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Do you lack funds for GTA 5? It’s a pain! This game is full of content, but most of it hides behind your financial capabilities.
You need millions to have fun in GTA. Sure, you can farm it. But instead of wasting tens of hours on that, you can buy a cheap GTA modded account. Let’s see how it works.

buy gta 5 account

Why Buy

When you buy GTA accounts, you free yourself of monotonous grinding. That’s exactly what cash farming is. You’ll repeatedly complete identical robberies and heists until you scratch several mils.
What does it get you? 4 – 5 hours of farming is worth a good car or mediocre real estate. We know you want more.
Millions of GTA greenery will get you the game’s best mansions, an array of supercars, and prolific businesses. The last ones are vital. They are investments specified for farming even more cash. So, once you launch a nightclub, arcade, crates warehouse, cocaine lockup, etc., you won’t ever need to farm money yourself.
Last but not least, buying GTA modded accounts gets you a level. It’s to unlock purchases. In GTA online, you need a maximum level to buy specific businesses and property.

How to Buy?

It’s as easy as a park walk. To get game-boosting services, follow this step-by-step guide:

  • Pick a site. It’s where our service can help you a lot. We’re an independent booster-reviewing site with several years of experience. During it, we found top-tier GTA services. So, check our reviews to know where to buy GTA 5 modded accounts at the safest and for the cheapest prices;
  • Find a desired service. Once you’re at the boosting site, proceed to the GTA section and choose “GTA account for sale;”
  • Adjust your order. Select a cash and a level of a GTA account you want to buy;
  • Pay via PayPal, Visa/MasterCard, Google Pay, Apple Pay, WebMoney, Skrill, Bitcoin, Qiwi, etc.;
  • Wait for the manager to contact you for service arrangements.

The secret is revealed. Now, you know how to purchase any boost. Just substitute “GTA 5” with any online game, and you can buy LoL boost, Call of Duty skeleton, BDO boost, or even FUT coins.

How Does It Work?

The manager will give you legit GTA 5 modded account details and its email with login details. That’s it!
Now, you can use the obtained info to enter an account and play. Don’t like a current email? Change that. As boosters care about your convenience, this option is always available.


It’s whatever you want. For a PC, the best place to buy a GTA 5 account offers a Social Club, Steam, and Epic Games. Which one to pick?
Based on our experience, it’s best to stick with the platform you’re familiar with. Otherwise, go for Steam. It’s a convenient game launcher with a huge GTA community. You can join its groups to discuss game content.
Console players don’t face a choice. Pick between PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S accounts based on which of those you use.


The price of the GTA modded account for sale depends on its development. For instance, the cheapest price is €11.28. It’s what you pay for a 100,000,000 account without a max level.
On the other hand, you can go all in and buy a 2,000,000,000 account with a max level of €80.88. But it’s not the final price. It grows with an extra completion speed (express or super express).
You can also lower a boosting price. Whether you buy a League of Legends account or GTA 5 boost, check the available promo code on our site. They’ll give you an extra 10% off.

GTA Modded Accounts For Sale

Is it Safe?

Sure. Rockstar doesn’t care for account and money sellers in GTA. Why? They can’t even solve an issue with cheats in their game. Moreover, our research shows that GTA 5 accounts haven’t been banned for selling game services for a long time.
We can prove that. Boosters we recommend have a full money-back guarantee. They are so confident you won’t get an account penalty that they are ready to return all your money to you.
Still don’t want to buy a GTA account? Read our page about how to make a modded GTA account yourself. It’s totally free!



Frequently Asked Questions

What’s a GTA modded account?

It’s a GTA 5 account with online progress. When you order, you decide how much of a developed account you buy. It regards an account level and cash.

Why do you need a modded GTA account?

It’s about capabilities. Once you get the riches and a high level stored on a modded account, you become a real boss of Los Santos. You’ll unlock any cars, real estate, and businesses.

Can you make your own GTA account modded?

Sure. You need to research the best farming methods and apply them. In fact, we already have them. So, check our GTA money-farming guide and transform your own account.

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