Diablo 4 Side Quests Completion Service

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Does your Diablo 4 character underperform? He can lack damage, be too squishy, and fail to complete difficult content. There’s a solution. By doing side quests, you’ll receive additional skill points to enhance your character. Let’s see how that works.

Why Should You Complete Side Quests in D4

Side quests in D4 are essential. After completing them in Sanctuary zones, you receive renown points. They give you:

  • +2 skill points;
  • +1 potion usage;
  • +80 max obol capacity;
  • +4 paragon points.

These bonuses might seem small. But when you’re min-maxing your character, they’ll make a difference in your damage and defenses. Plus, you have to farm renown points just once. They apply to your entire account.

diablo 4 side quests

What is Side Quests Completion Service?

To get 1,500 renown points (required to unlock all the bonuses), you must grind a lot. That’s tedium. D4 side quests boosting service does all the boring jobs, and you enjoy its results.
It employs pros for that. These D4 veterans will log into your account or join your party (as you prefer) and play for you. That’s paid.
Gaming booster level-up prices depend on service difficulty. The minimum number of side quests you can order is 10 for $10.40. While the max is 213 for $199.37.

Side Quests Completion Rewards

Twenty renown points per quest is not the only thing side quests completion gives you. The other rewards are:

  • Gold & other currencies;
  • Legendary and unique items;
  • Levels (if yours is not a maximum);
  • Paragon Points;
  • Materials and other loot.

All mentioned above are drops during quests. It’s random. So don’t count on them, but consider them as a pleasant bonus.

Chep D4 Side Quests Boosting Service

Benefits of Purchasing

When you order a D4 boost, you get access to the rewards from the previous paragraph the quickest. Boosters promise to deliver them in 1 – 24 hours. Plus, it’s effortless.
Imagine if you had to complete hundreds of side quests yourself. You’d have to travel around the map, clear boring dungeons, do monotonous grind, etc. That’s not fun.

How to Buy

Purchasing D4 boosting is easy. You can do it the next way:

  1. Pick a site from Askboosters. We’ve been examining boosting platforms for several years. We know who has the best D4 services. Check their reviews at our site and pick your favorite. That’s how you can also find a PoE currency for sale or LoL boosting cheap;
  2. Open the boosting site and select D4 side quests;
  3. Examine and adjust your order;
  4. Indicate your email and pay;
  5. Wait for the manager to contact you.

Based on our experience, this guide applies to any boosting service. Use it for a DnD boost, Genshin Dendroculus service, Tarkov quest completion, etc.


To order a Diablo 4 side quests completion service, you must have an active game account. On top of that, it must feature a lvl 35 character. To get it, complete the main story.

How It Works

After you talk to the manager, a booster will start an order. If you’ve ordered a selfplay boost, a pro will join your part and guide you. During a piloted boost, a pro does everything for you.
When the order is done, you’ll get a notification and a report indicating everything added to your account. Now, change your password (if the order was piloted) and enjoy your bonuses!

Get Diablo 4 Side Quests Completion Service

Is It Safe?

Absolutely! A selfplay boosting doesn’t violate any rules (unless game masters somehow know you’ve paid for that). While piloted service does. Booster masks it with a VPN as he connects to your city’s IP address.
Want more educational stuff? Check out the “Guides” tab on the Askboosters site. It explains boosting peculiarities and game mechanics, like how to get gold in Lost Ark.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Diablo 4 side quests?

Diablo 4 side quests are in-game tasks that reward you with renown points. You need 1,500 (20 per quest) to receive +2 skill points, +1 potion usage, +80 max obol capacity, +4 paragon points.

Is it hard to do D4 side quests?

In terms of quest difficulty, not much. But remember that you have to do more than 200 of them, which can get immensely boring.

Why should I order D4 quest boosting?

It saves a ton of your time and effort. Boosters will log into your account or join a group and do all the boring stuff for you.

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