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Read our SkyCoach review to learn about the WoW, Destiny 2 and other video game boosting services they offer. The discussion includes boosting service prices, customer support, and the quality of boosters.

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What is SkyCoach? is a game boosting service with a focus on MMOs. We will take a look at their services and see what they have to offer. 

SkyCoach Overview

SkyCoach has been around since 2017, or at least their current website has. They are incorporated in the Republic of Cyprus. The boosting service at SkyCoach focuses on MMOs. They provide carry services for four games with a fifth to be added before long. Boosting rates at SkyCoach are competitive with other sites in the industry. The accepted methods of payment are Visa, MasterCard and PayPal. 

The website is laid out so that each game as its own section. When you go to the game’s section the different services offered each has its own page. Users can click on the particular service to go to a page that gives the exact details of what they get with the boost. It also provides an estimated length of time to start the order and complete it. The layout makes the site easy to get around and find what you want.

SkyCoach Services

The two main games that SkyCoach focuses on are World of Warcraft and Destiny 2. Recently added games that you can now get boosts for are Call of Duty: Warzone and World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic. A fifth game, New World is scheduled to be added. SkyCoach offers both European and US game boosting services so you can get help regardless of which servers you are playing on. 

WoW Boosting Services

There is an amazing selection of SkyCoach World of Warcraft boosting services on offer. They are broken down into seven major categories: 


Dungeons are a good place to get azurite powder, gear and other rewards. There are around 20 different WoW dungeon boosts currently being offered by SkyCoach.
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Mounts make getting around much easier in WoW and upgrade your characters speed. Over 40 mount boosts are available.


Powerleveling boosts are always popular. SkyCoach has 5 powerleveling packages.


Shadowlands is the most recent WoW expansion. At SkyCoach you will find boosts for practically everything related to Shadowlands.


Raids are a fun activity once you have reached your maximum level and provide better gear. Around 20 different raid boosts are offered.


SkyCoach offers a number of different bundles that combine several boosting activities.


Well over a dozen different character boosts are available.

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In addition to the above you can also get PvP boosts for Arena, RBG and Titles as well as Reputation boosts and boosts for collections like pets and toys. 

Destiny 2 Boosting Services

The Destiny 2 boosting services offered by are almost as extensive as those for WoW. There are seven major categories of Destiny 2 boosts:  


Gambit is a hybrid PVP/PVE mode that features two teams of four. You can get some good gear and resources. There are a number of different Gambit boosts offered.


Boosts for 20 different exotic weapons are offered including One Thousand Voices.

Season of Arrivals:

Several boosts for the Season of Arrivals.


PvE boosts include dungeons, raids and Nightfalls. There are 20 different PvE boosts.


These include carries for Trials of Osiris and Glory Points.

Beyond Light:

Tons of different boosts for Beyond Light.


A selection of individual boosts combined into 1 package. There are around 10 different boost bundles.

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In addition you can get a straight up power leveling boost where the focus is on your Light Levels and obtain the number of levels you want.  

CoD Warzone Boosting Services

Call of Duty: Warzone was released in 2020 and boosting services for this game are a recent addition at There are three main categories for Warzone boosts at SkyCoach:  

Weapons Leveling Boost:

Weapons leveling in Warzone is a time consuming process but important because the best weapons attachments are unlocked at higher levels. SkyCoach offers weapon leveling boosts on over a dozen different Warzone weapons.

Warzone Boost:

The three major Warzone boosts are the Kills boost to improve K/D ratio, Wins boost to improve win rate stats and account leveling boost.

Camos Boost:

Camos are basically skins. They are cosmetic enhancements for weapons that don’t affect gameplay but confer a certain amount of prestige. They also look cool. You can get boosts to unlock numerous hard-to-get camos at SkyCoach.

SkyCoach Warzone Boosting

WoW TBC Boosting Services

World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic was just released June 1, 2021 and SkyCoach has already added boosting services for the game to their site. There are 9 main categories for SkyCoach WoW TBC boosts:  

Professions Boost:

Nothing listed.

Gear Boost:

Boost for TBC Pre-Raid Gear.

Reputation Boost:

The Scryers Reputation, Keepers of Time Reputation, Thrallmar Reputation and Honor Hold Reputation boosts offered.


Nothing listed.

Raid Boost:

Boosts for the TBC Karazhan Raid, Hellfire Citadel Attunement and TBC Pre-raid Gear.

PvP Boost:

TBC Honor Farm Boost.

Dungeon Boost:

Hellfire Citadel Attunement, Tempest Keep Attunement, Coilfang Reservoir Attunement, Caverns of Time Attunement,  All TBC Attunements and TBC Karazhan Attunement.

Character Boost:

Nothing listed.


Boosts for Classic TBC 60-70 leveling and Classic TBC 1-60 leveling for Draenei or Blood Elves.

As of yet 3 of the categories have no services listed and several others offer limited services. Many more boosts will be added in the coming days. 

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SkyCoach Upcoming Games Boosts

August 31, 2021 is the new scheduled release date for Amazon’s MMO game New World. anticipates adding boosting services for New World to their site. Although changes are still being made to New World some of the potential boosts include:  

Weapons Mastery
PvE Arenas
Corrupted Breaches

There is no indication that SkyCoach LoL services will be added. To find out more about a site that does offer LoL boosts read our Chi Boost review. 

Quality of Boosters at SkyCoach

So who is SkyCoach using to provide all these boosts? SkyCoach has put together a team of 250 professional boosters who are among the best players in the world for the games they provide boosting services for. They are both skilled and experienced. The boosters at have mastered every aspect of the games they play and have completed every boost they offer numerous times. 

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SkyCoach Benefits

Some of the benefits of using the SkyCoach boosting services include:

  • Skilled and Experienced Team of Boosters
  • Customer Support 24/7
  • Safe and Secure
  • Money Back Guarantee

Customer Support

Customer support at SkyCoach is available 24/7. SkyCoach support can be contacted by live chat, via phone at +1 855 401 11 56 or by emailing them at Support staff responds quickly and is helpful and friendly in their customer dealings. 

Verdict: Is SkyCoach Legit?

SkyCoach has been in business for several years. In that time they have completed over 35,000 boosting orders. They have a 4.9 rating on Trustpilot with 94% of the reviews being excellent. Customer support responds quickly and they guarantee results. provides excellent boosting services and is completely legitimate.
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Customer Reviews


My brother recommended that I try them, and I’m happy to report that they’re nothing short of amazing. I started off by purchasing the Operation Mechagon run and the team completed the run within hours.


I was having a really hard time completing the mage tower challenge and earning new transmog recolors due to limited time. The team at helped me complete the challenges in a record time of 5 hours. I would 100% recommend their services.


This is the third time I’m using and every time they always exceed my expectations. Right off the bat, their boosting services are super-fast, not forgetting their phenomenal customer service team! I will definitely use them again.


If you are short on time or simply lack the skills to score that extra armor or kill that big boss, is your go-to team. I particularly loved their affordable prices, on-point customer service, and strict adherence to deadlines. Needless to say, they also helped point me in the right direction in terms of what to choose and leave out in my package, which is very rare among many existing service providers. Try them and you won’t regret it.


As a returning client, I love their professional customer support team and friendly boosters. Always ready to accommodate additional requests and committed to delivering quality services. Let’s keep the fire burning pals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is legit?

SkyCoach has been providing boosting services for several years with 19 thousand+ satisfied clients. They have an excellent rating with Trustpilot and are a legitimate site.

How much does Boosting Service cost?

The amount SkyCoach charges varies depending on the specifics of your order but the price will always be fair and competitive with others in the industry.

What is SkyCoach?

SkyCoach is a game boosting service where you can purchase help from pro level players to achieve in-game goals in a variety of video games.

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