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Attaining your desired Levelling 1-60 shouldn’t be a leap of faith. Buy the best Classic WoW self-play and learn from the best professionals.

For many World of Warcraft fans, Classic Powerleveling is one of the best ways to unwind. Unfortunately, the lack of consistent progression can cause a great deal of agitation and restlessness, especially when you see others progressing. And although there are hardcore gamers who relentlessly pursue progress for hours, a huge majority don’t have the time or simply lack the skills to do so.

To fix all of this, it would be a good idea to shop around and buy WoW Classic level boosting.


Are you looking for a WoW boosting service? AskBoosters can help. Our company has been offering games the best possible boosting services at very affordable rates. Our huge variety of services and experienced team of boosters allows us to serve customers from all walks of life in different gaming areas.

What It Includes

In the World of Warcraft Classic, players get to enjoy the same classic battleground mechanics and design, although the content section has largely been extrapolated to include epic encounters such as Naxxramas and Ahn’Qiraj War Effort.

Along with the new content, WoW also features all the eight original races, including:

  • Human
  • Night Elf
  • Gnome
  • Dwarf
  • Tauren
  • Orc
  • Troll
  • Undead

If you’re having trouble boosting characters in Classic WoW in the above areas, AskBoosters can help.

Our WoW Classic Boosting Service

The WoW Classic comes with a wide range of issues, each requiring a unique strategy to settle. For example, Classic WoW Levelling is incredibly slow and frustratingly tough. For this reason, a player needs to invest a lot of time and practice patience to reach level 60. With our WoW Classic 1-60 carry services,  you can instantly max out your character with a talent tree and go all out decimating your enemies.

1-60 Classic WoW Leveling and Vanilla WoW Boosting

You can also spruce your World of Warcraft Vanilla with our services by outfitting your character with Dungeon Set 1 or 2, complete class quests, dungeon keys, and so much more.  Along with that, our WoW Vanilla 1-60 power leveling service can also help you avert the irking content gaps in case your character ends up in a tight spot with zero quests to level within their vicinity.

Order Your Wow Classic Levelling

Classic WoW Boosting

Raids have been prominently featured on WoW since the launch of Vanilla. If you are a veteran player, you may probably remember how difficult it was to conduct Raids. Fast forward to today, raiding in Classic WoW isn’t too difficult, although getting the gear is a time-consuming affair. Raid bosses only drop a limited number of gear pieces every time they are killed, meaning you need to take several weeks or months killing the same Raid bosses to have your character fully suited. For some players, this grind can get monotonous and boring.

With our WoW Classic Raid Boost, you can avoid the boring grind and easily acquire the best gear, armor, and weapons.

WoW Classic PVP Boost

Players can enjoy several benefits by climbing up the PvP ranking system in Classic WoW such as access to the best of the best gear up to the AQ40 and Naxxramas Raids. WoW Classic boost is also particularly important in various classes like Warriors and Rogues, as it also helps your character rank for the gear and weapon rewards. There is a great service we have for similar occasions, check our WoW arena boost and let us know if it worked for you in this case.

If you are tired of the boring hustle and grind of trying to max out your character or to upgrade your gear or weapon, then our World of Warcraft Classic Boost will help you a lot.

Warcraft Classic Items Boost

World of Warcraft gamers is some of the most competitive people in the gaming ecosystem. When they are not striving to create redoubtable PvE characters, they are busy competing for the 14th rank in PvP or even collecting Legendary items.

Unfortunately, there are serious combat tools such as Sulfuras and Hand of Ragnaros that cannot be collected as Loot drop. The conditions for obtaining them are much more stringent, and they can only be obtained by crafting them. Along with giving your character a unique appearance, these powerful tools give your character 30+ Fire Resist, 12+ Strength and Stamina, as well as the ability to completely consume your rivals with a spectacular flame.

Creating Sulfuras and Hand of Ragnaros entails passing through Molten Core Raid to collect the Eye of Sulfuras and Sulfuron Hammer, as well as collecting other supplementally reagents.

As you can see, owning such a legendary weapon entails a lot of mental preparation, organizational amplitude, and game motivation. And even so, your attempts aren’t guaranteed in reaching the end goal.

But with our WoW Classic items boost, you shouldn’t have a problem getting your Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros, or any other Legendary items.

Order Your Wow Classic Items Boost

How It Works

  • Hit Any of The Buttons

The first step towards ordering our services is not to register an account on our websites, but simply clicking any of the buttons on this page. After that, you may get a first purchase discount.

  • Place Your Order

Scroll through our different services to select what you want. If you cannot find what you are looking for, you can also use LiveChat to communicate with one of our boosters.

  • Payment

Once you placed your order, pay, and cart out.

  • Play With Our Booster, or Watch Them Boost You

After finalizing the details, our booster will commence working on your order within 30 minutes. If you have chosen the self-play package, you will need to be available on time.

  • Confirmation

After completion, the order will be delivered, and you will be asked to confirm if it meets your specifications. If everything looks good, the booster gets paid.

  • Feedback

You will be asked to leave an unbiased review of the booster’s performance to help guide other players in making informed decisions in the future.

Our Guarantees

It’s very hard to find a boosting company that guarantees anything. And even if you managed to find one, most rarely keep their words. At AskBooster, we keep our money where our mouth is. Here is why you should buy from us.

  • Privacy Guarantee respects the privacy of our customers and we take responsibility by ensuring that their private data is confidential. We don’t share customers’ data with any third parties except the boosters and coaches.

  • Money-Back Guarantee

With AskBoosters, your money will always be safe as the payment is locked, and the boosters are paid once you are 100% satisfied. In the unlikely event you cancel your order or aren’t satisfied with our services, our Refund Policy has got you indemnified.

  • Independent and Unadulterated Reviews

Our system is hackproof and the boosters have no way of manipulating or removing customers’ feedback. We also have internal control systems to ensure we catch and punish attempts to create any form of fake reviews.

Why Us

  • Vetted, Tried, and Tested Boosters

As AskBoosters, we not only work with only the best and most qualified boosters. All of them have to undergo a thorough vetting process and pass an interview ascertaining their gaming experience and communication skills. Along with that, they have to provide a government-issued passport ID and a working phone number. We don’t tolerate any cheeky behaviors and any suspicious activities attract an immediate and permanent ban

  • Fresh New Services

AskBoosters has already proven to our customers that we are a boosting company that delivers flawless WoW Classic boosting services in all their areas of need. And since we believe that WoW Classic Boosting is going to be here for a long time, we are constantly updating our database to bring new and exciting services.

  • 24/7 Customer Support

Whether you want to say hi, have issues with your order, or even want to enquire about something, our friendly customer support personnel are always on standby to help. You can reach us via LiveChat, Email, Skype, and our social media pages.

  • You Are Safe With Us

No matter the size and nature of your order, all our game services are created with your security in mind. We jealousy protect your gaming account as if it were ours, and all our professional boosters are trained on customer safety and protection. All boosts are discrete and completed using premium VPN technology, and no one including your friends, enemies, or the game provider will know that we are boosting your own account in Classic.

  • Cutting-edge Website Security

Our website is SSL and HTTPS encrypted to ensure that all the data entered on our site pass through secure encryption. No one can view or access your data, leave alone use it maliciously. Our website is also constantly scanned to ensure that it is virus, malware, and phishing-free, and you can rest easy knowing that no one is eavesdropping.

  • Rapid Delivery Time

Our teams at AskBoosters truly understand that when our customers order our services, they are not only spending their money but also their valuable time. For this reason, our boosters will start handling your orders within 30 minutes of ordering, so you can continue playing as soon as possible without delays.

Contact us for all your Classic Boosts. Or click the button below!

Find Your WoW Classic Booster

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is boosting in Classic WoW?

It entails hiring a professional player to do all the heavy lifting for you in WoW classic game, leaving you to enjoy the easy parts of the game. Instead of grinding for days or weeks trying to reach your goal, AskBoosters can help you do it much faster. 

What happens after purchasing WoW Classic boosting?

After placing your order, one of our professional boosters will start working on your order within 30 minutes. Once your order is ready, you will receive an email confirmation, as well as given time to review your work.  If you are satisfied, the booster is paid. You will also be prompted to rate their services. If you have opted for the self-play package, we will request you to be available on time. 

Are there any risks? Is Vanilla WoW boosting worth it?

There's an inherent risk of going against Blizzard’s ToS, but AskBoosters have an experienced team of boosters that take precautions to minimize the chances of your account getting banned. Your order is executed using premium VPN protection and we ensure that the IP address is set to match your usual location.  In terms of benefits, nothing sucks like grinding for countless hours just to reach the next WoW level. However, with Vanilla WoW boosting services, you get to save time and energy that would have otherwise gone towards futile attempts to level up.

How to use WoW Vanilla boos?

As the customer, you get to set your desired objective that you want our booster to help you reach. Simply tell us your current RBG rating, your target rating, make the payment, and our pro-booster will log in to your account and start boosting. Once your desired objectives are met, your order will be delivered immediately.

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