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The Eloking boosting service is one of the most generous offers you can find. They give the assistance needed to progress through the challenges, and adventure ranks and accomplish the game quests easily. Their experts handle all your orders with professional input that will give you a first-class experience.

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What is Eloking?

Eloking is a reputable boosting site where you can purchase your ELO boosting needs. This site also guides players globally on how to boost their game sessions by increasing their ELO points. These ELO points give players high chances of positioning during gameplay. They are also the rank points players get as they progress the game levels. Your rank position in the game advances as you earn more ELO points. Rank positions allow players to earn more, meet with advanced players, and enjoy more adventures in the games, which can’t be achieved ordinarily without the ELO points.

How Does Eloking Work?

Eloking employs one of the simplest yet guaranteed modes of operation. It operates with so much transparency to earn the trust of its users. You can be part of the service irrespective of your rank, whether a new or existing player. We have listed easy-to-follow steps that guide the boosting operation at Eloking.

  • Firstly, you must select the game you want to play; you can review the game collection to settle on one. Then, fill in the necessary details and a preferred contact means.
  • Different boosts are attached to varying games, and the boosts vary in price too. The site also offers coaching sessions to players who select the self-play boost or the piloted boost option. The self-play option allows players to play on their own alongside coaching or the assistance of a booster. While the latter option, the piloted option, will enable players to leave the complete boosting work to a professional booster. These professional boosters utilize VPN to ensure the safety of the player’s account.
  • The next step entails using the Eloking calculator to calculate the price of your order. You can also make customized orders; this is done to suit or fit your boosting interest.
  • Then you communicate with the professional player assigned to you. You can both pick up a schedule of convenience for you. You can also change the booster upon your request if there is a need. We value our customer’s privacy and security; therefore, we delete all data when the order is completed.
  • Boom! You are in! It is time to sit back while the booster does the work for you. With this, you can enjoy an impeccable adventure all the way. You can also view the booster’s progress via private live streams. You will receive a confirmation message once the service is completed. For your maximum satisfaction, the booster isn’t paid until your transaction is completed. The customer support team is readily available to meet any complaints or reservations you might have.

Finally, you can leave a review to share your experience.

How to Register?

The registration process is simple. It just involves a few steps:

  • Visit the official web page of the boosting platform.
  • Hit the sign-up tab, and enter the necessary details, including your name, address, and email address.
  • You will receive a confirmation email after your details have been received.

Games and Offers

There is a collection of games at Eloking, alongside the boosting service that accompanies them. It offers boosting services in different games. You can buy League of Legends boost, Valorant, CS: GO, and Overwatch 2. Eloking has various boost offers in this game category. They include division boost, placement boost, wins, coaching, and hiring a team partner boost.

With the division boost, you can sit back and watch while their team tirelessly boosts your position in less time; and you can learn along the process.

The placement boost offers you a high placement range without you doing anything. Our professionals are always at work.

You can use a professional booster to play with you in the by-wins boost until you attain a certain win level.

In the coaching boost service, you learn from experts in the League of Legends game with top-notch coaching service.

One of the adventures with games is to have a committed partner. And that is what Hire team partner boost is for, and you will play with experienced players who have positive energy and are channeled toward learning.

Eloking Promo Code and Bonus (Use Promo Code “askboosters”)

There are many bonuses you can earn at Eloking. The mouthwatering and generous bonuses are open to all players in every game. You can also enjoy these bonuses in real money, spins, or custom rewards. However, terms and conditions guide the promotional offers, which you need to understand and look into. Wagering requirements are also customer friendly for all users.

These bonuses can be earned during sign-up, tournaments, and deposits. For users’ best interest, there is a bonus discount which gives users a 10% discount on all services when they use the promo code “askboosters” Boom! You are in for all the fun!!!

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to activate the discount code:

Visit eloking.com


Click on the game you want to boost.


Click the “Enter Discount Code” tab


Enter the discount code: “askboosters


Select “Start Boost Now”


Click “Purchase Boost”


Payment Methods and Refund Policy

This platform uses safe, secure means to enable payment transactions with our users. They don’t involve using any third-party presence and employ SSL technology to optimize the safety of users. The payment means are available on the site. You can also enjoy a refund policy which makes the boosting process flexible and user-friendly. Players can now retrieve full or partial funds.

Customer Support

If you have any concerns regarding the boosting session or rank positions, you can reach Eloking via online chat or mobile. They have a professional customer support team available 24/7 to meet your needs, requests, and demands. The team members are experienced, loyal, and timely. There are also no delays in transactions. They are prompt in every service delivered.

Why You Should Use Eloking

You might have used other ranking services. However, there are a couple of factors that make Eloking distinct. It is a boosting service that will give you a worthwhile experience.

They offer the best service handled by professional players at a completely affordable price. You can also customize your order to suit your needs and interests.

You can access customer support via a live chat. There is also flexibility in your gameplay. You can change your booster if you want to.

You can view the progress of your boosting session via a private stream, and they ensure maximum security. No one would have any idea you use a boost.

A big plus is that you don’t need to be online to play. You can play while you are offline and still enjoy every adventure that comes with the game.

Is Eloking Safe to Use?

Over the years, players have asked questions about the site’s safety. There is no doubt that Eloking is a safe boosting service. It has years of reputation, experience, positive customer experience, and reviews. Your account is dealt with utmost safety and security. The team of professional players understands the process of the games, can navigate their way around it, and have instructions that guide them. They also have supervisors that monitor every activity. Eloking further employs VPN services for your maximal safety to boost your account.

Customer Reviews


Eloking is one of the best and fastest-boosting services in the gambling community. I would visit again.


Their terms and conditions are customer friendly and easy to understand. And the boosting service is top-notch.


One fascinating thing about Eloking is its quick and responsive customer support. They are fantastic!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Eloking involved in any illegal process?

No, Eloking is a certified and legal game booster. Every game-boosting service is done manually without bots, cheats, or hacks. Players are veterans and highly skilled and have gathered years of expertise. There are supervision structures enacted to get the best work among players.

How many modes of playing can I select?

There are two modes of playing you can decide to play with. These are the self-play and piloted modes. With the self-playing mode, you play alongside a professional booster. The piloted mode allows only the professional booster to handle your account. Here, you provide us with your account details, and we handle your account boosting services.

Will my account get banned?

No, your account won't get banned. Our players understand the game and employ the use of VPN services.

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