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Division 2 Heartbreaker Gear Set is a Gear Set that consists of 4 pieces of equipment: a mask, a backpack, gloves, and holsters, each with their unique bonuses that will help increase your damage, reduce the cooldown of your skills, and increase the chances of getting a critical hit. Using the complete set also provides you with a critical damage buff. The Gear Set is designed mainly for the game’s dark hour raid, the most challenging part of the game.

Division 2 Heartbreaker gear set

How To Get Gear Sets In Division 2

To unlock tom clancy’s Division 2 Heartbreaker set, you must complete the dark hour raid on the greatest difficulty level defeating the final boss. Getting the set is not easy, as the dark hour raid is one of the most challenging raids in the game. Completing this raid requires good gaming skills and excellent teamwork.
The Heartbreaker Gear Set has a chance of dropping as loot after completing the dark hour raid on the hardest difficulty level, but it is not guaranteed, so you might have to play the raid multiple times to get the Gear Set. If you don’t want to play for it yourself, check out our website for reliable game-boosting services.

About Heartbreaker Gear Set Boosting Service

If you’re struggling to get the Heartbreaker Gear Set in Division 2 or don’t have the time to play the raid by yourself, our website offers reliable game boosting services to help you get the Heartbreaker Gear Set or other Gear Set you need. With our Heartbreaker Gear Set boosting service, you won’t have to stress yourself with the difficulties of raids anymore. Our website is the go-to place for all your boosting needs, whether for Diablo 4 boost or Fortnite boost, or you need to get pro COD boost. We also have Destiny 2 accounts for sale.

Benefits of Purchasing

The Division 2 Heartbreaker Gear Set gives you many advantages that can significantly enhance your performance in the game’s most challenging activities. Here are some of the benefits of the Heartbreaker Gear Set:

  • It provides Increased damage output
  • It Reduces skill cooldown
  • It Increases critical hit chance and damage
  • It Synergizes well with other Gear Sets
  • Aesthetic appeal

Overall, the Heartbreaker Gear Set is an excellent choice for those who love new gear or want to take their gameplay experience to the next level.

Ноw It Works

The Heartbreaker Gear Set is easy to get on our website, all you have to do is follow the steps given to you, and you will be able to get the set.

  • First, signing up on website.
  • Then, select the Division 2 game and go to the Heartbreaker Gear Set option. There you will find the price and other details about the order.
  • After payment, your order will be processed after payment, and a manager will be assigned to attend to you until it’s complete.

This simple process lets you quickly and easily obtain the Heartbreaker Gear Set and dominate Division 2 raids. We also offer cheap FIFA points, and you can buy Elder Scrolls online boosting on our website.

What You Get

When you order the Heartbreaker Gear Set boost, you will be getting the following along with your order:

  • Heartbreaker Gear Set
  • High chances of getting exotic items
  • Season leveling boosts
  • Loots from the raid

If the above rewards are not delivered to your account, you can contact us, and the issue will be resolved immediately.


To buy our Heartbreaker Gear Set boost, you must have The Division 2 game on your gaming device or PSN account. You must also provide your login details, including your email and password. Please note that you must have a level 40 character to qualify for this boost. If you don’t have a level 40 character yet, We offer 1-40 Character Leveling Boosts to help you level up your character.

Is It Safe?

We have a team of professionals that handle our orders with the help of an authentic VPN to log into your account. We also do not allow any third-party software policy to maintain security. With our new Gear Set boosting service, you can be assured that your account is safe.

Get Heartbreaker Gear Set

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Frequently Asked Questions

At what point will you start working on my Division 2 request?

We usually start working on boosting orders a few minutes after payment processing. However, during high service demand periods such as season launches, we may experience delays due to an influx of orders. If we cannot begin your order immediately, we will inform you when the boost will be available.

Can I still use my account?

Yes, we allow your preferred schedule for the boost service. Whether you choose to play alone or share your account for the duration of the boost, be sure to contact your manager if you need assistance with your account. You can find this service on our website.

Will I Receive Progress Updates?

We will update you through notifications, discord, and email. Once your order is placed, a manager will be assigned to you concerning updates and questions regarding your order.

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