CoD Skeleton Key Farming: Full Guide With Tips on Effective Application

February 27, 2024

In CoD DMZ, you face lots of locked doors. They require keycards. The problem is that these doors are opened with specific cards, which you do not always have.
Skeleton Key solves the issue. It’s a universal key that opens any CoD DMZ door. In today’s page, we’ll teach you how to get Skeleton Key in DMZ and its application tips. Let’s start!

How Does a Skeleton Key Work?

They simply open any door in the game. Keys might have multiple uses based on the location you’ve obtained them in.
You also need a CoD Skeleton Key for the redacted tier 2 mission. Once completed, it will reward you with a bunch of experience and a boost/weapon.

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Where to Get Skeleton Keys

There are 3 best ways to get a Skeleton Key, featuring the following locations:

  • Al Mazrah gives you a 3-use key for x1 GPU. The common place to find GPUs on this map is a police station and a police academy. Just loot PCs there. Alternatively, you can drop (the only way to access it) into the crypto mining factory in the Sunken Village and find a GPU with a higher chance;
  • Ashika Island gives you a 1-use key for x1 Cassette Recorder, x1 Vintage Wine, and x1 Encrypted Hard Drive. These items are quite common. You can find a Cassette Recorder in supermarkets and shops, Vintage Wine in Hotel Room 302, the kitchen of Burger Town, warehouses of Sharif Bay, the basement of Tsuki Castle, or one of the tunnels of the Underground Waterway, and the Encrypted Hard Drive might spawn in banks, police buildings, chemical storage, etc.;
  • Building 21 (available only on weekends) gives you a 2-use key for x3 Encrypted Hard Drive. Look for them inside Building 21. It accommodates tens of PCs, and each of them might have an Encrypted Hard Drive. You should get up to 6 per run.

Once you have the mentioned resources to purchase an MW2 Skeleton Key, visit a buy station. Order a key from it.
You can also receive a Skeleton Key as a rare drop from NPCs around the maps. But don’t rely on that. The chances are below 1%, which makes it unsuitable for farming.
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Best Strategies for Farming Skeleton Keys

skeleton key farmingAll 3 locations with keys are dangerous. There are 2 ways to nail them, and the first one implies a group. It’s much easier to intrude in Building 21 or Tsuki Castle on Ashika Island in a team.
What if you don’t have a team? Go naked! Although it sounds like a joke, it really isn’t. Without loot, you have nothing to lose and can boldly camp a player by smacking them in the back and performing a finisher. A dark Building 21 suits best for that.
Next, loot your prey. Commonly, his gear will be enough to stay relatively safe inside a map. With survivability covered, just run to the loot. When you get it, buy the desired keys and exfil from the raid.

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How to Use Skeleton Keys Effectively

As you know where to find skeleton keys now, you should understand how valuable they are. You must apply them smartly. We can’t recommend the best place to use Skeleton Key DMZ.

However, there are several things to consider. Before going out to apply a key, ensure you are loaded with:

  • Good armor and many armor plates;
  • Reliable weapon that you’re good at;
  • Wide storage to hoard as many expensive items from behind locked doors.

When you enter DMZ, don’t get distracted. Remember that you are here for a locked room and its loot – go straight to it. Of course, you must learn where the room is in advance.

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Everyone needs a Skeleton Key. It is a universal tool that, if used carefully, will fill our pockets with expensive loot. You know how to get it now.
Choose between 3 locations and attend farming enough key resources. You might fail. But this only means that you should try another map or tactic.
Don’t want to do it? Get boosted! You can also buy a CoD MW2 bundle, weapon skins, level boost, buy GTA 5 money, and many other services. We also have a helpful “Guides” page. It’s full of articles similar to this one, explaining how to get chaos orbs in PoE, tier lists for different games, currency farming methods in WoW, etc.

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