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Silver is the primary currency in BDO. You will need large amounts of coins to buy various items like boss weapons, and low-tier weapons and enhance your equipment. Also, as the game itself comes with an RNG-heavy enhancing mechanism, players may need a few billion to acquire items that will allow them to fight in mid-high level Large Scale PvP scenes.
In addition, the importance of BDO Silver is not only in the act of purchasing and trading items but also in gaining the ability to hire workers. For example, you can spend about 1,500 to 90,000 silver coins to hire a worker to build a city.
Aside from Silver, Black Desert Gold and Pearls are also essential in the game. You can use them to buy various costumes and furniture in the Cash Shop.

Black Desert Online – Ways to Make Silver 

black desert goldWith so many diverse activities available for players in BDO, there are a lot of effective ways to acquire coins. Based on our experience, the first and most common way in Black Desert making silver is grinding at high-level areas. Precisely, mobs drop Trash Loot and raw silver giving you a chance to get some rare items that can have value worth up to hundreds of millions of coins.
The next way is using Life Skills. However, this option can be more time-consuming and risky. For example, Alchemy and Cooking are totally dependent on the Central Market rules, thus making coins through them requires more insight and energy. Apart from these, you can train and breed horses and then trade them.
Last but not least, check out Black Desert Silver for sale. Just make an order of BDO Buy Silver at reliable boosting platforms and purchase the amount of coins you need with several clicks.

A Brief Overview of Black Desert Silver Purchasing Services

BDO is one of the most complicated and challenge-packed MMORPGs. So, for many gamers, it can be too much. The game has many things you need to do, and none of them are simple to understand. That’s why diving into the core of the game and farming silver requires much time, energy and effort. You can save a lot of trouble and nerves with the help of BDS purchasing platforms, where you can buy as much coins as you want in no time. These platforms work the same way as most boosting services, just make an order and get your desired coins right after.

Black Desert Online Buy Silver

How to Make an Order

Play Black Desert Online buy silver, and use it to level up on the game following the algorithm below.

We recommend several safe and reliable boosting platforms. Check all of them with the BDO silver purchase option and pick one.


Specify the number of coins you wish to buy.


Complete the payment process and submit your order.


This is it. Now just relax and wait for the order to be processed.

Platforms & Price

You can buy BDO Silver Farm for gaming on platforms like Xbox, PlayStation and PC. The price of BDO Silver depends mainly on the platform you choose. Here let’s have a look at the standard packages.

  • PC – €13.19
  • PlayStation – €55.32
  • Xbox – €184.39

In addition, if you pick the express delivery option, you will need to pay an additional €2.64, €11.06, and €184.39, respectively.

How Does the Process Work?

The process is quite simple. You make an order, and pro boost gamers sign into your account and begin farming silver on your behalf. In most cases the boost is done through account sharing. Once your order is completed, you will be notified immediately.

Cheap BDO Silver

Is It Safe?

Sure. All boosters use premium and safe VPN services to access your account and mimic your IP address so that you won’t be discovered cheating. In addition, the boosting services have up-to-date SSL encryption technologies in place.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Buy Silver for BDO?

Yes. You can use the services offered by boosting sites to quickly farm coins for your needs. Just place an order with your specific requirements, make the deposit, and wait till the skilled player grinds and acquires coins on your behalf.

Is It Safe to Use Boosting Sites?

All the services we list on our page are completely safe to use. They have all the necessary security measures, and boosters use only premium VPNs for your orders.

What Are the Main Ways to Farm Silver in BDO?

The primary way is grinding. You can also use Life Skills like fishing, trading, alchemy, and cooking to get coins.

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