How to Prestige in MW2 – Tips and Strategies

September 26, 2023

The Call of Duty: MW2 is a first-person shooter game that has made its appearance in 2022. Since that very moment, it has started to generate quite a buzz among veteran gamers. Just like its previous version, this game takes place in a contemporary and realistic world.
The campaign revolves around the fearless Mexican Special Forces unit Los Vaqueros and the unit Task Force 141 of the British special forces on a mission to hunt down the notorious terrorist Hassan Zyani and the Iranian Quds Force major. Thus, as the latest version in the Call of Duty franchise continues to dominate the Steam charts, it’s no surprise that gamers might be looking for guidance in various aspects of the game. And one of those aspects is, without any doubt, the Prestige system.
That’s why, based on our extensive experience in the field, we have gathered together all the details and tips you need to know about MW2 Prestige. So, if you want to find out how to prestige in MW2 and the secrets behind it, keep on reading.

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About Prestige in MW2

Before diving into the main topic and learning how to prestige on MW2, let’s first understand what it is all about.
In Modern Warfare 2, the Prestige system steps in right after you climb the ranks and reach the highest Rank, 55. From there, you will obtain a fresh Prestige Rank after every 50 levels beyond that initial rank.
The good part here is that each Prestige Rank comes with its own unique Emblem as well as triggering challenges that open the door to Calling Cards. In addition, the maximum Prestige Rank keeps on climbing with each new season release, thus uncovering an even more interesting journey for players who manage to reach the top.

How to Prestige in MW2

MW2 Prestige System Explained

Once you hit Rank 56 in CoD: MW2, you can officially enter the prestigious league and start with level 1. However, your overall level stays intact, and to get those Prestige ranks, you will need to continue playing matches until you get Rank 56.

Season 1 comes with five distinctive Prestige levels. Here, let’s look at how the system works in general and how to prestige on Modern Warfare 2 based on the levels.

Prestige 1 Accessed at Rank 56
Prestige 2 Accessed at Rank 100
Prestige 3 Accessed at Rank 150
Prestige 4 Accessed at Rank 200
Prestige 4 Accessed at Rank 250

The most exciting part here is that your levels in Season 1 don’t vanish into thin air once it is completed. Instead, they stay with you and continue leveling up in the following seasons as well, with higher-level caps.

How to Prestige in MW2

As we have already gotten acquainted with the basics, now it’s time to learn how to prestige in MW.
In MW2 how to prestige and move up in your ranks is all about taking your weapon to the next level. And you get that prestige mark once your weapon reaches Rank 56 through playing and winning matches that will bring you XP.
In MW2, the greatest change is that once you pass the Rank 55, your Prestige Rank doesn’t reset and tags along season after season.
Overall, the prestiging process starts right after you hit Rank 56 – you automatically walk through the doors of Prestige 1 territory. Here, you will earn a unique emblem, some additional special rewards, and a bunch of challenges that will walk you toward an exclusive calling card.
In addition, in Season 1, you have the opportunity to climb even higher and reach up to Prestige 5.
When it comes to Season 2, the question of how do you prestige in Modern Warfare 2 still remains quite common among gamers. The most important thing to know here is that in season 2, the maximum rank you can achieve is 450. The other levels cover:

  • Prestige 6 – Accessed at Level 300;
  • Prestige 7 – Accessed at the Level 350;
  • Prestige 8 – Accessed at the Level 400;
  • Prestige 9 – Accessed at the Level 400.

These new ranks come with new unique icons that display beside your name on your player card. And to give you more exciting emotions, each rank comes with a fresh set of challenges you need to complete, all in exchange for some new Calling Cards.

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How To Level Up Fast In MW2

Similar to other video games and their weapons and features like D2 Touch of Malice, WoW Classic Hardcore, The Last Wish Raid, etc., getting the Prestige is not enough for successful gameplay. You also need to level up to keep your progress.
The easiest way to level up faster is by taking part in the Daily Challenges. Typically, you will get three of them each day. Once you complete these challenges, you will also get access to the fourth one that will bring you 3x XP.
Also, don’t forget about the Daily Challenges in Spec Ops. They will get you a set of XP and reset it every 24 hours.
However, if you don’t want to spend hours on these challenges and wish to shorten your way to success, you can get help from services specialized in boosting video games. Simply make a request, “How do I prestige in MW2 quickly?” and the professional team will get back to you with a suitable solution. Here, apart from MW2 Prestige, you can also purchase Dota 2 Boost, enhance your D4 account, or order R6 Boosting.


In a nutshell, these are all the ways and details you should know about Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 How to Prestige. Just follow the steps described above, elevate your gameplay, and move up the levels as quickly as you can.

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