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Are you lost in the giant world of Tyria? We can help! Our boosting services will lead you to progress. You can order any number of gold, powerleveling, dungeon/raid/story completion, and more. This will make you stronger. In the shortest terms, you’ll be able to farm end-game content with the best GW 2 players.

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By 2024, there’s a ton of content in GW 2. I really wanted to hit the end game, but I was too confused about how to reach it. These guys helped me. Powerleveling service got me to level 80 in less than a week. Now, I do PvP and enjoy the game)


It was one of the cheapest GW 2 services I could find. I was skeptical about it. That’s why I was so impressed when I experienced one of the most professional services ever. There was no delay – just quick actions.


I can totally recommend this service. First, it was fast. Boosters didn’t waste a second before an order was finished. And then, I was happy about my safety, which I was concerned about. It’s been 3 months, and I got no penalties.

What is Guild Wars 2 Boosting Service

GW 2 boost is an online service that helps you progress through the game. It employs pros for that. They’ll control your account or hop into your group to complete dungeons/raids and get items for you.
Why are they better than you? Boosters have been grinding Guild Wars 2 since its release and know many game tricks. It allows them to complete tasks the quickest.
It costs money. The price depends on how much time and effort they take. That’s why story services cost the most.

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The world of guild wars is enormous. It’s not rare when the beginner gets lost inside it and struggles to progress. It becomes boring. In this article, we’ll explain why GW 2 boosting is the perfect remedy in such cases and how you can order it.

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About Guild Wars 2 

Guild Wars 2 is an MMORPG. The game starts with you creating a character and picking one of the 9 classes:

  • Mesmer;
  • Guardian;
  • Necromancer;
  • Ranger;
  • Elementalist;
  • Warrior;
  • Thief;
  • Engineer;
  • Revenant.

Next, you enter Tyria. It’s a vast GW 2 world for you to explore. You can go to whatever location you want, do any quests, and kill mobs and bosses. But there’s one problem.
Some of the game’s best activities hide behind the grinding. You must hoard gold, powerful items, farm levels, and create strong builds. All that requires knowledge.
Thus, you must know what dungeon/raid you must complete at a specific time for the best loot. Plus, it takes time. To complete an instance, you need a capable group.
So, is there a way for a GW 2 beginner to progress through the game fast? Alone, it’s unlikely. But boosting sites offer many solutions.

Why Buy Guild Wars 2 Boosting

There are several cases in which Guild Wars 2 boosters will do a huge favor for you:

  • You lack playing time. GW 2 is an RPG, and like other games of this genre, it takes lots of time. Some players don’t have it. That’s especially true about adults who like the game but have to care for their families and do jobs;
  • Beginners. When you just start the game, everything is new to you. You don’t know where to move. Thus, discovering the game might take a lot of time and effort. Instead, you can just get a boost which will set you on the right course;
  • Lazy grinders. Experienced GW 2 players with several characters don’t want to level new ones. But sometimes, they need to. So, instead of processing yourself through a monotonous grind, you can hire boosters.

Based on our observations, hundreds of GW 2 players fall under these categories. They’re the boosters’ clients. And so, you shouldn’t be intimidated to become one too.

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GW2 Boost Offers

Players’ Guild Wars needs differ. To cover all of them, boosters complete various services:

  • Gold – order from 50 (€2.27) to 5,000 gold coins to buy equipment, crafting materials, etc.;
  • Dungeons – complete Crucible of Eternity, Ruined City of Arah, Sorrow’s Embrace, Twilight Arbor, Ascalonian Catacombs, Caudecus Manor, Honor of the Waves, and Citadel of Flame for €8.49. All loot is yours;
  • Powerleveling – hire pros to get any level on your character. The starting price for one level is €5.24, but it grows as the level increases (it requires more exp and time);
  • Mastery points – purchase from 1 (€2.22) to 100 mastery points to spend and mastery tracks post-level 80;
  • Hero points – get from 50 (€2.56) to 2,500 hero points for unlocking skills and traits;
  • Professions – level Huntsman, Artificer, Weaponsmith, Armorsmith, Leatherworker, Chef, Jeweler, Scribe, and Tailor professions to 500 for €14.08;
  • Raids – complete Key of Ahdashim, Spirit Vale, Stronghold of the Faithful, Hall of Chains, Bastion of the Penitent, Mythwright Gambit, and Salvation Pass raids, taking all the loot. Their prices range from €10.99 to €18.99;
  • Stories – complete Secrets of the Obscure, Path of Fire, Hearth of Thorns, End of Dragons, Icebrood, or Living World stories, taking all the loot. Their prices range from € 16.99 to €56.99.

You can also adjust these. Change their completion speed or ask for the streamed service for additional cash.

How to Buy GW2 Boost?

Whether you buy a D4 side quest boosting service, Dark and Darker boosting, or Guild Wars 2 boosting, it’s easy. Here’s how it goes:

  1. Pick a proper site with Askboosters. We inspected boosting sites for years and found several reasonable GW 2 offers. Check them. You can read their full reviews or examine their benefits for a quick pick;
  2. Open the site and choose a desired service;
  3. Examine the service and adjust its quantity and extras;
  4. Indicate your email and pay via PayPal, Visa/MasterCard, ApplePay, GooglePay, WebMoney, Bitcoin, Qiwi, ecommpay, Skrill, etc. Don’t forget to use a bonus if Askboosters provides one (like DamnModz Coupon Code);
  5. Wait for the manager to contact you.

This guide suits many boosting services. So, use it if you need D2 accounts, Escape from Tarkov quest boost, or anything else.

How do the Services Work?

First, you clarify your account details and boosting schedule to a manager. Pros will start a service according to that. He/she will boost you only within a scheduled time, so the service doesn’t interfere with your playing.
When GW 2 boosters finish, you’ll get a notification. It will contain a boosting report specifying what items and skills were added to your character. Now, change the password and enjoy your enhanced profile!

GW2 Best Class to Boost

All GW 2 classes are different. Each offers different gameplay mechanics, which you might like or not. So, selecting a class for boosting is personal.
However, if you’re a beginner, consider Guardian, Ranger, and Necromancer. These are the easiest classes. Visit Askboosters “Guides” section for more educational content. There, you’ll learn how to get gold in Lost Ark, the strongest heroes in Overwatch 2, and WoW gold farm guides.

Guild Wars 2 Boosters

Is It Safe?

Even though Arena Net (GW 2 developer) doesn’t allow boosting, it’s still safe, thanks to VPN. Boosters use it for whatever service they complete. They connect to your city’s IP address, which masks boosting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I progress through Guild Wars 2?

Guild Wars throws you into a vast open world you must discover. Alongside completing quests and killing bosses and default foes, you’ll gain experience and items. It will let you move to more challenging locations for more grinding.

Why do I need boosters for Guild Wars 2?

Boosters in GW 2 can help you with any game aspect. They can get you gold, levels, gear, skill points, etc. This will make you much stronger and, thus, closer to the end game content (which is most fun).

What’s the GW 2 boosting price?

It depends on the service you purchase. For instance, a Crucible of Eternity service is relatively quick and easy. It costs €7.64. On the other hand, there’s a Hall of Chains raid, which is harder. Thus, it costs €18.99.


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