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About Tower of Fantasy Boosting Services

Professionals handle the Tower of fantasy Boosting in the gambling community, which is one of our reputable things.  With our boosting services, you can experience all the fun-filled experiences and adventures in Tower of fantasy. We can play with full access to your account, or you play alongside our professional players.
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ToF boosting is the best means to begin a new adventurous MMORPG. It is an action MMO where you play from the third-person role. Also, it has a science fiction background theme and is regarded as a clone of Genshin impact. The game’s theme is centered on a place with scarce resources, which led its inhabitants to a strange world. This place, Aida, has invaluable energy that changes people’s lives.
Tower of Fantasy boosting is distinguished by incredible features like unique characters and large scape open, expansive terrain. Alongside a multiplayer system and varying fighting styles. This is why you need to get a Tower of Fantasy boosting to increase your chances of winning.
With Tof leveling, you won’t have to bother about the consuming grind of the game. Players have to keep a regular watch on their combat score to know their character stats consistently. This combat score gives an insight into weapons’ power level and the character’s magnitude. This implies that the combat score tells the strength of a character. This game offers no insight into how to increase your combat score. However, our professional boosters at askboosters.gg will take on the task of making it more accessible. Our professionals also provide services in coaching Hearthstone games and Apex Legends coaching ps4.

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Tower of Fantasy boosting

What is Tower of Fantasy Boosting?

Tower of Fantasy boosting is a free-playing, open-world, action-oriented RPG launched by Hotta studio. Hotta studio is a subset of Perfect world, one of the world’s leading game producers. The game setting is carried out in the future on an alien planet infested with a rare energy. The game utilizes Unreal Engine 4 and can be played on three platforms. It was introduced on 16th December 2021 and had two playing modes. The single-player and multiplayer modes which players can select from. The boosting is a 3D-oriented action-playing game where you play from a third-person end. You, as a player, can control a unique character that relates to non-player characters and other factors.
The players’ characters retrieve materials as they travel around the virtual world. The virtual world is a vast space where the player character can swim, sprint, climb and engage in various activities to move around the world. Apart from sprinting, the player character’s movement is reduced to a stamina bar that reduces as they progress in such movement mode. Players gain experience points as they converse and relate with the world and storyline. These experience points improve their combat score and game level. The player fights opponents with various weapons in a hack-and-stash system. The player switches with these weapons to utilize their special attacks and capacities.
Players can use up to three weapons and switch between them at once. Each of these weapons has a basic attack; players can gain stamina and plunging attack form when they jump into the air. The ranged weapons have a basic auto-direct attack and a targeted mode. Weapons build up charge when not in use and when players entirely switch weapons, this causes a powerful thrust on the enemies. Players can avoid the enemy’s attack in any direction, but there is a limit on the dodge stamina meter. One compelling feature of Tower of Fantasy boosting is the Phantasia mode, which causes time to be still. The enemies within a specified range at that time also freeze, and the players’ inactive weapons are boosted at this time. This gives players the capacity and time to give the enemy a massive blow.

Weapons in Tower of Fantasy Boosting

While playing Tower of Fantasy boosting, you would encounter the use of different weapons; each has either three roles. The weapons either offend, defend or support, and various stats influence their work. Damage value weapons possess a primary hit type: fire, ice, volt, or physical. An elemental hit can be geared when you charge an attack, and it causes specific effects on enemies. It also has a shatter statistic that influences its power against shields. Alongside a charge statistic that determines how soon it charges while in use.
Tower of Fantasy boosting allows players on the same server to work together. It approves of a cooperation game in which about four players on the same server can form a team. This team will play together and go on adventures worldwide, completing specific or general missions. The team can also challenge themselves, fight in the apex league, and get an Apex Rank boost to gain leaderboards rewards.

What Tower of Fantasy Boosting Services Do We Provide?

Many players have less time to play the Tower of Fantasy, and its progress doesn’t just come easily. However, with our boosting services, players can gain a whole game experience. These services include:

  • Character level boost
  • PvP rank leveling up: We can help you secure your Apex league rank, maintain a top rank on the leader board and add up seasonal rank rewards.
  • Achievement points boost
  • Daily and weekly game challenge completion
  • Completion of the Tower of Fantasy storyline: We carry out all professional story activities; you can utilize the partial or complete boosting services. All the waypoints will be accessible from the story, you will get all five story chapters unlocked, and all the ruins will be completed with the aid of our boosters.
  • Gear score leveling up
  • Successful raids completion
  • Tower of Fantasy global exploration service: With our open-world exploration services, you can get any of your desired exploration points and upgrade your weapon. Also, our professional boosters can help gather nuclei and items for you, and all your valuables will be placed in your account. A booster can log into your account and play for you, or you begin to play while a booster plays along with you.
  • Also, we provide customized orders to suit your specific needs; you can always reach out to us via live chat. You will get a prompt reply.


How Does the Boost Work?

You can purchase Tower of Fantasy boosting to increase your adventure and have fun-filled gameplay. It is much more secure to use. We don’t use any cheats or software; every game is done manually. It is straightforward to get our Tower of Fantasy carry. The first thing to do is to decide the boosting options you want. We select veteran professionals for you, provide you with all the necessary data and begin our boosting service with your account. Afterward, you place an order, and our system processes it.
Also, we have exciting bonuses for boosting options. You can monitor the progress of your order through live stream or play alongside the experts. Our professionals are swift to work, and there is no time loss. We handle all the processes for you and more! All at askboosters.gg

Tower of Fantasy boost

Tower of Fantasy Matrices

Tower of Fantasy matrices is very similar to Genshin Impacts artifacts. They are used to increase the combat stats of weapons when they are attached to weapons. They include attack, resistance, and HP. Also, they provide you with special bonuses and can dramatically affect the weapon. You can add an equivalent of four matrices to each weapon, each of the matrices has its stats. This includes:

Mind – HP and crit

Memory – attack and HP

Belief – Attack and HP

Emotion- Attack and resistance

The performance of each matrix depends on its scarcity and level. Their uniqueness is specified in their levels.

N- Green

R- Blue

SR- purple

SSR- Gold

There are various means you can earn Tower of Fantasy matrices. They are:

  • Banners: This is one of the easiest ways to get famous with matrices. You can earn from a standard set of matrices ranging from N to SSR. The limited banner version has the same matrices as the standard one. However, the standard one matches each weapon to its specific matrix set.
  • Base chip: It is helpful in the calling summoning portal committed to the dies. Whenever you summon, you receive a basic chip. And when you have up to 80, you can select any SSR matric of your choice.
  • World bosses: These bosses are located around Asperia, and when you succeed over them, you obtain the boss’s chests. However, this boss chest needs a gold chip to access it; you can earn rear and unique items with it. You can monitor the group chat; there, you can see the boss’s plan and what channel they are in. Often, other players use it as a clue to dive into the game.
  • Joint operations are multiplayer matches where you search the enemy’s room to get earnings. When you get to the end of the sections here, you will find a chest that requires thirty vitality and rewards with items and matrices.
  • Void rift: Includes challenges that require you to comb through the enemy’s room to retrieve keys. Afterward, you take it as an exchange for matrices. Void rifts require coordination among team members.
  • You can earn a matrix when you boost your suppressor to a later version
  • You can earn matrices when you complete the seven chapters of the wanderer’s log nets.

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How Difficult is Tower of Fantasy Boosting?

With a wide-open virtual field, it is pretty challenging and adventurous. You need to center the spotlight on improving yourself. You would be best if you upgraded the weapons you use. This will help you progress through the game.
Your combat score rating is very important when playing this game. This informs you on your stat, armor, and matrices, focusing on your weapons and overall strength. You can boost your combat score via different means and easily forget some characters. Therefore, we have provided primary factors that you can put into action to improve your character stats.

  • Level up your character with EXP: The increase in your character level affects your combat score. Therefore, any involvement that gains you EXP influences your combat score. You can gain EXP by completing ruins or playing the storyline quests when you overpower enemies and complete your daily tasks.
  • Boost your SSR badges: SSR weapons are superior to SR weapons regarding higher combat scores. Therefore, you can improve your combat score when you boost your SSR weapons. It would be best if you remember to improve the cap level for the weapons. This can be done by utilizing duplicates of the same weapons you can earn via special orders.
  • Use weapons alongside matrices: You can boost your weapons with matrices. When you add a matrix to your weapons, it increases it to specific stats, which in return would cause an increase in your combat score.
  • Boost your suppressors: When you boost your suppressors, it causes an upgrade in your stats. This process indirectly increases your combat score. You can improve your suppressors when you get to specific character levels.
  • Boost your gear and armor: When you progress through the game, you will access gears like armor pieces, knives, and other weapons, which can upgrade your overall combat score. Ensure you take your time to upgrade the gears individually. This will help you improve your combat score significantly. You can see your current combat score rating from the display on your backpack screen or character screen.


Why Players Buy Tower of Fantasy Levelling Services

These characters level up as players take their adventure in Aida, complete the game quest, and conquer their opponents. Players should not bother about retrieving rare items for their avatars. Other factors should be considered beyond the player’s character level when weighing the general stats. These factors are the matrices, weapon, suppressor, and item levels.
At the beginning of the game, players can’t access the gameplay mechanics. This can only be accessed once they complete the early game story challenge. A buyer’s suppressor, a weapon alongside items from HP stat, fits into the players’ character. When these parts are leveled up, it determines the central theme of the character’s ability. You can opt for assistance to dominate your character in Tower of Fantasy with askboosters.gg

A Varied Level Cap in Tower of Fantasy

The highest level any player can get depends on the number of days they begin the game. This tells us that the level cap is different for every Tower of Fantasy player. This is because Hotta studios employ a time gate system that simultaneously prevents all players from leveling up. Also, these time gate places a series of level caps; barriers players can’t get through if they have already gone past them.
The level cap goes back to reset mode as players advance in the game, which makes it hard to play Tower of Fantasy, mainly if they have less time. The increased need to play and attain the daily level cap could be strenuous. This is why our professionals at askboosters.gg will do the job for you, thereby granting you more time for yourself.

How it Works?

Progression at Tower of Fantasy is based on time. Immediately you attain your maximum level, level 18, for new accounts and characters. You would not be able to gain any experience points until the next day when the stat resets. When you get to level 44, you will start experiencing two resets. You can increase your levels in a couple of ways, including:

  • Campaign: This is the best means to gain experience in Tower of Fantasy. This is undoubtedly the early parts of the game, not the end-game activities. The story is almost frightening, and it is advisable to get over it soon.
  • Daily tasks: There are daily challenges you would have to accomplish every day as you log in to Tower of Fantasy. These are the four daily bounties, Mia’s kitchen, and other challenges.
  • Choose activities that follow vitality: Make the best of joint operation, interstellar exploration, and dimensional trials to gain experience and boost your equipment.
  • Complete the ruin dungeons you can find: You can only gain experience during your first step of a ruin. These ruins have three levels: easy, medium, and hard. However, the harder they are, the more experiences you gain.

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Trusted account handling: We guarantee to protect and secure your account maximally. We use VPN services so your account can be safe while we carry out your boost services. You can check out our Skycoach.gg review for more boosting information.
Transparent payment methods: We use approved and legal payment processes; we don’t indulge in fraudulent or software scam activities. We keep third parties out of our transactions and ensure technology systems are in place to enforce maximum protection of all our users’ details.
Professional Tower of Fantasy Boosters: The services we offer you are professionally certified without using hacks or bots. We provide you with the best fun-filled adventure.
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