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CoD Vanguard sniper rifles shoot long and kill fast. Players like them. But there is a sniper gun that charms even SMG and assault rifle enjoyers: SVT 40.
This WWII-period weapon stands out with its iconic design, featuring wooden elements. And when it comes to shooting, it fires faster than many other sniper rifles, which determines its game role. Here is how you should use it.

Unlock SVT 40 Sniper

Its Role and Performance in the Game

As you can almost fire bursts of bullets from the SVT-40 Vanguard, you may use it differently from other sniper rifles. It has a huge mid-range kill potential. While also excels in a long range.
So if you are bout to play some open-spaced maps with far distances, SVT-40 is a perfect pick. Conversely, constrained maps with corridors are not as great. They give SMG and shotgun holders many ways to reach you, erasing your health bar lightning-fast.

How to Unlock SVT 40

Unlocking SVT 40 sniper is easy. To do it, you must raise your Vanguard level to 27. This requires you to play online matches and score good results.
After level 27, you’ll have to play tens of additional matches to raise your SVT for essential attachments and perks. But there is a secret shortcut, instantly giving you a fully upgraded rifle. Let us explain.

Why Choose Boosting Service?

You can buy boosting to get yourself a flashy SVT sniper rifle in the quickest terms. The boosting sites’ teams we’ve reviewed are full of CoD professionals. So they work sharp and always meet deadlines.
The number of orders they complete is impressive. So they have employees doing ESO carry boosting, Fortnite booster services, and even helping players how to make money in GTA 5 Story Mode.

How Does Our Sniper Boosting Service Work?

To get your hands on the SVT quickly, visit our site, pick CoD Vanguard, and select among the list of boosters. We reviewed each of them, ensuring their fairness and professionalism.
To finish off the deal, choose SVT-40 Leveling service and adjust it. You can set how many gun levels you must acquire and set extras. Now, pay for the order.
Soon, boosters will contact you via indicated methods and clarify their schedule and estimated completion time. After the booster finishes the job, you’ll get a notification. Now, change your password, and enjoy your new, powerful gun.
Using the same process, you can unlock Destiny 2 Exotic Cipher, D2 Cloudstrike, or even FIFA 23 FUT Champions. Just check what games our boosters work with within the corresponding section.

Order Requirements 

Based on our inspections, boosting sites require you to have an Activision Account with a CoD Vanguard purchased, plus a Battle Pass. If you don’t have an SVT yet, you can pay extra cash for boosters to unlock it.

Get SVT-40 Vanguard

Benefits of Using Our SVT-40 Boosting Service

Do you want to have an iconic SVT-40 rifle here and now? It would be agony for you to grind it with other dull weapons. The boosting service deletes this tedium from your gameplay. You’ll just have to wait; the gun will be yours soon.
Moreover, it will have as many attachments and perks as you’ve paid (credited for SVT leveling). So you’ll get an enhanced gun version immediately.


Of course, your main reward for your order is the SVT 40 Vanguard of a certain level. But there are several additional bonuses. While the boosters complete an order, they will naturally farm you a Battle Pass, and Enlisted or a Prestige Rank. If you don’t have an SVT, the booster will use another gun to get it. So it will get an exp too. Also, your account will receive all the resources dropped alongside the boost.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SVT-40 in Vanguard and its benefits?

SVT-40 is an iconic WWII sniper rifle transferred into the CoD Vanguard. This weapon has a decent fire rate, which enables it for mid-range battles. However, it still competes with other sniper rifles in the long-range duels.

How do you get and level SVT-40 in CoD?

To get SVT 40 in Vanguard, you have to level your account to 27 rank. And then, to get attachments and perks for the gun, you must level it too. You can do it by grinding multiplier matches using your SVT.

How do boosters deliver you SVT-40?

To get you SVT-40, boosters enter your CoD Vanguard account and play as many matches as needed to get the rifle. And then they do the same to level it. When the order is complete, you’ll get a notification.

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