Best PvE Weapons in Destiny 2 for Primary and Special Slots

October 26, 2023

Are you struggling to progress through D2? Your weapon is likely a problem. The damage it can output directly correlates to the encounters you can complete.
Does that mean you should just pick the strongest weapon? You can. But we won’t guarantee you’ll be satisfied with its gameplay and how it fits into your build.
Instead, we offer you another solution. Based on our experience, we’ve created a list of the best PvE weapons Destiny 2 for any slot and type. Check the list below and pick your favorite!

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Destiny 2 PvE Weapon Tier List

According to the Lightfall expansion meta, here are the leading D2 weapons.



S Conditional Finality, Legend Of Acrius, Quiksilver Storm, Osteo Striga, Gjallarhorn, Sunshot, Tractor Cannon, Wish-Ender, Witherhoard, Divinity, CALUS Mini-Tool
A Anarchy, Ager’s Scepter, IKELOS_SMG_v1.0.3, Cloudstrike, Xenophage, Collective Obligation, Touch of Malice, Coldheart, Forbearance, Ammit AR2
B Ace of Spades, Bad Juju, Bastion, Vexcalibur, Zaouli’s Bane, Centrifuse, Final Warning, D.A.R.C.I., Devil’s Ruin, Duality, Dead Man’s Tale, Falling Guillotine, Acacia’s Dejection
C Jötunn, Hard Light, Black Talon, Borealis, Cerberus +1, Deterministic Chaos, Edge of Action, Sturm, Half-Truths, Cataclysmic, Nessa’s Oblation

A tier list is a summary of Destiny 2 best PvE weapons. Now, let’s look at some of them under a scope, revealing their weak and strong points.

Best PvE Primary Weapons

First, let’s look at Destiny’s best PvE primary weapons to equip in your main slot. These are:

  • Quicksilver Storm –  a fun auto rifle obtained from the exotic kiosk in Lightfall DLC. It launches missiles after hitting several accurate bullets. Thus, it deals direct and AoE damage;
  • Wish-Ender – fully draw this bow and pierce several enemies per arrow. Works excellent against Anti-Barrier Champions. You can get this weapon through the Forsaken’s Pack exotic quest.

Best PvE Primary Weapons

These guns are tough to get. Video game boost deprives you of their tedious grind, quickly delivering you D2’s best PvE weapons, including Destiny 2 Xenophage and Conditional Finality.

Best PvE Special Weapons

Only privileged guns should be able to spend your special ammo. Consider these options:

  • Vexcalibur – become an effective raid support by sharing heavy shields with Vexcalibur. All it requires is to block projectiles. This is elementary as the Vex has an inherent shield. Check Askboosters to learn how to get Vexcalibur catalyst;
  • Divinity – Shadowkeep owners can put their hands on some of the best overload trace rifles in the game. Just deal sustained damage with Divinity to envelop your foes with a weakening and disrupting field;
  • Forbearance – if you’re patient enough to get a god-rolled Forbearance from the Vow of the Disciple raid (Witch Queen), you’ll clear ads like crazy. Aim for the Ambitious Assassin and Chain Reaction to make it deadly.

Remember that exotic guns above unleash their true powers when wielded with a catalyst. So don’t be lazy to get a D2 Witherhoad catalyst/Divinity catalyst.

Best PvE Weapons Destiny 2 Lightfall

If you’ve read carefully, you’ve spotted a gun from the Lightfall expansion. These are 2 other best PvE weapons Destiny 2 Lightfall:

  • Deterministic Chaos – after finishing the main Lightfall story, you’ll receive this void machine gun. Deterministic Chaos shoots very fast. Thanks to that, it’s easy to activate its perk and weaken enemies for 15% for 4 landed shots;
  • Final Warning – complete The Final Strand quest and access this deadly sidearm. Aiming with Final Warning is very easy. It marks enemies on a shot, making them magnetize your following bullets.

Best PvE Weapons Destiny 2 Lightfall

Having all of these in your arsenal significantly boosts your flexibility. So, getting Lightfall is worth its price.

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Best PvE Shotgun Destiny 2

If you like one-shotting your enemies with heavy shells, you should consider a list of these best PvE Destiny 2 shotguns:

  • Nessa’s Oblation – this spooky-looking gun (of course it is, it drops from the Root of the Nightmares) has impressive shooting stats. But it’s not just for the assault. It can protect you well, giving you a constant overshield on kill;
  • Tractor Cannon – there is no better tool in D2 for debuffing enemies than a Tractor Cannon you get from Exotic Engrams. It debuffs foes for 30%! That’s the highest value in the game, which makes killing bosses an easy breeze;

Best PvE Shotgun Destiny 2

  • Legend of Acrius – deal quick and heavy bursts with this exotic kiosk shotgun. Legend of Acrius launches deadly arcs that overpenetrate your targets. Get a catalyst, and you’ll greatly increase the gun’s speed and DPS.

Don’t want to farm these guns for hours? Consider getting a loaded Destiny 2 account for sale with all the guns you need.

Destiny 2 Best PVE Energy Weapons

Now, let’s see the best Destiny 2 PvE guns that shoot with energy. Their list includes:

  • Sunshot – fire explosive rounds and deal massive AoE damage with this hand cannon. What’s more, this free-to-play weapon obtained from the exotic engram explodes enemies on kill, making it even more effective against packs of mobs;
  • CALUS Mini-Tool – achieve a crazy DPS with this SMG from the Presage in Beyond the Light. Just make sure to get it with an Incandescent perk so you scorch groups on kill.

There are lots of solar shields in the game now. According to our research, having one of these solar guns to deal with them is a great idea.

Best PvE Kinetic Weapons Destiny 2

For those who feel an affinity to the good old kinetic guns, here are several options:

  • Witherhoard – purchase this baby from the Shadowkeep’s exotic kiosk and become a real threat on the battlefield. Each Witherhoard’s shot launches a deadly grenade. They blight a huge area and debuff enemies to explode on death;
  • Osteo Striga – improve aiming with this Witch’s Queen Campaign submachine gun. Its projectiles mimic an insect swarm. They not only follow your near-crosshair targets but also poison them;

Both these PvE kinetic weapons Destiny 2 are amazing. So don’t refuse to get them due to their tough grind. Instead, hire boosters. They’ll get you any weapon as fast as they farm a yellow keycard in Tarkov or boost CSGO rank.

Best PvE Legendary Weapons Destiny 2

Indeed, our list is already full of the best PvE legendary weapons in Destiny 2. But here are a few other worthy guns:

  • IKELOS_SMG_v1.0.3 – complete Operation: Seraph Shield quest to get one of the coolest F2P SMGs in the game. If you get a Voltshot on it, you’ll deal crazy arc damage after killing an enemy and reloading this gun;
  • Zaouli’s Bane – completing King’s Fall raid is worthy for this hand canon alone. If you can get Zaouli’s Bane with an Incandescent + Explosive Payload perks, you’ll be amazed by how quickly this non-exotic weapon can clear packs.

Best PvE Legendary Weapons Destiny 2

Don’t consider legendary guns worse than exotic. However, remember that you’ll have to grind for god rolls to get the most out of them.

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Best PvE Exotic Weapons Destiny 2

Here are some more of the best PvE exotic weapons for Destiny 2 for your choice:

  • Conditional Finality – this arguably strongest weapon in the game is a real Root of Nightmares treasure. It deals stasis and solar damage. Thus, you can ignite and freeze with it simultaneously;
  • Collective Obligation – reveal all your void 3.0 subclass potential with this exotic pulse rifle. It reloads when you use a Devour, get a void overshield, or become invisible. Plus, Obligation leeches and spreads void debuffs. You can get it from the Vow of the Discipline raid.

Both of them are good. But as you can notice, they suit different playstyles. So, pick carefully.

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Best PvE Heavy Weapons Destiny 2

Do you like seeing explosions on the field? Then consider these best PvE heavy weapons in Destiny 2:

  • Gjallarhorn – output tons of damage with a Gjallarhorn and its wolfpack rounds. They split your rockets into little projectiles, dealing more damage than regular launchers. You can get this gun through the Bungie 30th Anniversary Quest;

Best PvE Heavy Weapons Destiny 2

  • Anarchy – this exotic archive grenade launcher stays a top pick for a gun to deal damage while halted. It launches grenades that connect into the electric field. It stays on when you halt the gun and deals tick damage for 10 seconds.

Thanks to the large AoE of these weapons, they’re both great at dealing with large portions of enemies.

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As you see, Destiny 2 has many prominent guns. Picking the right one is tricky. However, this Destiny 2 PvE weapon tier list and guide should help. If you like any of the mentioned guns, don’t hesitate to farm it! Or pass this to boosters. They’ll get you any weapon in the shortest terms.

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