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WoW: Burning Crusade
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Internet games have taken the world by storm. While for some, it is just a hobby, some reap huge benefits. With each ascending level, you get more perks and benefits. Many professional gamers even live-cast their games on live stream channels and earn a handsome income.

But what if you do not have enough time to boost your WoW level? Just take the Powerleveling WoW Classic service. Our skilled pro players will take over your character. And before you realize it, you will be notches above our competitors!

Classic WoW Powerleveling

The power leveling World of Warcraft is the professional service in which you take the help of professional gamers who play your character non-stop to bring the level up.

You can avail of the WoW Classic boosting in these ways:

  • 1-60 classic WoW leveling
  • Vanilla WoW boosting
  • WoW Classic PVP boosting
  • WoW Classic items boost

What Does It Include?

Do you know you get access to all the new as well as 8 original races of the WoW on

You enjoy the new content like:

  • Rise of Azshara, season 3
  • Visions of N’zoth, season 4
  • Shadowlands

Not only that, but you also get to upgrade yourself in all the 8 original races:

  • Dwarf
  • Orc
  • Troll
  • Undead
  • Tauren
  • Gnome
  • Night elf
  • Human

So, next time, you feel stuck at any level, simply avail the WoW Classic Powerleveling. The best levelers will give wings to your previous records!

Vanilla WoW Power Leveling

Do you know you can level up in vanilla WoW by completing class quests, collecting dungeon keys, and so on? Well, you can do so with us. Outfit our character with dungeon set 1 or 2, take our WoW Classic 1-60 leveling, and see the difference.

Say goodbye to arduous fights from level 1-60. Our boosters will do that for you in no time.

Hire WoW Booster

World of Warcraft Vanilla Power Leveling Services

New gamers often wonder why pro-gamers rely on boosters. After all, when they can play pretty well, why invest in someone else? Well, you save time and effort! When you avail of the carries, your game gets a makeover:

  • Managed and played in a planned way
  • Collect all legendary items
  • Collect weapons and gear rewards

Guarantees: No False Claims, Only True Promises

Guarantees may be an overused term but not with us. When you use our carries, you get 3 hard and fast guarantees:

Utmost privacy

Your data is secure with us and we never share it with third parties.

Honest reviews

We don’t post fake reviews, and we don’t filter them either. You like us, you review us and we will let that stay on our website. We will work on making the service better and not on removing your negative review. Our internal technical experts work 24×7 to weed out fake reviewers and not customers’ reviews.


If you are not satisfied with our service, we will refund your money. No questions asked!

Be the Master Of Raids

Raids and Vanilla go with each other. Nothing is more adventurous than conducting a raid in the proper gear and with proper weapons. But getting these both is a tedious affair. You need to kill the same raid bosses multiple times.

No more monotonous games because now the Powerleveling will do it for you. Simply buy the plan that best suits your need. You should also get yourself a WoW arena boost.

How It Works 

1. Hit the button

Hit any button on our page and get an instant discount.

2. Order placement

Select the carry that you need or talk with a booster on LiveChat to better state your requirement.

3. Pay

Pay for the package on our SSL encrypted website.

4. Play or watch

See our booster play for you within 30 minutes of the order. If you have opted for self-play mode, be available for the booster to guide you.

5. Confirm

You will get an email asking for your confirmation. If you are happy with us and confirm it, the booster gets the payment. Otherwise, we refund it.

6. Review

Leave honest feedback for the booster. It will help other players to select the best booster. Also, if you state any pain points, we will work to remove them.

WoW Classic Level Boost: What It Gets You?

When you avail of the WoW classic level boost, you get to enjoy:

  • New locations
  • Gears
  • Stories
  • Dungeons
  • Quest completion like Molten Core Attunement, Blackwing Lair Attunement, and so on.

Why Us?

Isn’t it obvious? Because we have:

Best trained boosters

Our boosters ensure that your account doesn’t get banned. We use a VPN to ensure that your IP address stays the same. No foul plays. Only the best players work tirelessly to level up the game.

Security and safety

Using boosters are against the ToS of WoW. We understand this part. That is why our boosters use VPN and stay away from any activity that can trigger a ban.

24×7 customer support

You can reach us through LiveChat, skype, email, and all social media pages any time of the day. Our support staff will always be ready to address your issues.

New service at lightning-fast speed

We offer new and exciting boosting services in all areas of WoW. And, all our services are delivered rapidly to you. No delays!

Order Now!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is WoW Classic power leveling?

The power leveling World of Warcraft is the professional service in which you take the help of professional gamers who play your character non-stop to bring the level up.

What happens after buying a WoW Vanilla power level boost?

In just 30 minutes of your confirmation, a pro gamer works to complete your level. You pay after reviewing the work and confirm it through email.

Are there any risks? Is Classic WoW leveling service worth it?

We use a premium VPN service to ensure that the boosters’ location shows the same as yours. So, your account doesn’t get banned. Pro gamers do their part saving both your time and energy.

Are the World of Warcraft Vanilla power leveling services legal?

ToS of WoW prohibits the use of boosters. But when you use our service, we ensure that no anomaly is detected. Our pro gamers are trained to make it look like it is you who is playing.

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