How to Buy Damascus Camo - Boost Camo in Modern Warfare

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Unless you’re a professional player, unlocking the Damascus Camo in Modern Warfare can be hard. This guide reveals how you can buy Damascus boost camo in modern warfare for cheap.

Damascus Camo Modern Warfare

For many years, the Call of Duty video game series has been one of the best first-person shooter games in the world. And in 2019, Infinity Ward, the brainchild behind the game released Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, which is one of the most interesting and interactive iterations in years.

Modern Warfare was a revamp of the Modern Warfare sub-series and the sixteenth installment in the overall Call of Duty series. The game boasts modern and realistic settings, and it is inspired by a fictional country called Urzikstan, whereby a CIA officer and British SAS forces team up with rebels to battle against Russian forces invaders.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Call of Duty Modern Warfare has emerged as one of the few video games that have helped gamers maintain their sanity, with players the world over grinding countless hours to blast through the battle pass tiers. If you are looking for a bigger challenge, however, Modern Warfare is what you need to try.

Unfortunately, not every gamer has the time or skills to grind through the multiple battle pass tiers. This then begs the question: how do you get Damascus Camo fast?

In this article, we’re going to look at what Damascus camo is, how to get Damascus camo MW, and more fundamentally, how CoD boost services can help.

But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s get the basics out of the way…

What is Modern Warfare Damascus Camo?

Just like in many other FPS games, unlocking weapon skins in Modern Warfare is one of the primary determinants in how well or not a player progresses in the game. However, there are highly-prized and hard-to-come-by skins, which require players to put a little bit more effort to unlock. 

Boasting a mottled camouflage design, CoD Damascus camo mimics the aesthetics mainly found in Damascus Steel, and as a player, you need to achieve all the camouflages for each weapon in the game to unlock the Damascus camo. As such, you need to have gold on all the 39 available guns. Along with improving the aesthetics of your gun, having a camo also helps boost your reputation as a player within the Modern Warfare community.

How to get Damascus Fast

Probably due to the surge in the number of Modern Warfare players amid the coronavirus pandemic, ‘how to unlock Damascus MW’ and ‘how to get Damascus in modern warfare’ are some of the most searched phrases across all search engines. And if you’re reading this article, chances are you did the same.

In this section, we’re going to reveal 5 tips on how to unlock Damascus camo

#1: One of the best answers on how to get gold camo in modern warfare entails preserving any of your favorite guns until the end. As you blast through the different battle pass tiers, you’ll encounter different challenges from the enemy. By spreading out your favorite weapons, however, it becomes easier to maintain the momentum in the grind for the CoD Modern Warfare

Get Damascus Camo in CoD

#2: Another important tip towards getting your Damascus camo is to use your melee weapon as your secondary weapon throughout the entire process. Having a riot shield or knife equipped allows you to complete some challenges using these melee weapons on the side. As a result, your total completion time is significantly reduced. 

#3: Playing the suitable game mode is yet another important tip that can help accelerate your journey towards unlocking your Damascus camo. Ideally, you should try the objective game modes as they allow you to complete challenges such as attack medals and double kills. And by catching people running towards the same objective, you’re able to complete similar challenges much easier. 

#4: Fourth on our list of tips in unlocking CoD MW Damascus camo entails choosing your attachments wisely. Depending on the challenge you’re engaged in, you need to choose the most appropriate attachment. The Merc Foregrip and the 5mW laser, for example, can easily help increase hip-fire accuracy, ultimately allowing you to complete this challenge easily.

#5: You can also accelerate your pace towards achieving by beginning with the most difficult challenges. Most challenges in Modern Warfare require you to get kills, meaning that choosing the right order to tackle them helps optimize the speed at which you overcome them. 

And talking about speed, some players may not necessarily have the skills to blast through the challenges. In fact, Infinity Ward estimates that an experienced player can take an average of 18 hours to achieve a gold gun camo, which loosely translates into 702 hours of gameplay to achieve all the 39 guns. 

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With the help of Askboosters boost camo services, however, you can get this done much quicker.

Our Boost Camo in Modern Warfare Services

Here at Askboosters, we’ll assign our best Modern Warfare players to your order to complete it within the shortest time possible. And since our players are experienced PROs they’ll also increase your Win Rate and K/D ratio on PC, PS4, and XBOX.

Here are some of our services:

  • Unlocking the basic camouflage for the standard weapon.
  • Unlocking the Gold camouflage for the standard weapon.
  • Unlocking the Platinum camouflage for the standard weapon.
  • Unlocking the Damascus camouflage for the standard weapon.
  • Unlocking attachments for all the weapons.
  • Ranking up all your weapons to the highest level.
  • Unlocking and ranking up Battle Pass levels.

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Askbooster’s Boost Camo in Modern Warfare: How it works

1: Place an Order

Start by choosing your service on our website and setting up a comfortable schedule.

2: Order Processing

After placing an order, we will assign it to one of our pros depending on their ratings, PROs metrics, and previously completed orders. You may also choose your favorite booster to handle your modern warfare camos boost order.

3: Keep Track of Your Order

You can keep track of your progress and interact with the booster and ask any questions via a secure chat. 

4: Order Delivery

Once the order is complete, it will be delivered immediately.

5: Assessment 

Check whether everything is done to your satisfaction. If everything is okay, the professional will get paid. In case of anything, our 24/7 support team is always on standby to help. 

6: Leave an honest review and a rating.

Why Choose Our Modern Warfare Boost Services?

Professional Players

Our professional boosters have been in the industry for many years, and most of them have an average service score of 4.95

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You can hire a PRO player any time of the day or night without delays. 

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The flexible nature of our  Call of Duty completionist camo services allows you to customize your orders as opposed to purchasing an entire package. This means you get to pay for what you get. 

Our Guarantees

  • Professional communication from pro players and platform managers.
  • Our refund policy offers comfort and flexibility. You qualify for a partial refund based on the progress of your order and a full refund in case of default.
  • Secure handling our customers’ personal data.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Damascus Camo?

Damascus Camo is a highly-prized and hard-to-come-by skin in the game of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and it requires a player to have gold on all the 39 available guns to unlock it.

How much is Damascus Camo in MW?

The price of Damascus Camo in MW depends on the service provider you choose. Here at Askboosters, we provide the best prices to our customers, plus we offer discounts depending on your progress rate. Be sure to send your current progress with our team via Live Chat, and they’ll help calculate your price based on your progress.

Can you buy Damascus Camo?

Yes! You can buy both self-play and piloted Damascus Camo. Whether you’re playing via a PC, PS4, or XBOX, our services here at Askboosters have got you covered.

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