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Are you looking for Trials of Osiris carries? We offer a guaranteed flawless D2 boosting service. Ask for our help by entering carry me on our website. We have a team of pro players who work on your game plan.

Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris made a comeback on March 19, 2021, after weeks of being disabled. This marks the beginning of our carry service for the game on PC, Xbox, and PS4. These are the minimum system requirement for us to be able to work on your game plan. 

You can buy the plan from anywhere in the world. Here is how you can buy it:

  • Visit the website of
  • Select the type of service that you want from the drop-down menu.
  • Enter your details like the current level, rewards, login id, and IP address. Also select if you want the Trials of Osiris to carry Xbox one, trials of Osiris carry service PS4 or trials of Osiris PC.
  • Now enter the rewards that you want. Here we must say, that this order might differ. Each page has a different set of questionnaires. Since the website, if user friendly, you will not face any issues with that.
  • Confirm the order with us.
  • We will appoint a pro player who will immediately contact you to get the order in detail.
  • He/she will give you a time frame in which the boosting wi; be completed.
  • The booster starts working on your game.
  • Once done, you will be asked for feedback. 
  • If you are satisfied, the payment will be done.

How To Get Flawless In Trials Of Osiris?

Trials of Osiris is one of the toughest gameplays in destiny 2. Since it is multiplayer, it requires a flawless game plan and gaming technique from all the team members. You can get to the flaw; less level only after winning 7 consecutive matches. One thing that gamers need to notice is that the Trials of Osiris is weekly gameplay. You can assess it from Friday to Tuesday only. 

Here are the steps to entering the trials:

  • Reach to the level power 1210 (get Destiny 2 Power Leveling for that if you don’t want to do it yourself). Earlier it was 960. I the newer version, Bungie has increased the minimum level requirement. This has made the game more difficult.
  • Now, make your way to the tower hangar and talk to saint-14 there.
  • Collect your rewards, armor, and bounties from him. He is a vendor of destiny 2.
  • Now, complete 7 wins in a row to gain access to the passages.

How To Get To The Trials Of Osiris?

Trials of Osiris is a crucible level. That itself signifies its challenging game level. It’s a little bit different from our Destiny 2 not forgotten carry service. Here is how to get to the Trials of Osiris:

  1. Trials of Osiris is an elimination type of game.
  2. Players must complete the house of wolves story
  3. After that, players need to acquire the trial passage.
  4. Trials passage can be purchased for 500 glimmers from brother Vance, a vendor in the Vestian outpost.
  5. The team must win 3 consecutive watches else the permission to the passage would be blocked.
  6. The game consists of 2 teams of 3 players each.
  7. Each team competes against one another.
  8. When one team manages to kill all the three players of the other team, it wins.

Guaranteed Flawless Trials Of Osiris

When you opt for our carry service, we ensure that you get these rewards:

Pinnacle rewards


Special armor glow for the Trials armor


Parts of trials armor


3 special Osiris weapons (this varies weekly)


All reward and weapons and gears that drop during the service


Confidence passage


Trials Of Osiris Carry Service: What Are The Benefits?

Once a novice player approached us and questioned why he needs our service? Well, we told him exactly what we had told an experienced player earlier that day. Let us see why you should get our service:

Saves time: You might be a full-time gamer or part-time. But you have extra works on your hands. You might be busy with your college or office or might be looking forward to some quality family time

Gaming is exhaustive. Some days you can conquer several levels while some days tend to be laggard. Some levels are very difficult to finish. These levels eat up your significant time. Since we have a team of pro players who regularly deal with these levels, they can finish it in no time.And so, when you choose our service, it is finished in the shortest possible time. While you get the boost, you also save significant time.

Levels up Destiny 2 is different from other games as in this, you gain levels only when you win. If you pay for the game and lose it, you will lose the points. So, it is important to keep winning. But that is not always possible.
Sometimes you might get stuck. Our service helps you cover such challenges and help you in keeping the level high.
Keeps the channel live: Well, if you are a live streamer, you already understand the importance of keeping the game going. Many gamers around the world earn millions just by live-streaming their game. So, if you are one of them, you cannot afford to gets tuck at a level.
All you need to do is choose our service and our boosters will do it for you without letting anyone know.
Learn the moves: No one can beat the expertise of a gamer who continuously boosts others’ games. When you watch the boosting, you can always learn about the minute details that make a big difference.
Our players use several hacks, steps and know when and how to use the right weapon. This leads to the quick completion of the game.
Total privacy

We use SSL encrypted interface and never share your details with third parties. All your information is completely safe with us.

Buy Trials of Osiris Carries


You must be wondering if a completely online service has got any guarantees? Let us walk you through the amazing guarantees that provide you:

Flexible team

We understand that you need your game boosted at the time when you are most comfortable. That is why our team of pro players will make themselves available as per your schedule.

Guaranteed boosting

We do not take back our words. If we confirmed your order, we are going to work for you. There is no turning back.

Only pro players

This is what sets us apart. We have a team of highly experienced pro players who know all the tuts-bits of the game. They will ensure that you get the best deal. Want a particular weapon or gear? Mention it in the order and we will get it for you.

Complete privacy

We never share your data with anyone else. We understand that you trust us for you to share your gaming ID details and bank details. That is why all our interfaces are SSL encrypted.

No one can hack into our system and steal your data. And we never sell it or share it with third-party vendors.

No bots

We never use bots or AI to complete your order. We have a team of highly experienced and dedicated players who complete your task.

VPN use

Bungie blocks the account for those gamers who are found in suspicious activities. We understand that there is always a danger of being detected. So, the first thing that we do is use your IP address through a VPN.

You might be based out of the remotest corner of the earth, but we will make sure that your gaming account is not compromised.

No delay

Customer’s time is of utmost importance. if we promised to boost your game in 24 hours, we will get it done no matter what. We ensure that there is no delay. However, customers must note here that the time frame depends on the complexity of the game. The website already has a guide on this.

24×7 support

Often the customers face issues with payment or have queries regarding the Destiny 2 trials flawless carry. We have a  hyper-active dedicated team that is always available, round the clock.

No hidden cost or terms and conditions

We often meet customers who first ask us about hidden costs or some terms and conditions in fine words. We understand they had had a bad experience in the past.

That is why we maintain complete transparency with all those who approach us. Did we tell you the price? You will pay exactly that amount. O extra taxes or conversion fee or any other cost.

Trials Of Osiris Flawless Help For Payment

Paying for our service is hassle-free. You can make the payment through any of these gateways:

  • Paypal
  • UnitPay
  • Neteller
  • PayU
  • Visa card
  • Master card
  • Fondy online
  • Skrill
  • JCB
  • Paymentwall
  • American Express credit card
  • Cryptocurrencies

Trials Of Osiris Carry Service Ps4: How Much Time Is Required?

Boosting the game always needs a robust game plan, analytical mindset, and of course skills. So, the time required for completing the service varies according to the level of the player. If you are wondering what time we take for different gaming platforms, then let us have a look:

Time  Gaming level
1-2 days 1050-1250
1-3 weeks 1250-1300
2-7 weeks 1300-1310

Here, we must make it clear, the time taken is universal for PS4, Xbox, and PC.

Trials Of Osiris Carry Xbox One: What Are The Types Of Boosting Service Offered?

Piloted boosting

in this, one of our professional boosters will log in to your D2 account and play the game as if it is you. Before logging in, he/she will make sure to use your IP address.We always take utmost caution to ensure that it is not revealed that you have taken the boosting service. Before we start the boosting, you will be informed through the appropriate contact channel. If you wish, you can witness the match through the personal live stream link.

Self-play mode

In this case, one of our gamers will be sharing the screen with you. While you play, he/she will be guiding you for the best results. This one has the advantage that none of your gaming data is shared with us.

How Is The New Trials Of Osiris Different From The Previous One?

Destiny 2 gamers already know that the new season of Trials of Osiris is different from the previous version. Bungie has confirmed that it has reformatted the game to make it more interesting and keep the players engaged. Let us see what are the new changes:

  • Passage of mercy: If you lose in this passage, it will not show on your trials card. That gives you 4 chances.
  • Passage of wealth: When you complete and win trial matches, you add more tokens to your account.
  • Passage of ferocity: You get an extra win if you manage to win 3 wins without any loss. This gives you a lead over the other team.
  • Passage of wisdom: you will get extra rewards for a flawless trial card.

What Are The Rewards In The Trials Of Osiris?

Trials of Osiris hold a distinct place in terms of the rewards and armor offered. It has very season-specific rewards. Usually, these are the rewards:

  • After 3 wins, you win a tier 2 powerful Engram
  • After 5 wins, you get to tier 3 powerful Engram
  • After 7 wins, you get pinnacle Engram
  • If you manage to win 7 games without a single loss, you get an additional loot.

Best Weapons In Trials of Osiris

Buy Trials Of Osiris Flawless Carry

Destiny 2 is the game that tests team bonding and also gaming skills. Players need to know which weapon will be most effective at which stage.

So, let us take you through the best weapons in Destiny 2: 

Astral horizon shotgun

It is an aggressive frame shotgun. You can get it in the kinetic slot. It is known for high damage despite the slow fire rate.  It is one of the best PvP weapons in Destiny 2It can do considerable damage from a large distance. You need to dd perks to increase its damaging capacity.  Always have the full choke or rifled barrel. A full choke lets you tighten the pellet spread. Also, have accurized rounds in the magazine.

The biggest benefit of having it is that it increases the range of the shot-making you an unformidable party. Having the killing boost will increase your mobility in the game. It will also increase your weapon’s range and give you better control over it.

 Let us have a look at its stats:

– Impact: 80

– Stability: 48

– Range: 41

– Rounds/minute: 60

– Zoom: 12

Igneous hammer

It is an aggressive frame hand cannon. It comes with a better stat package than the other hand cannons. It is one of the best cannons for handling your enemies from a distance.

It is known for causing high damage. It also comes with high recoil. Let us have a look at its stats:

– Impact: 92

– Rounds/minute: 120

– Range: 69

– Handling: 52

– Stability: 42

The messenger

It is the first pinnacle reward in destiny 2. It is a pulse rifle. It is ideal for low range, high damage, and slow firing. Desperado and rapid roll are two of the best rolls for this highly effective gun.

But if you are more into aggressive gameplay, you should go with kill clip and killing wind rolls. Let us have a look at its stats:

– Impact: 33

– Handling: 47

– Reload speed: 26

– Range: 69

– Zoom: 18

The summoner

This auto rifle is known for causing significant kinetic damage. You can get it solely through competitive PvP mode. Since, it is a part of trials of Osiris loot that keeps on reshuffling each week, be sure to give your best shot in the week it is available.

It may not be available for subsequent weeks. You can get this gun only if you manage to win 5 matches in a row. Let us look at its stats:

– Range: 57

– Inventory size: 51

– Impact: 21

– Rounds/minute: 600

– Stability: 53

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Destiny 2 trials of Osiris?

It is a highly competitive PvP endgame in Destiny 2. You get specific rewards on completing the challenges like a solar auto rifle in the summoner, kinetic shotgun in the astral horizon, and arc fusion rifle in the exile’s curse.

How much are expert D2 trials carries?

The price varies according to the service selected. You can find the complete list of price for services under the services drop-down menu.

Are Destiny 2 trials of Osiris boost legal?

Yes. Absolutely! However many people debate that it is against the terms and conditions of Bungie. To ensure that you don’t get banned, we use your IP address and gaming ID. We never use bots.

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