customers. And we have results to show for it…

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We offer the most competitive ELO boosting prices among the major lol boosting sites and have a proven competition record of one division per day. Just give us a try and you will be impressed by our MMR boost services!
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