How to Get Exotic Cipher: All You Should Know

September 25, 2023

Even though Exotic Ciphers are relative newcomers to the game, they are certainly some of the most valuable Destiny 2 currencies. Their worth does not just lay in their ability to get you previous quest exotics. They also have the capacity to obtain random exotics and let you get specific exotic armor.
If you are curious about Exotic Ciphers, look no further, as this article will cover all there is to know about them – what they are, where to take Exotic Ciphers and much more.

Buy Destiny 2 Exotic Cipher

About Exotic Cipher Destiny 2

First presented in Seasons of Arrivals, Exotic Ciphers are a one-of-a-kind currency that gives players the chance to buy Exotics from Destiny 2 in previous years.
Moreover, players can purchase an extra Fated Engram from Xur weekly utilizing the Exotic Cipher they own.

How to Get Exotic Cipher

How to Get Exotic Cipher – The Best Options

So how to get an Exotic Cipher? As we have noted before, it is among the rarest currencies in the game. That explains the limited number of ways you can get them. At the moment, there are just three ways in D2 how to get Exotic Ciphers. These include the following.

Season Pass

The first one on the list is very straightforward – players just need to climb to the rank 55 on the season pass.
Simply complete bounties and solve seasonal quests that come up to level up and get to high ranks quickly to be granted one Exotic Cipher. You can also equip a Ghost Shell with an XP boost mode to speed up the process.

Xenology Quest

The second and fastest way to get Exotic Cipher is Xur, where you can get it more frequently.
It is also very simple to follow – every week, there is a quest called  “Xenology” offered by Xur.
To complete it, just get Gambit and Crucible wins or finish Vanguard Ops. You only need 21 to get the Exotic Cipher. Xenology can only be completed once a week.

What Other Ways Are There to Acquire An Exotic Cipher?

The third and last option in Destiny 2 to get Exotic Cipher is to purchase Forsaken Ciphers.
Buying the Forsaken Pack DLC grants you three Forsaken Ciphers. These Ciphers are rather peculiar because you can only use them on Exotics from the expansion of Forsaken sectioned as “Year 2” in the Exotic Kiosk.

Easiest Way to Get Exotic Cipher

The easiest way to get Exotic Cipher is through reliable boosting sites. Boosting in gaming will save you a lot of effort and nerves to advance quickly in the game.
Once you have decided to use a booster service, you will be matched with a professional player. This pro player will play the game in your stead to get to the much-desired Exotic Ciphers in the blink of an eye.
This method works for other games as well. For example, you can try Valorant Boosting or Overwatch Boosting, depending on your needs.

Get Exotic Cipher Destiny 2

What to Do With Exotic Cipher

Right after the question “In Destiny 2, where to get Exotic Cipher?” follows another demanded question: What to use Exotic Cipher in 2023?
When you get your Exotic Cipher, you need to make a trip to the monument of lost lights near the tower’s vault. Here, players can turn in an exotic cipher, location materials, or a big amount of glimmer in exchange for an article of exotic gear.
Since you are given a plethora of weapons to choose from, it is a good idea to do a bit of research to decide which weapon exactly you should get to avoid rash decisions or regrets.

Where to Use Exotic Cipher

All the Guardians can definitely benefit from using Exotic Ciphers since they are quite a diverse currency. Until recently, there have been only two ways players could spend their ciphers, but Season of the Deep is adding another one. Let’s have a look.

Monument to Lost Lights

Probably the most helpful place you can spend your ciphers is the Exotic Kiosk in the Tower, where raid exotics and old quests are available to be purchased, each costing one Exotic Cipher.
It is important to note that you will need to own Destiny 2’s expansions to buy most of those exotics. Also, 240 Spoils of Conquest, a very scarce currency players obtain from raids, are necessary to get raid exotics from the past.

Xur’s Fated Engram

As another option, to get more world drop Exotics, you can check out Xur, which has Fated Engrams for sale. The week’s first engram costs players Legendary Shards. However, you can buy an extra one with an Exotic Cipher.

Precision Exotic Armor Decryption

Master Rahool will provide an Exotic armor specializing in Season of the Deep. This can help you to transform your Exotic engrams into particular armor pieces. It will cost players one Exotic Cipher, 60.000 Glimmer, and 3 Ascendant Shards.
It is important to remember that the precision focusing for your armor can only be done on the armor you have bought already.

Destiny 2 Exotic Cipher How to Use

If you have read the description for the Exotic Cipher, then you know that you can only hold one in your inventory – both in the vault and in person. So, it might be a good strategy not to wait too long to use it. You can also pass your exotic cipher to Cryptarch or Xur.
Another way to use it is by taking it to Master Rahool and exchanging it for some exotic weapon from the past. For this, you will also need Enhancement Prisms, glimmer, and some planetary materials too.

Get Exotic Cipher Now


And this is everything there is to learn about how to get Exotic Cipher in Destiny 2 by overcoming Xur’s Xenology quest.
If you want to read more about Remnant 2 Carry, Destiny 2 Last Wish Raid, Diablo Account, or how to get touch of Malice,  check some of our other articles.

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