How to Get Malfeasance: Step-By-Step Guide

February 1, 2024

Everyone is obsessed with Malfeasance. Bungie has augmented this gun during the Season of the Deep, giving it a potent catalyst. It’s also easy to obtain after 2018.
For these reasons, a Malfeasance hand cannon is a top priority for guardians. Don’t have it yet? This article will explain how to get Malfeasance in Destiny 2 and its catalyst step-by-step. We start!

Malfeasance Overview

Malfeasance is an accurate hand cannon with several unique perks. One of them is Explosive Shadow. It enables Malfeasance’s shots to inflict slugs upon your enemies.
Once these nasty creatures are stuck in your foes, they’ll damage them 5 times over a short period. This feature is good for PvP and PvE. When you shoot 70% health players with Malfeasance, its DoT (Damage over Time) finishes your foes off. Thus, you don’t have to land another bullet.
Explosive Shadow is also effective against computer-driven opponents, drastically increasing your DPS. Plus, it enables new playstyles. For instance, you can inflict an enemy with slugs and switch to your heavy weapon for a crushing blow. Do this repeatedly.
The second unique Malfeasance perk is the Taken Predator. It makes a hand cannon damage Taken foes and Gambit invaders extra. Thus, Malfeasance is vital to raise your effectiveness in PvE activities inhabited by Taken and Gambits.
There’s also a catalyst for Malfeasance. It gives it a Vaporal Weapon perk, increasing its damage to bosses, vehicles, and Guardians with their super active. These are just good overall DPS buffs.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Acquiring Malfeasance in Destiny 2

Answering “how to get the Malfeasance,” it’s convenient to divide the answer into 4 steps. Each resembles a quest stage. But before you follow a further guide, ensure you own a Forsaken Pack, which is necessary to unlock the Malfeasance quest.

Defeating the Primeval: Starting the Quest

You start with receiving a “Light and Darkness” quest. To do it, you must win a Gambit match by defeating a Primeval at the end of it. Never done it?
Start with completing a “Guardian Rises” quest. Then, you will receive a “Spark of Hope” quest, which rewards you with a Riskrunner SMG. Once it’s completed, go to the Drifter in the Tower. Accept his “Quid Pro Duo” quest, open your destinations menu, and you should be able to launch a Gambit.
Gambit mixes PvE and PvP. You complete a dungeon in a group, but other players may randomly invade you. So watch your backs.
If you ever lose a “Light and Darkness” quest or want to pick it up on another character, visit a quest kiosk in a Tower. The quest waits for you there.

The Dreaming City Quest Step: Exploration and Challenges

Next, the quest sends you to Drifter. He will request that you defeat 25 Taken bosses/mini-bosses, which is better to do in the Dreaming City. Specifically, go to Aphilion’s Rest.
Take a Divalian Mists teleport, head to the boss, and finish him. Afterward, exit and let the zone refresh. Repeat the process until this quest stage is complete.
To speed this stage up, use speed boosts to travel to the boss quicker. We also recommend playing arc builds. This element deals the most damage to Taken enemies, simplifying an encounter.

The Corrupted Strike: Killing a Taken Boss

This quest stage takes you to Rheasilvia, where you must complete a variant of the corrupted strike. It’s pretty challenging. Even though it requires a 1,600 light level, some 1,800 guardians struggle here.
Anyway, this strike starts as a regular encounter. You pave your way through the dungeon, killing two mini-ogre bosses and many shriekers. But next, it changes.
The guidelines will take you to the secret section of the strike, where you must kill a Taken boss. Be careful with him. His damage isn’t too big, but he has a substantial health pool.
Moreover, you fight him in a steep arena. So be careful not to fall off it after one of the boss’s jostles.

Gambit Matches: Collecting Motes and Winning Strategies

Go back to the tower and talk to Drifter. He’ll give you a “Darkness in the Light” quest, which suggests you win 10 Gambits and deposit 500 Motes of Dark. There’s a trick here.
If you die with a Motes in a Gambit, that exact number of Motes is deducted from the progression. So, focus on depositing them quickly. If you don’t know, you can do that near large containers with white energy.

The Final Challenge: Dealing with Gambit Invader

We congratulate you if you’ve come this far. Now’s the toughest part. The final stage of the quest asks you to kill 25 guardians in the Gambit. You also must invade during the Gambit to kill the entire enemy’s team or let your teammates invade and wipe the opposing team 3 times.
Completing the first part of the quest requires you to last-hit opponents. But don’t play dirty here – damage your foes. However, when their HP drops, hold your trigger and try to time the last shot.
To complete the second part of the quest, you should get the confidence to invade and slay the enemy team. It can be very challenging for inexperienced PvP players. If that’s you, try to talk your team into slaying the enemies several times for you.
When both parts of the quest are done, visit a Tower. The Drifter is waiting to reward you with a powerful Malfeasance hand cannon.
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Unlocking the Malfeasance Catalyst

Now your question is, “how to get a Malfeasance catalyst?” isn’t it? We got you. Once you own a Malfeasance, its catalyst becomes a potential drop from Gambits, Crucibles, or any Vanguard activities. Farm these.
Based on our experience, low-level Nightfalls are the best option. Almost any guardian can complete them quickly and doesn’t need a team. On average, you need 10 – 15 runs.
Next, you must activate your catalyst by killing 700 enemies with Malfeasance. It should be easy. To complete that, just equip Malfeasance and use it as your primary weapon. However, if you want to get your catalyst going the quickest, hit a Shuro Chi checkpoint in the Last Wish raid. It will deliver you hundreds of squishy foes.
Again, if you aren’t up to farming yourself, don’t fret to ask boosters for help. For instance, you can try Leprestore. Click it now to read its brief review and know if it suits you.

Evaluating Malfeasance’s Effectiveness in PvP

Indeed, Malfeasance is a fantastic weapon for PvP. With its slugs, it almost deals double damage for a single landed shot. It’s convenient to finish off low-health enemies.
However, the full slug effectiveness and the overall damage of the weapon peak against Gambit invaders. It’s thanks to the Taken Predator perk. The cannon’s damage will overclock completely when the enemy players use a super ability. You kill them with a few shots.
Besides these unique perks, Malfeasance has just excellent PvP stats. One of the most important ones is 80 reload speed. It lets you quickly empty the gun’s barrel and output your 78 impact bullets with little break.

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Final Words: Is Malfeasance Worth It?

Once you know how to get Malfeasance 2023, you might feel repulsive towards farming it. But believe us, this grind is worth it. Moreover, the only challenging part of the quest is its last stage.
And remember, if you can’t complete any of the farming stages, contact boosters. They’re Destiny 2 pros. Thus, they’ll log into your account and get you a weapon in around a day.
That’s how you can boost any game. So, you can also purchase a Lost Ark gold, Liyue Genshin Impact completion, or any other gaming help.


Now, how to get a Malfeasance in Destiny 2 is not a secret. What’s left is to follow a 5-step guide we provided, and the gun will be yours in a few days. And don’t forget about a catalyst. Ensure you farm it immediately to give your Malfeasance a good damage boost.

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