D4 Paragon Tree Guide:
How it Works and Benefits Your Character

June 2, 2023

Diablo 4 is all about upgrading your character and moving on to more challenging content. But after level 50, you can’t get more skill tree points. What do you do then? The answer is: exploring a Paragon Tree.
It is the system letting your character grow past level 50+ stat and ability-wise. The maximum level you can get in Diablo 4 is 100. And per each one (50+ only), you’ll receive 4 Paragon Tree points. Hence, when you reach 100, you will possess 200 Paragon points.
Paragon points are applied to Paragon Boards. They are like skill trees. But they are much bigger and have many development options. You’ll start using your Paragon points in the middle of the board and move to its edges. And when reaching them, you can unlock another board and take nodes in it.
But what do you do with these points? How do they benefit your character? And what is the optimal way to use them? This guide will answer all these vital questions.

D4 Paragon Tree Guide

Benefits of the D4 Paragon Tree

D4 Paragon Tree makes your character stronger in many ways. The first one is through stats. You’ll get plenty of them from normal board tiles (read more about tile types next). Each stat gives various bonuses. Hence, dexterity increases the dodge chance. While strength gives armor to any class.
Moreover, these stats also give unique benefits to certain classes. For instance, in addition to armor, Barbarian will get + 0.1% skill damage per strength. While dexterity gives the same + 0.1% skill damage for rogues.
In addition to primary attributes, Paragon Tree is also capable of upgrading your other stats. Such include weapon damage, attack speed, critical chance/damage, damage to close/distant enemies,  fire/cold/physical damage, vulnerable damage, and overpower damage. And there is also a list of defensive stats to be enhanced, like life, damage reduction, resistance, dodge chance, healing, etc.
Finally, some of the rarest tree tiles will unlock legendary powers. They can completely twist how you play your class, changing its key abilities. And it is vital, as it unlocks many end-games builds.
Altogether, these upgrades will prepare your D4 character for the final game encounters. They will raise your DPS and survivability. So you are enough to beat final bosses and loot expensive items.

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Exploring Paragon Tree Nodes

Your first step to attending Paragon Tree starts when you hit level 50. From that point, you must complete sanctuary quests, instances, and challenges. This will give you an experience flow, allowing you to hit new levels.

At each level, you’ll get 4 skill points that you can spend on the following nodes:

  • Normal Tiles. These are the smallest nodes, giving you a +5 general stat bonus (strength, dexterity, intelligence, and willpower). Normal tiles are essential to take, and they are a majority on the board;
  • Magic Tiles. These nodes are found in clusters and give more potent benefits. They increase other non-general stats, making more impact on your build;
  • Rare Tiles. There are a total of six rare tiles per board. They are much stronger than previous nodes. Additionally, they offer a unique stat unlocked once you hit an attribute requirement;
  • Legendary Tiles. Such tiles are the hardest to access on the board, giving legendary powers. They are capable of changing the way your class is played. So they are the primary nodes of some builds.

In addition to the tiles, Paragon Tree has slots for the Glyphs. You insert them in the tree, and they will enhance the tile effect within their radius,
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You can also level up your Glyphs. To do it, complete severe Nightmare Dungeons. An increased level of Glyph will expand its bonus radius, giving you even more stat boosts.

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Tips and Strategies for Effective Utilization

Upgrading a Paragon Tree is essential to prepare your character for the end-game battles. So you must approach it carefully.
First, we recommend you define your build’s central concept. And then think about what are the most important stats for your build. To make a proper conclusion, know what your primary skills are scaling off.
Once done, open your Paragon Tree. Examine available Legendary Tiles and determine which one you’d like to take. Then find optimal pathing to these tiles. And make sure to grab all the important nodes on your way.
That should be a basic strategy for creating your D4 build and utilizing Paragon Tree. However, if you find yourself confused between tens of board nodes, check out what other players in your class players do. Use them as references, and try creating your own tree from their example.

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Advanced Techniques and Unlockables

To get the most impactful nodes, you must do lots of grinding. For instance, to get a legendary tile, you must get plenty of levels. While receiving at least a single Glyph takes lots of your time for Sanctuary quest completion. And then, consider that you need a Glyph with valuable stats. And the chances that you don’t get it instantly are pretty high.
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