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Read our G2G review to learn about WoW and Valorant boosts and other carry services offered on the platform. Customer support, price of services and available boosts are some of the factors examined.

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What is G2G?

G2G is a platform that connects sellers of video game services and products related to esports to interested buyers. Our G2G review will take a look at the services available and what they have to offer buyers.

SkyCoach is another site that offers boosting services you may be interested in. 

G2G.com Overview

G2G works differently than most boosting services. Rather than having their own players, G2G brokers game booster online services. G2G got its start in 2013 and is based in Kuala Lumpur with an office in Singapore. They act as a broker for a variety of video game services including boosting. Aside from services which they call GamePal, they also act as a broker for sellers of in-game currency, game items, skins, top ups and video game accounts. 

G2G Services

Does anyone use G2G for professional boosting? G2G has over 1 million active users, many who are buying boosting services. The seller of the boosting service pays G2G a 9.99% service fee. G2G only allows self-play boosts. That means the booster can’t play your account. They must join you in game and play on your team or in your group. There are some other restrictions on sellers of boosting services. The seller (booster) can only create 3 listings for services per category and the minimum purchase quantity must be set to 1. They are also prohibited from misleading or misrepresenting their service. Violation of any of the seller rules can get them banned from the platform. Before boosting the seller must take the following steps. 

  • Confirm with the buyer the character to be boosted, the server, character name and ID by taking a screenshot or video of the conversation.
  • Take a screenshot or video of the buyers game account character’s current statistics such as level, rank, inventory etc.


After completing a boost the seller must take another screenshot or video of the buyer’s game account character’s current statistics and upload it to their order page as proof of delivery. There are some good security measures in place to protect buyers. Is G2G boosting safe? Yes, they are if you follow their security measures and advice such as not contacting sellers directly.

As G2G is a market place you will see a variety of prices for the same service. They offer over 200 payment methods in 16 different currencies so there are plenty of options.


G2G has boosting services for World of Warcraft, World of Warcraft Classic and World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade. 

Hire WoW Coaches

World of Warcraft appears to be the most popular boosting service on the site with over 11, 800 boosting offers available at the time of this review. The first step in filtering so many offers is to select a region. You can choose from RU, EU and US.  Next you select the service type you want from a dropdown menu. Your options are: 

  • Powerleveling
  • PvE/Raid
  • PvP
  • Mounts
  • Gear Boost


Each service type has multiple boxes you can check to choose the exact service you want. For example in the service type power leveling there are 10 different options. Once an option is selected a narrowed field of boosts of the type you are interested in will be displayed. You can browse the choices or narrow them further by entering your budget. You can have the boosts listed by Recommended, Most Recent, Lowest Price and Highest Price.

World of Warcraft Burning Crusade Classic has over 6000 boosting offers. Selecting a boost works the same way as with WoW with the same regions offered.  The only difference in the service type list is that TBC has a section for Quests and Attunements.

For World of Warcraft Classic, there are currently over 1700 boost offers available, and the method for selecting a service remains the same.

Although not really boosts you can purchase specific game items and currency for WoW, WoW Classic and TBC at G2G.  More than 1 G2G WoW gold review can be found on Trustpilot for purchases of coins and reviews are mostly positive.


Although not as popular as WoW, there are over 2000 boosting offers for Valorant on G2G. You can select from 10 different regions. There are also several types of boosting services to choose from. These are: 

  • Rank
  • Placement
  • Wins
  • Other

Start Valorant Boosting

 The subcategories for Rank, Placement and Wins are Radiant, Immortal, Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze. 

Rocket League

G2G has around 800 boosting offers for Rocket League on their site. Offers can be filtered by platform: PC, Xbox One, Play Station 4 and Nintendo Switch. They can be further filtered by entering your budget. As with other games you can list boosts by Recommended, Recent, Lowest Price and Highest Price. There is no filter for service type. You just have to browse the results to see if a boost you are interested in is being offered. 

Escape From Tarkov

Approximately 3400 boosting offers for Escape from Tarkov are available at G2G.  The service types are:

  • Character Level
  • Raid Carry: Factory Raid, Interchange Raid, Lab Raid, Reserve Raid, Shoreline Raid and Custom Raid
  • Quests: Peacekeeper Quests, Prapor Quests, Therapist Quests, Ragman Quests, Mechanic Quests, Skier Quests, Jaeger Quest and Other Quests
  • Other

You can also filter by budget. In the “Game Coins” section of G2G you can purchase in-game currency.  Any customer G2G gold review for purchases of in-game currency will likely be favorable. 

Other Games

There are over 100 games that services are being offered for on G2G. Popular games like League of Legends, Grand Theft Auto 5, and Apex Legends all have boost offers as well as some lesser known game titles. It’s easy to get a boost.

For example, if you want to know how to start boosting in LoL G2G has a “How to Buy” section that explains the process of making purchases on the site. Then just proceed to the GamePal section, select League of Legends and choose the boost you want. The procedure is the same for every game except for how boosts are filtered. 

Quality of Boosters

It is harder to get a fix on the quality of boosters offering services at G2G than on sites like Leprestore.net. G2G is just brokering the service although they do have quality controls in place to protect buyers. For the most part the boosters that are regulars on the site can provide what they offer. If they couldn’t they would be banned. So, are G2G services good? Most likely they are especially if you choose from high ranking sellers.

G2G Benefits

Benefits of G2G boosting services include: 

Huge selection of services for many games


Competitive market with multiple choices for the same boost


Many security precautions


200+ payment methods


Customer Support

Support for customers is primarily offered through a ticket system. The response time for customer support is usually reasonable, although it may take some time to receive a reply. Many general questions are answered in the “Buy at G2G section” of the site. Buyers can contact sellers directly via the G2G chat system. 

Verdict: Is G2G Legit?

With a history dating back to 2013 and a user base of over 1 million, G2G is a well-established platform. They have almost 20,000 reviews on Trustpilot with an average 4.7 rating and provide services for over 100 games. They are a legitimate site for obtaining boosting services.

Take a look at Proboosting to see another site with a nice selection of coaching services.

Customer Reviews


Initially, I was very skeptical about G2G given the several complaints by buyers. After my first transaction, however, everything has been smooth and pleasant. Happy customer!


Bought my coins and my order got delivered within 20 minutes. The seller was nice and communicated throughout the entire time. Piece of advice though, ensure you vet the sellers by checking their ratings before making a purchase to ensure your safety.


I had a bad experience with the seller recovering the account after I made a purchase. Upon contacting the customer support team, they requested proof in the form of screenshots and they were able to rectify the situation.


I rarely leave reviews for anything, but I must say G2G is an awesome marketplace for all in-game items. The site is user-friendly and easy to navigate, making it easier to find what you are looking for. However, they should consider implementing reviews both from the buyers and the sellers.


G2G is easily one of the best websites to buy classic WoW currency. The prices are relatively affordable compared to other sites and the turnaround time is admirable. Whilst some sellers are garbage, you can easily cancel your order and receive your refund within 10 minutes.


I'm receiving nothing from penning this review but here are my two cents. You’ll find loads of professional sellers offering quality products. Everything I’ve bought so far has been delivered as described and in record time. Excellent overall!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are G2G boosting services good?

The boosting services can vary but if you choose high ranking sellers then the odds are the boosting service you receive will be good.  

Is G2G boosting safe?

G2G has a lot of security measures in place to protect buyers and only allow self-play boosts to be sold on their site. They are safe. 

What is G2G?

G2G is a platform that connects sellers of services such as game boosting with buyers who want to achieve specific goal in various video games.

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