Diablo 4 Gold Farming: How to Get a Ton of Gold and Where to Spend It

December 24, 2023

You relate to the following sentence. How often have you struggled to complete Nightmare Dungeon, kill Echo of Lilith, or any other high-end activity? A primary reason for that is gold.
You lack this vital D4 resource or spend it wrong. We’re bout to fix this. On this page, you’ll find a complete Diablo 4 gold farming guide and learn where to spend your upcoming millions. Let’s start!

Importance of Gold Farming in Diablo 4

Gold is Diablo’s foundation. You need it to get new or upgrade old equipment, reuse your skill points, buy stash slots and flasks, and reroll equipment stats. Of course, not all these are essential. But things like upgrading and rerolling your gear stats are vital for your progress.

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Is It Hard to Get Gold in D4?

No. Almost any in-game activity will reward you with some gold. Usually, it’s not much. So, if you want exquisite gear pieces, you’ll need specific gold-farming methods. They’re incoming.

How do you farm Gold in Diablo 4?

Amusingly, almost anything you do in D4 brings you gold. You get it for:

  • Completing main and side quests;
  • Looting dead foes;
  • Opening chests;
  • Killing goblins;
  • Region progress;
  • Breaking surroundings, etc.

Does having so many currency sources make Diablo 4 Gold Farm easy? No. To change that, pick and combine the best farming methods.

Best Way to Farm Gold in Diablo 4

Where to farm Gold in Diablo 4?

Now, let’s look at how to make gold in Diablo 4, from best to worst methods:

  1. Sell good items to players. Rare items with good stats and decent legendaries cost a lot. Learn what these are. So when you get a new item, you won’t sell it to a vendor for cheap but will post it in the trading Discord channel for a good price;
  2. Dungeons. Every dungeon enemy drops gold. Moreover, you have a chance to find greed shrines, goblins, chests, and gold-filled surroundings;
  3. Side quests. The world of Diablo 4 has hundreds of side quests; each rewards with a few k gold. These are easy and short. Plus, you can do them while leveling, which allows you to hoard a pile of gold effortlessly;
  4. World events. You’ll find random monoliths while discovering Sanctuary. If you click them, you start events where you must kill foes in a time frame for gold, Murming Obols, and other resources;
  5. World difficulty. By increasing your D4 world difficulty, enemies will drop more gold. Do this if you’re ready to accept a challenge;
  6. Region exploring. Finding waypoints, doing side quests, and completing dungeons in specific regions gives you renown points. When they cap, you get a reward, which is also gold;
  7. Goblins. These little gold carriers are very rare. So, chase and kill goblins once you see them for a good gold amount.

Anyone will find a method he prefers. But if you don’t feel like grinding, game boosting can help. It allows you to pick a vendor and buy any number of gold from him (the best price is €0.4166 for 100 gold).

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How Long Does it Take to Get Gold?

The time required to get gold in D4 depends on how much you need and the method. For instance, side questing won’t get you much. But on the other hand, it’s the most reliable farming method.
It’s the opposite with goblins. They’re scarce, but they’ll easily give you 10k+ gold in a moment. Just ensure to burst them down so they don’t escape.
Boosting is the quickest way to get gold. It employs a pro to deliver it to you through simple trading, making it effortless. It’s also true with boosting other games. So if you plan to buy FIFA coins, Honkai boosting, get Ouroboros, buy Albion silver, boost Mobile Legends, pros will reach your objective the quickest.

Gold Cap in Diablo 4

In the end game, you need hundreds of millions of gold. And even these can run out in minutes. That’s why Blizzards doesn’t set a gold cap in Diablo 4; farm as much as you want.

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How Can You Spend Gold in Diablo 4?

Things to spend your D4 gold differ based on your game stage. Starters should prioritize:

  • Upgrading health potions. In Diablo 4, even the most tanky builds take constant damage. Potions heal it. Improve them as soon as you can so they can cope with your increasing HP;
  • Re-spec. When you learn your class, you want to try its different playstyles. To do it, you need gold for changing specializations;
  • Transfer aspects. Each build has aspects priority. Once you get a top one on your item, transfer it to your new one when you change your gear.

If you’re already in the end-game, your priorities will change to the following:

  • Buy best-in-slot items. Gold can get you top items for your build, which you can find via chat or trading Discord servers;
  • Reroll items. A special town vendor can take an irrelevant affix from your item and turn it into a new random one. This is how you perfect your pieces;
  • Expand your stash. During the end-game grinds, you get plenty of items to store. It requires a bigger stash. You can expand it for some gold, which is essential.

Remember that your main priority is strengthening. That’s what you should spend your gold at any game stage.

What are the Best Ways to Get Gold in Diablo 4?

Best Diablo 4 ways to farm gold are personal. Which is yours? Look at your character and his capabilities.
If you’re just starting and haven’t got level 100, side quests and exploration are top. They’re easy and effortless.
Now, let’s say you’re already level 100 and pretty strong. Farm Mercy’s Reach dungeon. It’s pretty challenging in survivability, but it gives some of the best profits.
The strongest players can try boosting. Post your powerleveling or dungeon-completion services on special Discord servers and get paid in Gold. It doesn’t violate game rules.

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Now, you have a main D4 tool to gain strength: knowledge. Consider all the gold-farming methods mentioned and implement them into your playing. And once this starts paying off, manage this currency smartly. Remember that your number one priority must be developing your character so you can clear any game content.
Do you find this Diablo 4 gold farming guide helpful? Our other guides, too. They will explain how to get Ascendant Shards in Destiny 2, the best Overwatch 2 characters, gold farming methods in Lost Ark, and more!

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