Diablo 4 Leveling Guide: Fastest Way to Level D4 Character to 100

January 3, 2024

What’s the most satisfying part about Diablo 4? Reaching an end-game. When you’re at level 100, the game unfolds its best content, rewarding you with the strongest items. But how do you get there?
Beginners rarely opt for the fastest way to level in Diablo 4, as they don’t know the game well. We’re about to fix that. On this page, we’ll explain everything you must know about Diablo 4 leveling, providing tips on how to get to 100 the quickest. Let’s start!

What is the Maximum Level in Diablo 4?

Diablo leveling is divided into two stages. The first is getting your initial 50 levels, commonly during the main quest line. But there are also 50 paragon tree levels. They will let you take Paragon Nodes to prepare your character for end-game grinds.
How much do you need to reach level 100? On average, it’s 100 hours. However, following this guide might speed up this process, saving 5 – 10 hours.

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Max Paragon Level and Its Impact

After reaching 50, your character is still pretty weak. He lacks attributes. Naturally, you want to get them from the Paragon Tree.
These are armor, armor penetration, potency, resistance, life,  life, and damage. How much of these you get depends on the Paragon tree you pick: Vanquisher, Survivor, Treasure Hunter, Gladiator, Soldier, Mastermind, Massacre, Brawler, and Duelist. Soon, we’ll explain how you level them.

Comprehensive Guide to Leveling Up in Diablo 4

Leveling from 1 – 50 and 50 – 100 is entirely different. So, let’s look at them separately and teach you techniques to get to the 100 the quickest.

Leveling Up from 1 to 50: Strategies and Tips

Have you completed a campaign on any character already? If not, you must do it. It will easily get your first character to level 50, engaging you in a good story.
The story quest is marked with a yellow exclamation mark. When completing it, you can ignore all the side quests (marked in blue) for a Diablo 4 fast leveling. However, this will cause you to miss items and renown progress. So, if you’re not in a rush, take your time to complete side activities (quests, events, dungeons) and unlock waypoints (progresses renown).
Based on our experience, it’s better to do side activities after Act 4. It’s when the main story rewards you with a mount, drastically speeding up the process.

Leveling Your Second Character

Once you have done a story, you get a new leveling option. When you create a new character, you can choose a “Skip Campaign” and start the playthrough at World Tier 2.
Now, visit a Lilith Statue in Kyovashad and complete an area dungeon; repeat this until your renown is at stage 3. Now, go to the second region. Do the same thing here and proceed to the following region, eventually reaching level 50.
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Accelerating from Level 50 to 100: Advanced Techniques

After 50, you can’t access a main story quest. It’s just over. So, you’ll have to engage in different instances, which is technically an end game.
You have a few options here. We recommend you start with Tree of Whispers. It’s a system that rewards you with legendaries and sacred items for 10 Grim Favor (per tree).
First, you must gain Grim Favor. You do it by completing dungeons you haven’t done yet (they will be marked “Grim Favor”). You get 5 Favor per dungeon.
You can track the amount of your Grim Favor in the meter at the bottom of your interface. Once you have 10, go to the Tree of Whispers for rewards.
Tree of Whispers is an incredible way of leveling from 50 to 100, as it also gives you better items. But you can’t get off with it alone.
You also must implement Nightmare Dungeons in your routine. They are classified into levels. You can count them through the complicated formula, but it’s unnecessary. Just know that at Nightmare Dungeon level 1, monsters are level 55.
Level 50 characters easily deal with Nightmare Dungeon level 1, even with a weak gear. However, if it’s too difficult, grind Tree of Whispers. Once you get several items and Paragon skills, completing Nightmare Dungeons should get easier.
If you’re too strong for Nightmare Dungeons 1, raise their levels. Remember that the higher the level of the Nightmare Dungeon you complete, the more experience you receive.
When you get to 60, raise your World Tier to 4. You can again complete dungeons to receive fresh Grim Favor for Tree of Whispers rewards. Next, you stay in Nightmare Dungeons. Gradually increase their level with your character development, and you’ll eventually reach 100.

Seasonal Leveling in Diablo 4: A Detailed Look

Every 3 months, Diablo 4 introduces a new season. It adds new content, altering how you reach the Diablo 4 max level and play the end game. Let’s see how it works.

Differences Between Seasonal and Non-Seasonal Characters

To capitalize on seasonal leveling mechanics, create a seasonal character. It will unlock a unique quest line. For completing it, you’ll receive amplifiers unavailable in non-seasonal playing.
For instance, current Season 2 features a vampiric powers gimmick. You get them for completing a quest. It starts in Ked Bardu and lasts throughout your leveling.

Optimizing Seasonal Leveling: Methods and Dungeons

If you want to create a seasonal Diablo 4 character, ensure you complete a seasonal quest. If not, you’re missing a lot of stats. But merely completing a quest isn’t enough to gain all the available power.
For instance, in season 2, you must do blood harvests. Those are events you enter through towns to stack your new vampiric passives. They will grant you extra damage, survivability, life leech (sure, you’re a vampire), and more.

Seasonal XP Farming Speed: Latest Updates and Strategies

Completing blood harvests not only improves your vampiric powers. It also gives you experience and Grim Favor. Thus, if you play a seasonal character, completing blood harvests (or any other event of your season) is vital.
But don’t make them your primary occupation. It’s better to spend most of your time in the most experience-prolific spots: Capstone and Nightmare Dungeons.

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Efficient XP Farming in Diablo 4

As you might have noticed, you can approach leveling in Diablo 4 differently. But what works best? Let’s compare different leveling methods and list where you can utilize them.

Solo vs Group Leveling: What Works Best?

It depends. If you’re leveling your first character, going solo is much better. It allows you to embrace a game’s story and atmosphere so you know what stands behind your grind.
When you’re in a group, you focus on your pal. You’ll probably be on some voice channel, discussing the game and other stuff. Many like that kind of gameplay. And if you’ve already completed a story or don’t care about it, opt for it!
Moreover, group leveling is quicker. You’ll complete all the encounters faster and dash through quests.

Identifying the Best Leveling Areas and Activities

Again, the main story is best for Diablo 4 beginners. In other cases, raising your world tier and farming Capstone Dungeons is better until you are 50 (we described it in the Diablo 4 leveling guide previously). Then, stick with Tree of Whisper and Nightmare Dungeons.

Additional XP Sources and How to Utilize Them

Any side activities reward you with extra experience. Should you do them? If you want to pack your new character with resources and raise renown, yes. But they won’t get you to 50/100 the quickest.

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Advanced Power Leveling Tips and Tricks in Diablo 4

It might sound too good, but you can skip the entire 1 – 50 routine. It’s called power leveling. Let’s see what it is and how you can apply it.

Understanding the Concept of Power Leveling

The secret of power leveling is in assistance. You employ stronger players (50+ levels) to clear content for you. As this content (dungeons, champion’s demise, etc.) is immensely difficult, you’ll receive loads of experience, making your level grow fast.

Effective Power Leveling Strategies for Diablo 4

Power leveling requires a 50+ friend. Create a character and invite your friend into a group. Now, you go to the Cathedral of Light capstone dungeon in Kyovashad and let your friend clear it.
In turn, you just stand at the dungeon entrance. This instance has an unlimited range for sharing the experience, so your level will skyrocket to 11. Next, you must switch to World Tier 3 by visiting the World Tier statue in Kyovashad and accepting a corresponding quest.
Now go to any capstone dungeon WT3 and grind until you can raise your world to tier 4 (+200% experience gained). Do it. Finally, ask your friend to go to the Champion’s Demise and teleport to him. Ask your pal to complete this instance until your level reaches 50.
Don’t have a friend to level you? Try to find a player in a global chat or your guild (if you’re in one) and make a deal with him. Offer him that you both will level a character for one another.
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Class-Specific Leveling Guides

You should also know that leveling differs based on your class. We will recommend playstyle and the best leveling skills for each class.


For a Rouge, there are several efficient skills to base a leveling build on:

  • Rapid Fire and Flurry;
  • Twisting Blades;
  • Penetrating Shot.

When using these, remember about your class mechanics like combo points (more damage based on CP number), inner sight (mark an enemy, attack him, receive an unlimited energy meter), and preparation (decrease the cooldown of your ultimate for 100 energy).


Leveling this melee powerhouse with a Hammer of the Ancients skill is the most comfortable. The barbarian’s class feature is assigning weapons for skills. For instance, you can assign a two-handed mace to the Hammer of the Ancients, giving it a 1% chance to gain 2 additional fury on hit.


Chain Lightning is a king when it comes to leveling sorcerers. You can combine it with an Arc Lash for extra AoE damage and Frost Nova for control.
A sorcerer’s class mechanic, Enchantment Slots, is unlocked after completing the “Legacy of the Magi” quest you receive at level 15. Ensure to do it. It will let you modify your skills, enabling them to deal extra damage and stun opponents.


If you prefer lightning skills, pick Storm Strike, and earth element enthusiasts should choose Landslide. Lazy to press skills? Try a companion build with Wolves and Poison Creeper abilities.
The druid’s class mechanic features boons. You can equip 5 of 16 available boons to increase your life, gain thorns, improve attack speed, etc.


Currently, Bone Spear and Blood Surge are powerhouses for leveling as Necromancer. Focus on one of those skills. Also, don’t forget your Book of the Dead, which you get at level 5. It allows you to customize your minion army and command how they will behave in combat (protect you, go aggressive, etc.)

Paragon Leveling in Diablo 4

The final Diablo 4 leveling mechanic left to explore is a Paragon Tree. It’s a customizable board of passives you can pick up after level 50. Let’s see how it works.

Exploring the Paragon Level Cap and Points System

Each level above 50 gives you 4 paragon points. Thus, you can get 200 points in total if you reach level 100. Each point is spent to take nodes on a Paragon Board. You start from the bottom of the board and pave your way to the top, transferring into other boards with unique nodes.

Strategies for Efficient Paragon Board Leveling

Initially, Paragon Boards have many irrelevant stats. You can change it with Glyphs. They are placed in the socket in the middle of the Paragon Board to substitute nodes’ buffs.
Glyphs are a key to successful Paragon leveling. They will start dropping from enemies after you reach level 50 and unlock your Paragon Board. Your task is to find Glyphs with relevant buffs. If you can’t get them as drops, look for some at the auction house.

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Even beginners comprehend Diablo 4 leveling. Still, there are many tricks to it that enable you to get max Diablo 4 skill points the quickest. You know them now.
We’ve just taught you multiple methods for leveling 1 – 50 and 50 – 100. Choose whatever suits you. We promise that following them will get you to the desired level faster than expected.
Do you find this page helpful? See our other guides to know how to get Malfeasance in Destiny 2, WoW leveling methods, Overwatch tier list, and more.

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