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Feeling jittery about taking on your LoL match placements? Buy our cheap, professional League of Legends placement service today and start climbing up the competitive ladder. Whether you are looking for a duo or solo boosting, our team of professional gamers is always ready to help. Askboosters.com is the next-gen platform for all your pro LoL services.

Professional League of Legends Placement Boost

League of Legends is a real-time, dynamic, multi-player game that combines strategy, speed, team play, and real-time reflexes. It entails two teams with a constantly growing champion choice scrimmaging on different maps to become the ultimate winner by trying to destroy each other’s Nexus.

Depending on the map that the game is being played in and the number of lines, the player’s configuration can either be 5v5 or 3v3. But here is the catch. Empowerment at the individual and team level is pegged on the individual team members increasing their champion’s level. As such, every team member is r is required to be a super-tactician, master-strategist, and proactive analyst or risk dragging the entire team down.

Unfortunately, the rapid LoL gameplay means that the game is constantly buzzing with skirmishes, which ultimately leads to defeat.

Thanks to our LoL Elo boosting service, our team of veteran boosters and top-notch LoL players can help you get unstuck and overcome all the nuances and pitfalls of League of Legends.

But What Is LOL Elo Boosting? Good question!

Hire LoL ELO Boosters

Basically, Elo boosting entails a low-ranked player delegating the role of ranking up of their gaming account to a professional booster. Elo boost is normally done by letting the experienced player login into the account and winning games on it.

Ranked Elo boost is mainly a paid service due to the skills and time taken to boost LoL accounts. Our prices at Askboosters.com are fair and set to reflect the skills and time taken by our boosters to boost your LoL accounts efficiently.

What We Offer

AskBoosters.com handles all aspects of League of Legends boosting. Our services include:

LoL Placement Matches Boost

Upon your summoner reaching level 30 in LoL, you can take part in rated games. And for each ranked game you win or lose, you get to collect hidden points, which are also known as Elo. While at it, you will also encounter rivals with different skill levels, spreading across seven different tiers including Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, and Challenger.

Each tier is profiled into leagues of 250 players, and every league has a total of 5 divisions. To get ranked, you are required to play 10 placement matches.

Unfortunately, these 10 placement matches are super-challenging, especially at the beginning of the new LoL Seasons, where the ranks are reset. As such, players have to start all over again to regain their ranks. And that’s where our team of experienced boosters comes in, by making it easier for you to rank up and only play the most interesting parts of the game.

Get Placement Matches Boost Now!

Solo LoL Placement Boost vs LoL Duo Queue Boost

When it comes to LoL boosting, you can choose between two major methods; Solo placement and Duo Queue matches.

In Solo placement, our professional booster will log in to your gaming account and play on your behalf. Once you have placed your order, a booster is immediately assigned with your order details, whereby they start working on it within an hour. As a general rule of thumb, our boosters can deliver all the 10 placement games within 24 hours.

In Duo placements boosting, you can play in your gaming account with the help of our professional booster. This is especially important for new or anxious players, as you will be able to directly pick gameplay tricks from our boosters.

Why It’s Important To Buy Placement Games In LoL

League of Legends is an excellent game. It’s not only fun but also intense. But that’s not the fun part…

The mere fact that you get to lose significantly raises the stakes, which makes it even more exciting.

Unfortunately, playing Placement matches entails a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. The grind and stress you have to endure playing against overly enthusiastic players is immense, which is why it’s important to let our team of boosters do the heavy lifting for you and rank you among the very best.

Our Guarantees On LoL Placement Boosting Service

By entrusting us to play your 10 placement matches, we guarantee you between a 70% and 90% success rate. There are instances where we also deliver a 100% success rate.

Now, you may ask why we can’t guarantee a 100% success rate. Well, the answer is pretty simple. By their very nature, all the games in LoL are created to be unpredictable, meaning that even the best players aren’t fully protected from pariahs and trolls in their team. For this simple reason, it’s almost impossible to guarantee a 100% success rate, although that doesn’t mean it’s not within our reach.

Compensation in case of defeat: In the unlikely event our teams aren’t able to deliver the 7 wins out of 10 games, they will play 2 additional games to boost your results.

How It Works

Ordering our Matches Boost service is a simple process.

  • Select the details of your purchase.
  • Place your order, ensuring you choose between Solo or Duo placements.
  • Pay and cart out.
  • One of our boosters will start handling your order within 30 minutes. Once ready, it will be delivered to you.
  • Confirm whether it has been delivered to your specifications.
  • If satisfied, the order will be closed, the booster paid, and you will be prompted to leave feedback to ensure other players make the right choice in the future.

Buy LoL ELO Placememnt Boost

Why Us?

10+ Years Of Expertise

Since season one, our teams have been offering professional boosting service, which has allowed us to perfect the quality of our LoL Boost. To ensure our customers enjoy flawless results in LoL, all our boosters undergo a rigorous hiring process and have to show actionable results to be hired. In strict accordance with our policies, our boosters are prohibited from adding friends or even touching your Blue Essence unless you have expressly stated so.

24/7 Availability

Our team of expert LoL boosters is always on standby to help. And to ensure that we provide our customers with an all-rounded service globally, they are spread across different regions, to cover all time zones.

Professional Boosters

Our team comprises top challenger LoL boosters that understand all the nuances and pitfalls of League of Legends, so you don’t have to worry about your order not being delivered. Every member of our team is hand-select & screened to ensure they bring a positive attitude to the game and offer professional performance.

Premium Support

Askbooster’s customer support center includes phone, email, and 24/7 live chat support, offering you any help related to your order.

Quick Turnaround Time

Immediately after placing your order, it takes our booster less than 30 minutes to start working on it to ensure it is delivered as quickly as possible. It usually takes us between 1-2 days to complete all the 10 placement games!

Secured Private Data

We use premium VPN protection to provide fool-proof security levels when accessing your account and no one else will ever know it is not you. Along with that, we also use 256 bit SSL encryption to ensure the safety of your data, which is something most of our competitors do not have.

Refund Policy

You can have peace of mind knowing that you are fully indemnified by our refund policy. Our customers are eligible to receive full or partial refunds dispensing on the progress of their ELO boost.

Hire LoL ELO Booster

Frequently Asked Questions

What is LoL placement boost?

It is the act of allowing a master or challenger tier booster to login into your gaming account and plays the placement games on your behalf. It is mainly a paid service, which is why it is important to choose the most qualified team like Askboosters.com.

What do I get when hiring a professional LoL placement match booster?

Here at Askboosters.com, our placement Elo boosting offers include: Solo Boosting: Whereby a top-notch booster from our team logs in to your gaming account and plays on your behalf. Duo Boosting: You get to play side by side with our booster and win the placement games.

Is League of Legends placement boosting service legal?

Yes! Elo Boosting in League of Legends is completely legal and you shouldn't have a problem buying your boost. However, if you are living in South Korea, it is punishable with 2 years jail term and fines of $18,000.

Author: Michael Peters
Site Editor at askboosters.com