Destiny 2 Not Forgotten Carry: Why Do I Need It?

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Get an instant boost for your Destiny 2 games with us. We have a team of expert players who do the boosting for you. Now you can get not forgotten carry at affordable rates.

D2 players are known for their analytical gaming skills. After all, it needs the grit of a leader to play a multiplayer game and win all the levels. But then comes the challenge. You can be busy with your other commitments. You could be busy with your school, college, or job. 

You may be short in time to spend being stuck on a single level. Moreover, if you are into live game streaming, you could lose followers. So, what is the best solution? What about hiring a professional player who will play in place of you, clear all the levels, get all the rewards and be anonymous? 

Well, we offer that service. Just choose the type of boosting you need, we will get it done for you.

What is all this fuss about not forgotten carry?

You must have wondered, why people are so crazy about our not forgotten boost. Well, let us summarize its features for you:

  • Not forgotten is a pinnacle hand cannon in Destiny 2. You earn this after getting Luna’s Howl.
  • You must complete the 5500 legend glory rank to get it
  • You need to compete with the toughest guardians in the crucible
  • The not forgotten range is twice that of Luna’s Howl.
  • It gives better and consistent shots with extreme accuracy.

Here are some figures about not forgotten that will impress you:

– Zoom: 14

– Recoil direction: 95

– Range: 46

– Reload speed: 58

– Impact: 79

Buy Not Forgotten

Not Forgotten Destiny 2 Carry: How Do We Do It?

Here is how we boost your game:

  • We take your gaming ID, password, and IP address.
  • Now we log in to your gaming account using these details. 
  • We use a VPN to match your location.
  • We complete the order for you. We get the gears you want
  • Meanwhile, we also send you a notification if you want to watch the game through a live stream.
  • We notify you once the order is completed. You make the payment.


We are a professional boosting service and we offer the following guarantees to you:

Quick service

As soon as you place your order whether for a simple Powerleveling or recluse carry, one of our boosters will personally contact you. He/she will confirm your order and will get other details like your gaming ID and password. A tentative time of delivery will be given to you. You will get your game boosted within that time.

Complete transparency

We maintain 100% transparency while managing your account. There are no hidden charges or terms and conditions.

No cheating

We do not use bots or AI to complete your game. We have a team of experienced players who play by logging into your gaming account. They even use your IP address so that the gaming website does not detect any anomaly. We take extreme precautions to keep the carry service anonymous to prevent you from getting banned.

Data privacy

We understand that your data needs the utmost security. We never share your details, bank details, or even gaming details with any third party. We regularly clear our cache memory. So, it does not remain even in our system.

24×7 customer support

If you face any issue while dealing with us, you can contact us 24×7 through different channels. An executive will be always ready to help you out.

Destiny 2 Not Forgotten Carries: What Are The Benefits?

Get Not Forgotten

Many players wonder if getting the carry has any benefits. If you have taken Luna’s Howl carry, you already know the benefits. But if you haven’t, let us tell you all the advantages:

Saves time and effort

Instead of you wasting hours on completing a raid or crossing level, our players complete it instantly. That way you save both your time and effort. You can use it for your studies, hobbies or vacations!

Gets the rewards you want

We are the best destiny services and when you hire us, we specifically ask which rewards, gears, or levels you want. We get that done for you.

Pro gaming skills

Since our players are professional, they know several tricks. Just by watching the game through live streams, you get to learn several of them. You can use them in your game.

Improve your rank

When you complete the levels without losing, you drastically improve your rank.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is not forgotten in destiny 2?

It is the most powerful hand cannon which you can earn only after completing Luna's Howl.

How much are professional d2 not forgotten carries?

It depends mostly on the type of service that you want. For the basic boosting we charge anything between $19-25. However, the prices can go up if you want specific and higher levels. You can try our other services like mountaintop carry and recluse carry.

Is destiny 2 not forgotten boosting legal?

Yes, absolutely. The boosting services are registered and we ensure that your gaming activity does not raise an alarm with the gaming website.

Author: Michael Peters
Site Editor at