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Are you lacking gold in GW2? It’s a problem to be reckoned with. It will stop your character development, preventing you from getting better equipment and crafting pieces. GW2 gold services can solve that. Read this page to see what they are and how to order them.

How to Farm Gold in GW2 

Farming currency in GW2 isn’t much different from other MMORPGs. To get Guild Wars 2 gold, you can craft and sell products, complete daily missions (better on several characters), sell crafting materials, kill world bosses, farm events, or even flip the market. These might take a while. Instead, you can buy Guild Wars gold in several clicks from boosters.

How to Buy Gold For GW2?

buy guild wars goldYou must follow these 5 easy steps to buy from 50 to 5,000 gold in GW2:

  • Choose a boosting games site from Askboosters. Why us? We reviewed boosters for several years and found several sites that are optimal for GW2 services. Read their reviews. Or, you may just pick any of the sites we recommend for a quicker pick (all of them are great anyway);
  • Adjust your order. Open a boosting site, go to the “Guild Wars Buy Gold” service and adjust an order quantity and delivery speed;
  • Pay via PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Skrill, Bitcoin, Qiwi, Webmoney, etc.;
  • Wait for a manager to contact you for further arrangements.

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Prices For GW2 Gold

Gold is €2.59 for 50. You can buy Guild Wars 2 gold up to 5,000, which will cost you €259.99. Want to get your gold quicker? Order it at express speed, paying 25% more.

How Do Pros Deliver You Gold

It starts with a manager talk. He connects you to the courier, who explains how the delivery goes. Based on our experience, it features a trade. So, when you buy Guild War 2 gold, a pro will just trade it with you.

Cheap Guild Wars 2 Gold

Can I Get Banned For Buying GW2 Gold?

Boosters prioritize your safety. Not to compromise your account during gold delivery, a pro will ask for any item in return for gold. It makes your order appear as a regular trade.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it difficult to farm GW2 gold?

If you like grinding, then no. But for a majority of the players, it’s a lingering routine that isn’t very pleasing.

Why would I buy GW2 gold?

It’s the fastest way to get it. Instead of farming it, literally, for days, you can simply follow our purchasing guide and get 5,000 gold in several clicks.

Can I get a ban after purchasing GW2 gold from boosters?

Not when you are working with our recommended boosters. They will trade gold with you only when you give anything in return for it. It facilitates 100% safety.

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