How to Get Vexcalibur in Destiny 2: Vexcalibur God Roll and Catalyst Explained

October 28, 2023

Do you want a Vexcalibur in D2? You’ll have to go through a long grind! But once this glaive is in your hands, you’ll be impressed with its capabilities.
Vexcalibur deals chunks of damage with its melee stab and energy shots. Moreover, it shields your allies. It enables this weapon for some interesting, defense-oriented support builds.
Today’s guide will explain entirely how to get Vex Caliber. And then, based on our experience, we’ll reveal its best builds and how to get Vexcalibur catalysts. Aren’t you up for a lingering grind?
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Is Vexcalibur Good?

First, you should understand that the Vexcalibur is a support weapon. Its main feature is sharing an overshield. You do it when you block any damage when wielding a glaive.
It’s powerful in raids. Once you’ve blocked a projectile in it with Vex, you’ll give many additional shield points to your mates. They’ll worship you.
Luckily, this feature is easy to utilize. Thanks to the “M1R Distribution Matrix” perk (which gives overshields), equipping Vexcalibur gives you a quick-draining shield. There is also a significant “Perpetual Loophole” perk.
It gives you additional stab damage when you have a shield. As a result, glaive’s melee hits for 13 – 16k. Or, you can use an alternative, ranged attack, which fires four energy blasts, each dealing 4 – 5k damage.
As you craft Vexcalibur at the Enclave, you can change its rolls. Vexcalibur god rolls are:

  • Haft for a shield duration and reduced reload speed;
  • Magazine for the increased size and range;
  • Stock for the greatly increased healing speed.

That’s an optimal PvE setup. But if you want to play the glaive in PvP, consider getting healing boosts on haft and magazine.

How to Get Vexcalibur

Before we break down how to get Vexcalibur, you should know its quest starts secretly. So you’ll have no indications on the map or quest log.
The first thing to do is to head to the European Dead Zone. When you’re in, visit The Gulch.

European Dead Zone
This little area has 6 clots of vex energy. You must collect them. Once you grab the first one, a 30-second timer starts. You must grab the next clot in this timer. Then, it resets.
Once you get all 6 clots, you’ll get a full Simulated Cave Access Code message. Where’s the cave? Under the huge vex energy hole.

Simulated Cave Access Code
Proceed under it, and you’ll see a pretty narrow cave down the road. That’s where you must descend. Deep within a cave, you’ll find an energy field and a harpy. Talk to the drone and accept a NODE.OVRD.AVALON exotic mission.
Next, enter the field to start the mission. You’ll face a maze. To escape it, follow the vex waterfall and watch for the wall breaches. You can squeeze in one of them. That’s where you should go.

Get Vexcalibur in Destiny 2
The following stage will take you to your first encounter. You’ll be in the arena with constantly spawning mobs and the totem inside. It’s the key. You must use it to enter the access codes.
To do it, watch for the sets of figures around. You must shoot the corresponding figures in the totem from top to bottom to activate the code. Do it 3 times.

Vexcalibur God Roll
Then, there are a few more code areas. When you complete them, you’ll have to pass a jumping puzzle. After that, there is a new arena.
Here, you should kill the headless vex minions and loot purple triangles off them. These are the data pieces. Store it in the arena’s center within a given time and jump into the hole under it. When the timer runs out, you’re teleported to the next encounter.

Catalyst Explained
Here, collect data once again. But in the end, you must kill a boss: Data Nullifier. Then, there is another jumping puzzle. When completed, the game will depart you to the final set of arenas where you must kill the boss 3 times.
At the end, interact with a glaive near the vex torrent. Now, you can go to the war table and finish the quest. That’s how to get Vexcalibur Destiny 2.
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How to Unlock Vexcalibur Catalyst

Once you get and level the glaive, a logical question is, “How to get Vexcalibur Catalyst?” Well, there are 3 of them. Each is a reward for the subsequent completion of the Avalon quest. Yes, the same one you did for a glaive itself.
But note that you can do just 1 quest per week. So, you need 4 weeks to get the glaive and all its catalysts.

How to Use Vexcalibur 

Drawing onto Vexcalibur’s benefits we’ve discussed, the glaive is best as a support weapon in raids. You’ll become the shield of your allies. To take on this role most effectively, level Vexcalibur, equip Feedback Refit catalyst (gives you ammo on a block), and protect your team from projectiles. It will save their health and give them an extra shield.

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Vexcalibur is an excellent weapon choice. It works perfectly if you want a shielding support weapon capable of outputting damage. However, this glaive is quite tricky to get.
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