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Start by choosing a service you are interested in and add it to your cart. If you want to customize your order by adding specific instructions, ensure you do so before proceeding to place your order.

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You can also contact your service provider on their live chat to help you customize your order.

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Once you make your purchase, you will be redirected to an order page where you can fill in the details required to start your order. You will be contacted by the service provider to verify your order. Most of the time, the order should be started within an hour or sometimes even within minutes.

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What is Mobile Legends?

The first thing that will probably come to your mind when we talk of Mobile Legends is League of Legends and DOTA 2. These mobile multiplayer games are quite similar to Mobile Legends due to their ability to integrate exciting gameplay, heroes, and an unbeatable army. 

Even so, making your way through this game is not a walk in the park. It is designed with missions that make it hard to move from lower ranks like master level to legend. 

The best way to easily rise in the ranks is to integrate the services of a boosting company. Luckily, there is quite a wide range of boosters in the market. So, how do you find the best option? We have prepared an insight into everything you need to know about Mobile Legends to help you enjoy smooth and exciting gameplay. 

But first!

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Mobile Legends Boosting

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Boosting Allowed in Mobile Legend?

No, boosting is not allowed in ML, but you can always boost your account without worrying about being suspended or banned. It is mainly because there is no known method of detecting when someone is boosting.

What is Boosting in MLBB?

Boosting is when experienced or seasoned players are connected with beginners to help them complete challenges, level up, or win badges in their game. Boosting in ML can be done in piloted mode or self-play.

What is the Best Game Booster for Mobile Legends?

Any booster capable of fulfilling a player’s needs in the game is an ideal option. Currently, boosthive and G2G offer one of the best carry services. However, your ideal option will depend on your personal needs.


What is ML Boosting?

MLBB boosting is as its name suggests. It involves pairing an inexperienced gamer with an expert to either provide coaching or help them complete challenges, unlock missions, upgrade gear, level up, attain badges, or find hidden treasures. There are several services you can use to boost your Mobile Legends game. 

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Among some of these services include rank boosting, MMR boost, mythic calibration, mobile legend items, and win (stars) boost. What’s more, based on the fact that ML is a mobile multiplayer game, boosting with ML is quite easy. You don’t have to worry about carrying a huge gaming PC to boost your game, all you need is your mobile phone. 

How Much Does Mobile Legends Boost Cost?

The cost of boosting your Mobile Legend game will depend on the type of boost you need. For instance, Mobile Legend MMR Boost costs $50, mythic, win (stars), items, achievements, and top-ups cost $19. Notably, the average cost of boosting will depend on several factors such as the difficulty of the service or the level of the game. 

Additionally, the price might also be a bit low if you have managed to work on your character stats. Ensure you communicate with your service provider to help you customize your order before proceeding to checkout.

How it Works

Boosting your Mobile Legend game is quite straightforward. Start by choosing a service you are interested in and add it to your cart. If you want to customize your order by adding specific instructions, ensure you do so before proceeding to place your order. You can also contact your service provider on their live chat to help you customize your order. 

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After doing so, go to your cart and place your order. The provider will review your order and contact you after a short time to verify your order. That’s it! They will send you a temporary link to their app where you can chat with your booster or track your order.

Your conversation with your MLBB booster will be private, which also means that you won’t have to deal with the hustle of contacting your provider every time you need assistance with your order.

The Best ML Carries

Boosthive is, without a doubt, one of the most incredible boosters in the market that guarantee exceptional results to their clients. The platform is designed with a beautiful interface with easy-to-access navigation panels and a wide range of boosting services. Users are first required to create an account with the website before choosing their desired boosting service.

The platform is constantly working on improving its services to provide its clients with a mind-blowing experience for every order. They are also available 24/7 and will contact you almost immediately after placing your order. Another amazing feature in Boosthive is that every manager including the owner has completed more than 300 orders. 

Apart from that they only use safe and time-proven methods, which make them one of the most secure websites. All the payments made in the account are SSL encrypted and Boosthive does not share your payment details with a third party, which makes it one of the most secure boosting platforms. 

The platform is famous among players looking for Diablo 3 services, cheap mobile legends boosting, EfT carries, or Apex Legends boost.

G2G is yet another amazing boosting platform that provides users with an amazing experience on every order. These orders are handled by an experienced gamer and every boosting is strictly hand-made with no cheats, hacks, or tricks. G2G can boost your account in two ways. You can either opt for auto-pilot or self-play. 

When you choose auto-pilot, you will be required to share your account details with your booster who will play with your account to achieve your desired goals. On the other hand, when you choose, self-play you will be required to share your ID and follow your booster who will help you find hidden loots and win tough challenges. 

Top ML Boosting

Typically, G2G self-play boosting method helps you learn from the pros to help you gain the required expertise to progress in the game. Additionally, G2G also features secure payment methods such as PayPal to ensure you don’t have to worry about phishing or leaking your account details. When sharing your account with a booster, you won’t be asked for your security question and, therefore, you can always recover your account anytime. 


There is not much that is required to boost your Mobile Legend game. All that is required is a mobile phone, ML account, and specific stats to boost your desired service. What’s more, different services will have different requirements, which make it necessary to review your order first before making the final payment.  

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