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Winning Rated Battlegrounds in WoW requires strong gaming skills, team play, and excellent coordination. At AskBoosters, apart from our popular WoW boost, we offer cheap WoW RBG service, and our team of professionals will help you earn higher ratings, rewards, and achievements.

Rated Battleground (RBG) is a highly competitive battle game that allows players to play as a team, earn similar ratings like Arena players, gain PvP titles, and earn Conquest Points. The game takes place on battleground maps and the players are required to capture flags in different battlegrounds.

If you ever thought herding 3 players in Arena was a hard nut to crack, you will be surprised by the level of experience, coordination, and individual and collective skills required to manage a team of 10 players. 

WoW RBG Boost

By partnering with AskBoosters, you get an honest and high-quality character boost without spending a fortune. We are also committed to ensuring that our customers enjoy an exciting gaming experience and enjoy exciting bonuses while at it. 

Contact us now and experience a whole new level of WoW.

Unfortunately, finding a PvP guild or a highly efficient team is a big challenge, because most rarely accept low-rated members. Fortunately, our teams at AskBoosters are ready to step in and do the legwork for you. 

We offer gamers in the US and EU fast and reliable services, allowing them to reach their preferred rating and all the peripheral achievements and titles within the level. Our team of tried and tested boosters boasts of high-quality gameplay, real-time execution plans, exceptional team coordination, and peerless communication skills. 

Better yet, our packages are highly customizable, and you can choose between the self-play option or Duo/Self-Play option.

Our World of Warcraft RBG Boosting Services

As earlier indicated, winning Rated Battlegrounds is an uphill task that requires team play, advanced tactics, strong organization, and a high level of coordination. And that’s exactly what AskBoosters offers. 

Some of our services include:

  • WoW RBG Rating Boost

As a player, your RBG Rating is the most (if not the only) demonstrative indicator of your PVP competence. Unless you have a high rating, you will find it almost impossible to find a high-rated battleground team or a PvP guild to join. The main reason behind this is because most associations are not keen on adopting low-rated gamers who will keep dragging them behind. 

The starting RBG rating for Private or Scout achievement is 1100 points and 1200 points for Grunt or Corporal achievement. Unless you have attained these basic level achievements and rating points, no one will risk bringing you onboard. 

With our help, however, obtaining these basic ratings is simple, rapid, and affordable, allowing you to blast into the PvP guild scene with a bang.

After buying the RBG rating boosting, we will deploy a team of qualified gamers to walk with you throughout the entire journey, and guide you in the battleground matches until you have reached your ideal rating. 

The good thing about our services is that they are highly customizable. You can choose to shoot straight towards improving your rating by avoiding unnecessary stuff like the PvP gear. This saves you time that would have otherwise been spent looking for suitable gear, allowing you to reach the high-rated level before your team members.

Get Your Wow Rating Boost Now

  • RBG Wins

Every RBG map is unique, and you will encounter rivers, bridges, fences, trees, cliffs, walls, and many other structures and obstacles on the battlefield.  And since all of them contribute to the complex matrix of the game, you need to have different real-time execution tactics. 

If you are playing blindly without any RBG raid tactics, you can be sure of two things…. At the very best, you will end up missing loots or failing your entire team at the very worst. Instead of playing with 9 random teammates. 

Besides, our professionals will help you receive different achievements such as In Service of the Horde, In Service of the Alliance, Veteran of the Alliance II, and Veteran of the Horde II. 

  • Hero of the Alliance 

Hero of the Alliance is one of the most coveted PvP rewards in the solar system. If you decide to purchase a Hero of the Alliance Boost, our team will ensure that you become among the top 0.05% players of the season!

  • Hero of the Horde 

AskBoosters will help you receive the unique “Hero of the Horde” title by picking a performer to help you clock a high rating on rated battlegrounds and become among the top 0.5% players in your region. 

  • PvP Coaching

With our coaching services, one of our top players will show you the mistakes you have been making in World of Warcraft and give you new nuggets for playing, allowing you to amend your playing style. You will also get to learn all the ins and outs of a real company, and enjoy all the benefits while at it.

Simply choose the number of hours you need to be trained by our professional players and they will help give you new perspectives on how to play better.

What They’re Saying About Us

Any company offering such services can claim to be leading in the industry or even say they offer top-notch services.

This is why it wouldn’t make sense if we didn’t show you someone who used our services and loved them.

Jin: Good price and excellent communication. Will be coming back.

Keane: Awesome leveling service. I ordered Scout Rating and the delivery was instant. 

Clay: Very reliable! I would recommend their services.

Kingston: Thanks coach Valeri for your excellent PvP training. 

Our Guarantees

There’s a reason why all of our customers have been with us since the first day. We give them services they can truly depend on and guarantee;

Spot on Services or Your Money Back

Unlike most boosting companies, we like to put our money where our mouth is. In this regard, we offer money-back guarantees to our customers when we fall short (Which rarely happens BTW).

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

We’re dead serious about offering uninterrupted services to our customers, and we guarantee 99.9% uptime of our website.

2-Hour Support Ticket Response Guarantee

Our technical support personnel is available 24/7 to handle all your queries. Our typical response time is within minutes, although it may take a maximum of 2 hours.

Price Freeze Guarantee

You can take comfort in knowing that our prices will never increase midway while processing your order.

How It Works

1. Click on Order Button

The first step towards ordering our services is to click on a button to order your service. Sometimes, we also give a first purchase discount.

2. Place Your Order

Scroll through our different services to select what you want. You can also communicate with one of our boosters using the contact form if you can’t find what you are looking for.

3. Payment

Once you have placed your order, pay, and cart out.

4. Play With Our Booster, or Watch Them Boost You

Once everything is settled, our booster will start working on your order within 30 minutes. If you have opted for the self-play package, we will need to be available on time.

5. Confirmation

Once ready, the order will be delivered and you will be required to confirm whether it was done to your specifications. If everything looks good, the booster gets paid.

6. Feedback

You will be prompted to leave an independent review for the booster’s job to ensure other players make the right choice in the future.

Order Your RBG Boost

Why Us?

100% Qualitative WoW RBG Boost Service

No matter the nature of your request, we at Askboosters are always ready to help. Our team of PvP players consists of high-skilled, experienced, and mature professionals who have reached the highest echelons of WoW. Immediately after placing your order, we will deploy a gamer whose area of specialization matches your order to ensure you get the desired results.

Zero Bots

For us, success is simply a matter of technology, and we have never (and will never) use bots or software to complete your order. All our order processing stages are handled by high-rated, battle-hardened RBG winners, who have been winning for many years.

Security is Our Priority

To maintain your anonymity and ensure the safety of your account, all our packages come with VPN protection. But VPN would mean nothing if your account were handled carelessly. All our boosters are thoroughly vetted and taken through thorough training, and you can rest assured that your account is handled the way you normally would.

24/7 Online Support

Our customer support representatives are always on standby to answer any of your questions.

Verified Feedback

To build trust with our customers and openly demonstrate the reliability of our services, we use third parties to review our services. Along with that, we allow customers to give individual boosters an independent review to help other players make better decisions in the future.

By partnering with Askboosters, you get an honest and high-quality character boost without spending a fortune. We are also committed to ensuring that our customers enjoy an exciting gaming experience and enjoy exciting bonuses while at it. 

Contact us now and experience a whole new level of WoW!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is RBG boost in WoW, and how it helps?

This is a carry service that helps the gamers to get their desired rating in World of Warcraft. If a player wants to purchase a boost, a professional booster will enter the account and play on their behalf. 

What happens after you have purchased WoW boosting?

Once the sale is completed, the booster starts working on that order within 30 minutes. After the job is over, you get an email confirmation, and if you are satisfied, you can give feedback. Only then will we provide payment to the booster for his WoW rbg boost us guidance.

Is World of Warcraft RBG carry worth it?

If you are very busy and don’t have time to play WoW, our boosting services help you out. There are risks behind that, as your account can get banned as it is being used from many IP addresses. That is why we encourage self-play so that the IP address is not altered. 

How should you use the RBG WoW boost?

Since you are the customer, only you know what you want to achieve. Just tell your current rating and the rating you wish to reach to. After the payment, the pro-booster’s login to the account and start working on it till you achieve the level you want to.

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