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February 25, 2024

Do you want more chaos orbs in PoE? It’s not surprising, considering you can buy anything with these little golden tokens. We know where to get them. On this page, we explain how to get PoE chaos orbs, including your character requirements and farming methods. Let’s start!

Essential Tools and Skills You Need Before Farm

First, you need a build. If you’re asking how to farm orbs, you probably can’t yet assemble a strong build alone. Therefore, follow a guide. We’ll explain how to find a relevant build for your league in the next paragraph.
Now, you need a loot filter. It’s a PoE add-on that will block trash like low-level gray items from appearing in loot. To get it, visit https://www.filterblade.xyz/.
Sign into this site with your PoE account, go to “Save and Export,” name your filter, and add to your game by clicking “Sync or Download.” Now, restart your game. Once you log back, you’ll find you can set a loot filter in your UI settings.
Next, you need an Awakened PoE Trade. You can easily find it on GitHub, download it, and install it via exe file. When done, you can use it to check item prices. To do it, point your cursor at the item and press Ctrl + Alt + D.
Finally, orb farm requires a premium stash tab. You can commonly buy it for 30 coins ($3), but during promotions, the price drops to 20 coins ($20). The premium stash tab will unlock trading for you. We’ll explain how you can use it to farm hundreds of divines in the “Crafting and Trading” section.

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Best Characters or Builds For Orb Farming

orb farm guide

Those who want a cheap and capable orb farmer will like Detonate Dead builds. It features the Witch, Necromancer. Thanks to her Corpse Pact and Essence Glutton ascendancy nodes, she keeps foes constantly shocked and chilled and has amazing regen.
Now for the rich players. If you’ve accumulated tens or hundreds of divines, go with Tornado Shot Deadeye Ranger. This ascendancy will give you more projectiles and shot chains. In combination with a Headhunter and a mirror-tier crafted bow, these perks erase everything, even beyond your screen.
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Let’s get back to the topic. When you’re choosing a build, ensure it matches a current league. If a league mechanic implies mapping, your build should easily deal with packs of minions. Leagues can also be for bossing. When this is the case, your character must be capable of dealing a lot of single-target DPS.
How not to get lost among all this info? Use https://poe.ninja/. In the “Builds” section of this site, you may find a “Main Skills (5+ Links)” tag. Here, you’ll see what builds successful players use.

Best Farming Spots

If you’re just starting a league, farm PoE chaos orbs in Blood Aqueduct. It’s the first location in Act 9. The good part about it is that you can quickly run through it due to its weak foes and linear structure. As a reward, you’ll get a little pure currency. But more importantly, you’ll receive components for chaos recipes (do a quick research on them) and Tabula Rasa divination cards.
What’s next? Of course, you want to grind maps. The best ones for farming PoE currency are open-area maps like Dune, Jungle Valley, Cemetery, Burial Chambers, etc.
You’ll complete these maps quickly. Thus, you won’t have to run around clearing mob packs lost in corners. It improves your farming efficiency.

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Step-By-Step Guide on Effective Farming

Now, let’s take a look at how to get from being PoE broke to owning thousands of chaos:

  1. Do a research and pick a suitable build, as we’ve explained earlier;
  2. Go through acts without killing Kitava, collecting all the currency and chaos recipes (they drop from Act 9);
  3. Cap your resistances (considering a Kitava will -30% of them) and finish acts. You can get resistances by crafting them on your items or purchasing items from https://www.pathofexile.com/trade;
  4. Talk to Kirac and complete your first map;
  5. Install a map device in your hideout and start farming maps according to the tips we share on this page.

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Crafting and Trading

PoE is infamous for its crafting. Players blame developers for its randomness, which is totally fair. However, by choosing the right crafting tools, you can drastically reduce the role of chance in the process.
The best items in the game come from crafting. It’s not a surprise that you can sell perfectly rolled weapons or energy-shield pieces for over a mirror. So how do you get these?
First, you should learn which items are in demand. PoE Ninja will also help with it. Just browse through the most popular builds and see what common gear they use.
Next, choose a crafting method. As there are so many ways to tailor an item to your needs in PoE, this topic needs a separate article. But to give you a reference, you can use orbs, bestiary, harvest (this one is the most decent one), syndicate, crafting table, and any tools your league offers.
Then, you sell these items. And that’s what we needed a premium stash tab for. But it isn’t just for crafted items. You can also use a premium stash tab to sell expensive uniques, divination cards, oils, scarabs, delirium orbs, simulacrums, or anything else that has value. Remember that you can check it with Awakened PoE Trade.

Cheap Path of Exile Builds

Strategies to Increase Efficiency

The best way to farm chaos orbs through maps is to do what the community calls “juice your maps.” It means amplifying them. You can do it in the following ways:

  • Chisel – improve the quality and quality of your maps by up to +20% (use chisels on non-rare/non-magic maps for more value);
  • Sextans – apply exhaustible buffs to several maps, increasing their pack sizes, the quantity of items found, strongboxes number, etc.;
  • Master missions – capture unique beasts for Einhar, get crafting recipes and potentially strong items from Jun, unlock a Temple of Atzoatl with Alva, and farm amplified maps for free with Kirac (you can skip Niko if you don’t delve);
  • Atziri fragments – get +5% quantity by inputting up to 3 fragments with your map into a map device;
  • Map device modifiers – increase +8% quantity of items found in your map, infuse it with ghosts, etc.;
  • Scarabs – input up to 3 of them with your map into a map device for modifiers, similar to ones you get from sextants and map device. However, allow +3 of them.

These are just the general ways to juice your maps. You can also be more specific with your content, such as farming guardian-infused maps for bossing or completing delirious fungal growth maps for map clearing.

And finally, don’t forget to complete the map objectives. They require you to finish:

  • Magic maps for tier 1 – 5 (use an Orb of Augmentation);
  • Rare maps for tiers 6 – 10 (use an Orb of Alchemy);
  • Rare + corrupted maps for tiers 11- 16 (use an Orb of Alchemy + Vaal Orb).

You must complete an objective just once (you can check the map status in the map menu by pressing “G”). Each completed objective gives you a map tree skill point. Beginners shouldn’t focus on it much, as it gets completed if you do it along with min-maxing your character. Just copy someone’s tree.

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PoE offers endless farming possibilities. We hope that we’ve shed light on some of them with this Path of Exile currency farming guide. At least you now know where to start.
Don’t try to understand all at once. PoE has accumulated so much content over the years that it’s impossible for beginners. Discover the game consequently. Based on our testing, it’s better to start with building your character and slowly transitioning into PoE’s best places to farm. This guide explains it all.

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