Review offers boosts for different games. Take a look at this Proboosting review to learn more about the Dota 2, Overwatch, HOTS, League of Legends and other pro boosting services offered.

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What is Proboosting? is a video game boosting service that players can use to help improve their standings in a variety of video games. We will take a look at Proboosting’s services and see what they have to offer players. For another site providing similar services take a look at our Leprestore review. 

Proboosting Overview has been providing game boosting and coaching services to players in a variety of games since 2015. On their site they state they offer boosting for 15 different games but there are actually 28 games listed. The rates for services appear to be quite competitive and in line with those from other services. They offer a number of different payment methods including PayPal, credit/debit cards, skins, Bitcoin and many others. All payment methods are powered by G2A Pay. 

Each game listed on the site has its own section. Below the overview of game services the available boosters are listed along with how many orders they have completed. The number of available boosters is also provided minus the ones currently working on orders. The website is easy to navigate and you will have little difficulty finding your way around.  

Proboosting Services

There are 28 games that you can get some type of boosting service for listed on the Proboosting site. The number of specific services offered varies from game to game. Some of the games had very few boosters available to provide services so the turnaround time may not be as fast as on other games. 

Overwatch Boosting Services

There are a total of 7 different boosting services available for Overwatch: 

Overwatch Placement Matches: Guaranteed 80% win rate. Must be level 25 or above to purchase the boost.
Overwatch Rank Boosting: Rank boosting from any rank in competitive play mode to any skill tier including Grandmaster.
Overwatch Rank Maintenance: Prevent your rank from decaying.
Overwatch Leveling: Raise your account by number of levels requested.
Overwatch Top 500 Boost: Available in solo or Duo Que. The service will get you into the top 500 but does not maintain your ranking.
Overwatch Win Boosting: Order a specific amount of wins.
Overwatch Duoqueue Games: Play with the booster in Duo Que games.
Overwatch Coaching: Choose any hero to be coached on. has 24 boosters providing services for Overwatch. Proboosting Overwatch good reviews for boosters far outnumber the bad. 

HOTS Boosting Services

You will find 3 Heroes of the Storm boosting services at Proboosting. There are a total of 8 HotS boosters on the site. The minimum division for a Heroes of the Storm booster is Grandmaster. Here are the HotS services offered: 

Heroes of the Storm Placement Matches: To be ranked in HotS you must complete placement matches. Customers are guaranteed at least 10 wins, a minimum of a 70% win rate.
Heroes of the Storm Rank Boosting: Boost to any division in Heroes of the Storm. Customers may choose from solo ranked in Hero League or rank in Team League with a full team.
Once payment for the service is confirmed customers can communicate with boosters in the Proboosting “Members” area. 

Dota 2 Boosting Services

Proboosting has 12 game boosters for Dota 2 on their site and offer several different services: 

Dota 2 Calibration Matches Boosting:  Calibration matches in Dota 2 determine where you will start your season from. Proboosting guarantees a 70% win rate if they play 10 games for you.
Dota 2 Low Priority Boosting: Have you been hit with low priority and have a few games to complete before you can get back into the regular matchmaking system. Proboosting can have their booster take care of low priority games to unlock ranked play for you.
Dota 2 MMR Boost: MMR goes up with every ranked game you win and down with every one you lose. Probooster can increase your MMR. MMR boost is available in Solo or Duo. The booster can play any role you specify.

Try Dota 2 BoostAll Dota 2 boosters at are 6000+ MMR. 

Valorant Boosting Services

There are 16 different Valorant boosters at Proboosting providing different services: 

Valorant Placement Boost: To give you a decent start to the season Proboosting guarantees a minimum of 4 wins out of 5 placement matches. The boost can be in SoloQ or DuoQ.
Valorant Rank Boost: Go from whatever your current rank is to any rank you choose. Customers have the option to select the agent they want the booster to play.
You can check out other Valorant boosting services by reading our Chiboost review. 

League of Legends Boosting Services

Check LoL Boosting
League of Legends pro boosting services are the most popular on the site. There are 7 different LoL services offered provided by 84 boosters. 

Champion Mastery: Boost your chosen League of Legends Champion to the mastery level you want.
ELO Division Boost: Improve your rank with ELO boosting.
ELO Duoqueue Games: Have a booster duo with you in any rank and division.
ELO Placement Matches: Guaranteed 70% win rate on placement matches regardless of your rank.
ELO Win Boosting: Order a specific number of net wins. Net wins is the difference between the number of games won and the number of games lost.
LoL Normal Games Wins: Pick any number of wins you want on normal games.
LoL Power Leveling: Reach any level you choose in League of Legends.

Other games

Aside from the 5 games discussed above offers boosting services for 23 other games. These are: 

Rainbow Six Siege


Rocket League


Apex Legends


Teamfight Tactics


LOL: Wild Rift


Fall Guys


Escape From Tarkov


Black Desert Online


Destiny 2




Realm Royale


FIFA Ultimate Team


COD: Modern Warfare


World of Warcraft


Call of Duty: Black Ops 4




Legends of Runeterra


DOTA Underlords






World of Tanks




WoW Classic


The services for each vary. For example, FIFA Ultimate Team only offers coins and there is only 1 booster for Realm Royale.

Quality of Boosters

The quality of the boosters at seems to be quite high. Although it is impossible to know how good all of the boosters are they appear to be capable of delivering orders quickly and efficiently. For the most part they are also friendly and easy to work with. Benefits

There are a number of benefits from using services including: 

Guaranteed results.
7 years in business
Reasonable rates
Boosts for a wide variety of games
Competent boosters

One thing everybody wants to know is, is safe? They use a number of different security technologies to protect customer data and boosters use VPN’s to ensure customer’s accounts aren’t compromised. is safe. 

Customer Support

Customer support at is available 24/7 via live chat. They are friendly and helpful. A few reviews around the internet had issues with customer support but the majority of reviews are favorable. 

Verdict: Is Legit

Give ProBoosting a Try provides a solid boosting service for a large number of games. Their service is fast, boosters are skilled and prices are good. There is no Proboosting scam issue or concerns. They are a legitimate boosting site. Give them a try and you won’t be disappointed.

Another site offering similar services is Is legit? Read our review and find out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is legit? has been in business since 2015 and completed thousands of boosts with favorable reviews. They are a totally legitimate site.

Is proboosting good?

Proboosting has skilled and experienced boosters who are able to deliver boosts as promised with the site compensating customers in the rare cases an order isn’t completed.

What is proboosting? is a company that provides video boosting services to assist their customers achieve in-game goals in different video games.

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