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Are you looking for Escape from Tarkov Carry Services at an affordable rate? Check out this review for an insight into the best services to boost your game.

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Amazing boosting services. Props to their carries!


I have been playing Tarkov for a long time, but these guys are so good, I've never seen such cool dudes!


I work with these services, they are legit. My orders are always done quickly and efficiently.

What is Escape from Tarkov?

When we talk of a multiplayer first shooter game, you will never miss a spot for the incredible Escape from Tarkov. The unique hardcore game integrates realistic gameplay that is pretty straightforward.

However, all the mechanics built in the game can be a bit daunting and requires players to consider their every move carefully. For instance, if you die in the game, you lose almost all of your loot. 

Although it is pretty hard to master all the mechanics in the game, you can always seek professional EFT carry if you are struggling to level up or complete certain quests. Whether you are looking to farm a million Roubles or anything, in particular, a professional carry service is capable of delivering exceptional results.

We have prepared a review of everything you need to know about carrying services including how they operate and how much it will cost to boost your Tarkov game. 

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Escape from Tarkov Boosting

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does a Carry in EFT Cost?

Escape from Tarkov carry services cost $15 on average. However, the price may rise on customized orders. It will also depend on the difficulty of your desired level and the initial progress in your game.

Are Boosting Services in Tarkov Legal?

Boosting services are not legal. Conversely, it is almost impossible for your game developer to know if you are using a boosting service. Unless you brag about it and they know about it, you will be safe.

What is Escape from Tarkov Carry Service?

A carry service is simply a service that is mainly aimed at teaming you up with an experienced booster that will help you complete any challenge the game has to offer or discover valuable loot. You will not only get to learn from the more experienced players but also fill your stash with amazing items. 

Among some of the available carry services, you will find include items farming, Tarkov raid, keys, and card carries. Although the game requires high skills to get to complete levels, professional boosters are capable of carrying you through the game while ensuring that you learn all the tricks required to emerge as the victor. 

How it Works

Now that you know what carry services entail, how do you get a booster in your account? It is quite easy. Start by selecting a service of your choice, and then choose your desired options and quantity. Ensure you check the requirement and contact the service provider on Skype or on the website to clarify all the details. After ensuring that you have checked all the required boxes, you can proceed and place your order. 

You will be required to share your account details to allow the expert to log in and provide the required expertise to get through the game. Note that the service is 100% safe and you don’t have to worry about theft or account suspension.

Professional carry services will also offer a refund if the order was not started or could not be executed for any reason. Among some of the benefits, you will get from these services include access to quests and trader levels, access to hideouts, reaching the desired level, and access to gear, guns, and valuable items.

How Much Does Tarkov Carries Cost?

The average cost of Tarkov carrier service is $14. Technically, it is always hard to decide if Tarkov carries are worth your money. But the fact is that these services are worth every penny. Service providers conduct thorough research to ensure that the prices are fair. The cost is calculated based on the difficulty of the game. 

Hire Tarkov booster

It is possible to find cheaper Tarkov Carries but the majority won’t guarantee the safety of your account. Choose wisely and put into consideration that the cheapest isn’t always the best. Ensure you research the service provider before making your purchase. 

Talking of choosing the best boosting service, read on for an insight into some of the best options in the market^

Best Escape from Tarkov Boosting

Leprestore has been providing professional boosting services to players since 2013 and has managed to attract quite a wide range of gamers. They have completed more than 130 thousand orders and are, without a doubt, the most preferred option when it comes to boosting. 

One of the best things about Leprestore is that it integrates quite a wide range of security features that secure both the booster and the player. Payments are made through the most secure payment methods such as PayPal that provide end-to-end encryption. 

It is also armed with the best weapons, which also means that you don’t have to worry about being hit by random bullets that can send you back to the start. 

As one of the most recommended platforms for Mobile Legend boosting, Diablo 3 boost, and Apex boosting services, Skycoach integrates quite an easy-to-use website that features an array of experienced boosters. It is also safe to use and uses the most secure payment method such as PayPal to ensure that you don’t have to worry about security.

To use Skycoach, you are required to create an account or log in before choosing your desired service. You will be prompted to customize your order and select the quantity before checkout to enable the provider to connect you with a booster that will suit you best.

What Tarkov Boost Services Are There?

There is quite a wide range of booster services in Tarkov. The most basic boost is EFT leveling. Whether you are using co-op gaming or the booster is using your account, they will work on your character stats to ensure you reach your desired level. Here is an insight into some of the boost services available in Escape from Tarkov:

  • Dollars to EFT Roubles    

When you go in EFT money runs, raids, or sell items in EFT, you are paid in Roubles. It is the currency used in the game. The money is used to buy gear, guns, or unlock inventories in the game. But what if you don’t have Roubles or you have run out? It is possible to change dollars to EFT Roubles? 

Get Tarkov boost

The majority of boost services offer exchange platforms on their website where users can exchange dollars for Roubles. Unlike in real life, the currency exchange rates in many boosting services are subject to change. The current price of 1 USD is 96 Roubles, 115 for 1 Euro, and 90873 for 1 Bitcoin.   

  • Leveling   

Leveling is the most recommended boosting service for players who don’t have time to progress in their game due to family time or work hours. It is the most important part of the game due to character skill improvements and vendor relationships. Besides, most upgrades will only be made available when your PMC character reaches a certain level. 

Leveling boosting services include Account Power Leveling which is mainly aimed at helping players reach their desired levels in a short time. Boosters also help users with Roubles farming using methods like quests, raids, and tasks. What’s more, all loots attained during the boost will be added to your stash and can be sold for Roubles. 

It is imperative to note that the Tarkov LvL boost service is only available in piloted mode only. This also means that you will be required to share your login details to allow the player to play in your character.  

  • Dealers & Quests

The progression system in Tarkov heavily relies on quests. Currently, these quests are provided by eight traders or dealers. They are structured in different difficulty levels and integrate an interesting storyline. The platform allows boosters to help a player complete a quest and, therefore, gradually progress to higher levels. Among some of these dealers include The Therapist which offers 23 quests and peacekeeper which offers 27 quests. 

Top Tarkov Carries

If you are looking to boost your Tarkov profile, you will be required to share your login details with your booster. Prapor’s quest is the first on the list where players will focus on finding uncommon items or killing PMCs. Part 5 or The Punisher is the hardest of this quest. It requires you to find 5 PM pistols, 10 kills wearing a certain helmet and vest, 3 AK-74N rifles, and 3 M4A1.    

Fence quest is the last on the list. You will be required to find a lot of rare items and forward them to the Fence and complete almost all the other quests to unlock the final quest. A professional booster is capable of completing these quests within a short time. 

  • Bosses

Killing the boss is every player’s ultimate goal. Unfortunately, it is the main thing that makes Escape from Tarkov a challenging game. Although developers do not think so, some Scav bosses are even harder to kill even for some seasoned gamers. The best way to kill these bosses is to team up in a raid or buy boosters. 

At the moment there are four bosses in EFT: Killa, Reshala, Glukhar, and Shturman. Every boss except Killa has a set of bodyguards and unique weapons. Besides, almost all the bosses have a unique behavior pattern, which can help you win if you can memorize what they do regularly.

  • EFT Raid Coaching

Raids are the main gameplay elements in EFT. They are also a great option to earn Roubles. Players work alongside their boosters to find loots and hidden treasures or kill the boss. There are six raids available for completion. If you are looking to complete these raids with a booster, you will be required to share your logins and follow them to complete raids as a team. 

Note that you can choose the raids you want to complete with your booster or select them all at once. EFT raid coaching also provides users with a learning opportunity by working hand-in-hand with the experts.

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