How to Get Damascus Camo Fast

July 28, 2023

Amidst the Covid-19 lockdowns, Modern Warfare has become a savior for gamers, providing them an escape and a source of sanity. Many players have dedicated extensive hours to progress through battle pass tiers or enhance their gaming skills. However, the Damascus Camo is perfect for you if you are after an added challenge.
Below, discover the step-by-step approach on how to unlock Damascus Camo in Modern Warfare.

Get Damascus Camo in CoD

What is Damascus Camo? And Why is It So Prestigious?

COD Mobile introduced the highly anticipated Damascus camos in October 2020. It is among the coveted mastery camos featured in the Completionist set of camos within the game.
The immense popularity of the Damascus camo becomes evident when considering the tremendous efforts players had to undertake to acquire it in the 2019 edition of Modern Warfare. And as Season 1 approaches its conclusion, users have been generously rewarded with various blueprints and customization choices during their gameplay.

Unlocking Damascus

How to Unlock Camos in Modern Warfare?

So how to get Damascus Camo Modern Warfare without much trouble? You must achieve the gold camo for every usable weapon in the game. This covers all primary weapons, such as

  • Snipers;
  • Marksman Rifles;
  • Shotguns;
  • Assault Rifles;

as well as all secondary weapons, including Launchers, Pistols, and Melee.

Based on our observations, each weapon has ten different categories of challenges that have to be accomplished to unlock these camos.

Detailed Steps to Unlock Damascus Camo in Modern Warfare

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to get Damascus camos fast.

#1 Level Up Your Weapons

Begin your journey by engaging in multiplayer matches and advancing the levels of your weapons. The Damascus camo can only be obtained by achieving Gold camo for each weapon within a specific class.

#2 Finish All Weapon Missions

To unlock the Gold camo for a weapon, you should accomplish all the missions associated with that particular weapon in its respective class. This implies that you must achieve Gold camo for every shotgun, submachine gun, assault rifle, and other weapon within their specific classes.

#3 Move On to The Next Weapon Class

Have you already unlocked Gold Camo for all the weapons in a class? Then you can move on to the next weapon class and repeat the process. You need to accomplish the challenges for all the weapon classes to obtain Damascus camo. You can also use boosting in COD to move on faster.

#4 Check Your Progress

Relying on our experience, we recommend you check your progress and track the challenges for faster results. These are available in the “Barracks” section in the multiplayer menu. Here, you can view the challenges for each weapon and track your progress towards acquiring Gold Camo. Warzone boosting is also a good option.

Tips and Tricks to Speed Up the Damascus Unlocking Process

If you want some valuable tips and tricks on how to get Damascus camo MW, check out the strategies below that we advise based on our own experience.

  • Save one of your preferred firearms for the final stages of the journey. By strategically spacing out the usage of your favorite weapons, you can maintain momentum and avoid burning out during the challenging pursuit of unlocking the Damascus Camo in CDL MW2.
  • During your quest, consider equipping a melee weapon as your secondary choice. Utilizing a knife or riot shield as a supporting weapon allows you to work on completing challenges for that specific weapon simultaneously.
  • To optimize your progress, tackle the most challenging tasks first. Avoid prioritizing tasks such as “Overall kills” since these will naturally progress as you work on other challenges.
  • The next tip on how to get Damascus is to choose a game mode that suits your objectives. Focus on catching opponents heading towards objectives to swiftly accomplish these tasks.

You can also use a reputable game boost service to enhance your gameplay. But is Kboosting legit? If this is a question you wonder about, rest assured that it won’t harm you.

Buy Damascus Camo


As you can see, there are many essential ways on how to get Damascus Camo and not get stuck in one level. What is more important is not to stress too much about getting higher ranks like Brawl Stars Rank and jumping through various ranks. Instead, try to enjoy the process and have fun during the gameplay.
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