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Boosting Ground is an online game-boosting service that provides exceptional boosting services for video gamers worldwide. They have professional gamers in charge of every order; therefore, customers have no fear when patronizing. Their terms of use are well structured to help customers use the services better while being informed of all it entails.

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World of Warcraft
Destiny 2
Apex Legends

Escape from Tarkov
Overwatch 2

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If there is any platform that can give you access to the best video game boosts, that platform is Boosting Ground. Existing for six years, Boosting Ground has successfully built a robust customer base of satisfied gamers. They have some of the best pro players you can find online, and you can access them at the most affordable price. Their website is navigable, so you can easily find your way around it. With the boosts all arranged adequately under their respective games, you only need to find and select the game of your choice if you ever need a boost. Signing up with Boosting Ground will do you much good, as you will also have access to some of the best deals and discounts you can get on any game-boosting platform.
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Boosts are the perks you’ll find when you visit Boosting Ground’s website. First-time visitors are warmly welcomed by their friendly and professional customer support team. They are well-informed about the service and can point you in the right direction if you need help.

What Is Boosting Ground?

Boosting Ground is an online boosting service that provides game boosts to gamers in need. These boosts come in different forms, like coaching, carry service, in-game item sales, and others. They have boosts available for various MMOs, MMORPGs, and other similar genres.

On their site, they have up to eleven games they offer boosting services. Some of them are World of Warcraft, Apex Legends, Destiny 2, Wrath of the Lich King (classic), Halo Infinite, Diablo IV, and others.

With them, you can buy boosts like Destiny 2 boosting, Valorant boosting, COD Warzone boosting, and many others at a very pocket-friendly price. Besides the games, Boosting Ground offers customers an honest customer/vendor relationship through their policies. One of them is the refund policy that covers customer dissatisfaction. You are guaranteed to get your money back if things go differently than planned and your order still needs to be fulfilled. Although for this policy, terms and conditions apply, so, therefore, you should read the legal documents, so you know what your transactions with the service will entail.

How It Works

Here is a breakdown of how the boosting service works at Boosting Ground.

  • Sign-up
  • Select the intended game for a boosting service
  • Under the game, select the kind of boost you want. If you need help finding what you want, select the custom order feature for a personalized order.
  • Make payment with the approved method.
  • An account manager will be assigned to your account to oversee your order
  • And at the end, your order is completed and implemented in your account.


At Boosting Ground, most of the games available for boosting are in the MMORPG, MMO, and other similar video games genre. They are all popular games that have millions of players around the world. In this section, you will be introduced briefly to these games and the services that are available under them.

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is a first-person shooter video game set in a mythic sci-fi world full of aliens to be defeated. In this game, players have characters that represent them and are known as Guardians. They aim to protect the city from the extra-terrestrial beings that have kept the solar system under siege. Players create their characters based on any of the three-character classes found in the game. Below is a list of boosting ground Destiny 2 boosting services that players can purchase on the site.

  • Raids
  • Material Farming
  • Weapons and Armor Farming
  • PvP and Gambit
  • Dungeons
  • Iron Banner Boosting Services
  • PvE Boost
  • Trials of Osiris
  • Power Leveling
  • Triumphs and Titles Boosting
  • Weekly Challenges

Apex Legends

Apex legends is a royale-hero shooter game released in February 2019. This game featured a three-player squad of pre-made characters referred to as Legends. The characters are 23 in number, but only a squad of three characters can function simultaneously, with individual gamers controlling each character. The game has the microtransaction and loots feature, which allows for monetization both within and without the game. Seasons and events are also part of the game’s features, as they each come with unique additions per time. The boosting services found under the Apex legends game include:

  • Ranked Battle Royale boost
  • Badges boost
  • Arena Placement
  • Stats Boost
  • Quests
  • Challenges
  • Leveling
  • Ranked Arenas boosting
  • Custom Order

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World of Warcraft Classic (Season of Mastery)

World of Warcraft is an MMORPG released in 2019 that features different races and classes, totaling eight and nine in number, respectively. The game runs with the main version, with a recreated game setting similar to the original setting in The Burning Crusade. Over time, other releases have been made in the game that has helped players progress through the expansions. The services offered under this game by Boosting Ground include the following:

  • Reputations Boosting
  • Mounts
  • Professions
  • Buy Account
  • PvP Services
  • Farming
  • Power Leveling
  • Dungeons Clear
  • Raids
  • Gold

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is a multiplayer role-playing game released in 2004 by Blizzard Entertainment. The game’s primary focus is character progression, measured in character leveling, microtransactions, and others. Players can create characters and explore the game world in either first or third-person view, complete quests, fight monsters and interact with NPCs. There is a solo-mode option in case players don’t feel like collaborating. Here are the boosting services under the World of Warcraft game:

  • Fated Raids
  • Mythic Dungeons
  • Currency farming
  • Achievements Boosting
  • PvP and PvE leveling
  • Achievements boosting
  • Reputation boosting

Diablo IV

Diablo IV is a game of quests and stories. Players advance through the game by ensuring their characters obtain equipment by defeating enemies in combat. Character classes have various unique skills that the players also use to fight enemies. While character classes exist, there are also monster families that possess various combat styles and other features. There are five-character classes in the game and gears with increasing rarity as the game progresses.


Overwatch assigns players into two teams comprising six players. There is an extensive collection of characters known as heroes with unique abilities that the players can choose as their avatars. These heroes are divided into three classes: Damage heroes, Support heroes, and Tank heroes. You will also find various game modes in this game, such as competitive ranks, casual play, and esports. Microtransactions are also present within the game. The Overwatch boosting services offered in the game include rank boosting, seasonal challenges, placement matches, battle pass leveling, etc.
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Valorant is a team-based shooter game that has its setting in the future. The characters are known as agents and are based on different cultures worldwide. Players pick the attacking or defending teams they will play under throughout the game. In Valorant, you can find various gun weapons, such as shotguns, sniper rifles, assault rifles, and so on. Players are given five agent options out of the 23 agent options that are present. After these five, players must unlock every other agent before using them. Some boosting services under this game include Competitive wins and games, account leveling, mission boost, custom order, etc.

Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal features several classes that a character can play under. These characters are tasked with locating and destroying hidden parts of the Worldstone. They ensure that Skarn, the chief villain, is prevented from taking over the world of Sanctuary and destroying it. Unlike the previous Diablo games, Diablo Immortal allows players to change their character’s class without resetting the game’s progress. But this can only be done once a week. Boosting services under this game include dungeon farm, paragon leveling, campaign, achievement boosting, etc.

Wrath of the Lich King

The Wrath of the Lich King game is the subsequent expansion of the World of Warcraft series, The Burning Crusade. Many new contents are featured in this game, like the new continent called Northrend, which is the home of the Lich King and his army of the undead. Advancing through this new continent involves reaching level 68. The level cap for the game is level 80—dungeon clearing, raids, achievements, gold purchase, raids, etc.

Halo Infinite

The Halo Infinite game was released in 2021 by 343 Industries. The first-person shooter game features different modes, such as deathmatch and capture the flag. A training mode is also present for players to train their skills and test weapons. Players also complete objectives in the game, which in turn, leads to them receiving special tools for weaponry and others. The bosting services under the infinite halo game are listed below:

  • Rubles farm
  • Loyalty boost
  • Quests
  • Hideouts
  • Raids
  • Leveling
  • Custom order.

Escape from Tarkov

This tactical first-person shooter game is based on action. It features a setting where war occurs between two military companies. There are raids in this game, and players use them to combat enemies in the form of bots or other players for escape or survival. Players can build weapons and equip characters using vests, rigs, and helmets. Check out the services below offered by Boosting Ground for the game.

  • Raid
  • Leveling
  • Quest
  • Loyalty boost
  • Hideout
  • Rubles farm boost
  • Custom order

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Carefully type in "askboosters" (excluding quotes) into the designated field.


Press "Apply" to validate the code, and witness a 10% discount being applied to your order.


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Boosting Ground Reviews

Boosting Ground offers high-quality boosting services to customers. They do this by:

  • Offering speedy delivery on every order made, irrespective of the server being used by the customer;
  • Providing a fair market price to all customers, even on custom orders;
  • 24/7 receptive customer support team ready to attend to any of your complaints;
  • Professional gamers with top-notch gaming experience;
  • All customers are part of a reward rank and are eligible for discounts and special services.

Payment Methods

The payment methods allowed on the site are Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.


Boosting Ground is a company based in the United States. Asides from the Boosting Ground US services, we also offer our services to anyone from any part of the world. You can buy fifa 22 coins from us today and others like wow boosting and lfcarry boosting services. If you’re thinking, is lfcarry legit? Then have no fear. It is legit, and you will find a safe boosting service for the game with Boosting Ground.

Conclusion – Is Boosting Ground Legit?

Boosting Ground is known for its unwavering dedication to seeing players get the help they need in their video games. Therefore, this leads to them providing excellent services at the most affordable prices. They have all it takes to help you overcome that problematic level as soon as possible. And with our coaching services, you’re well on your way to becoming a professional player yourself.

Customer Reviews


The Boosting Ground boosting service was excellent. I love the service so much.


The customer service is just great. Boosting Ground keeps offering the best each time.


Boosting Ground perfectly did my custom order. These guys are totally on point.


All I can say is a great job, guys. I'm definitely coming back when I need more boosts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Boosting Ground safe?

Boosting Ground works with trusted gamers and has existed for some time. They have had over thirty-two thousand orders. People will only keep coming here if they are safe and trustworthy.

How soon will my order be completed when I place it?

This depends on the kind of order you place and how much is involved in getting it done. Your order can take between an hour to twenty-four hours to complete. But our pro players are fast, so the highest time maybe 24 hours.

What if I need help finding what I need on your site?

If you need help finding your preferred order on the site. A manager will attend to you, and you can discuss your issue and how best to solve it. You can use the custom order option to make an order suited to your need.

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