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Do you know how many hours you need to get 100 level in D4? 150! And that’s for pros.
If you’re new to Diablo 4, the time might stretch. Let’s say you play D4 each day for 4 hours. If you hit the best scenario and can close the game in 170 hours, it would take 42.5 days!
Yeah, these stats are disenchanting. Especially if we add that the juiciest gameplay starts after reaching at least level 80. What should you do then?
Based on our experience, buying a new Diablo 4 account is the most efficient solution. Let us explain.

Account Types

Diablo 4 accounts come in 6 different types. Whatever you expect from your new account, it is covered in one of these options:

  • High-End Accounts. Contains level 100 Barbarian or Sorcerer (based on the service you buy) equipped for push and speed farming build. It can do Tier 55 dungeons and has 20 mil gold;
  • Mid-Tier Account. Contains level 80 Rouge, Barbarian, or Sorcerer (based on the service type) with an end-game build. Capable of completing Tier 35 dungeons and has 10 mil gold;
  • Custom High-End Account. Order any class of 100 level with push and speed farming build. You’ll be able to do Tier 55 dungeons and have 20 mil gold.

Honestly, there is nothing more to ask from your new Diablo account. It’s full of benefits. If you struggle to identify them, the next paragraph is for you.

Diablo 4 account for sale

Benefits of Buying Diablo 4 Account

The main benefit of purchasing Diablo accounts is the time economy. We’ve already stated that it takes 150 hours to get level 100. Are you ready to grind that much?
In the worst case, you’ll get bored during the leveling and quit the game. That’s a waste of money. Buying an account eliminates such outcomes.
It lets you get to the most enjoyable content immediately. After you launch the game, you are ready to grind top-tier nightmare dungeons in search of your perfect gear. You’ll be the pinnacle of the game community.

Get Diablo 4 Account

How to Buy

Luckily, purchasing a Diablo account is not nearly as hard as leveling a character. Moreover, instead of 150 hours, it takes a maximum of 150 seconds. Of course, if you follow this guide:

  • Pick a proper gaming boost site through Askboosters. After choosing Diablo 4 from the “Games” tab, you’ll see all the options. Read through their briefs and pick the one you like;
  • When you are on the boosting site, select Diablo 4 account for sale service;
  • Pick the account type you want;
  • Read about the order and adjust extras to the right. You may add more Diablo 4 items like gold, sigil powder, or enchant material bundle;
  • Press “Buy Now” and pay;
  • Wait for the manager to contact you for further inquiries.

That looks quite easy! If you want to buy any other online service like Tarisland boost, WoW boosting, or R6 rank boost, feel free to return to this guide. It will help.

Available Platforms

Diablo 4 is available for PS4, PS5, Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. You can buy D4 account for any of these platforms. Ensure to specify it during the order.

How Does it Work?

Diablo 4 accounts are delivered instantly. This means that after you pay for an order and contact the manager (it takes a few minutes), you get your new account details. Now, the final step. Just change your password (you get an email to do that) and start enjoying your new character!
Is the entire purchasing guide useful? If yes, you may enjoy the rest of our educational staff at Askboosters. Go to our “Guides” section. Here you’ll learn how to get an exotic cipher (D2), purchase a Destiny 2 boost, improve at competitive games and more!

Diablo 4 Account For Sale

Is it Safe?

Purchasing a D4 account is 100% safe. Before you get it, it is a legitimate account raised by the boosters. No exploits were used.
And after you get an account, there is no chance of getting penalized. Game masters just have no evidence to spot an account buying. You’re secure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Diablo 4 account purchasing?

It is when you buy a boosted Diablo 4 account. After the purchase, the profile is 100% yours. You’ll receive its login details and email. You can change any of these further.

Why should I buy a Diablo 4 account?

Leveling your Diablo 4 character to 100 takes 150 hours of gameplay. And that’s quite quick. Casual players and newcomers may spend even more time. That will take over a month of playing. Purchasing an account will give you a capable character instantly.

Is it safe to buy a Diablo 4 account?

Yes, you are 100% safe when purchasing an account. It wasn’t stolen previously and got leveled legitimately. So you are out of ban risk. While the purchasing fact itself is hidden from game masters. No worry here, too.

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