Wrath of the Lich King Classic Started

December 28, 2022

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One factor that makes WotlK Classic is acquiring the most reward on slot gear. And irrespective of the expansion you are in, our guide will help you decide on the raid team and give you a detailed explanation of the expansion.
We would give you a guide to channel your path via quests as you gear up to level 80. You can learn the art of inscription and become a master at it in magical pigment and ink.

Wrath of the Lich King Classic

About World of the Lich King Classic

WotlK is the second set in the World of Warcraft series. It was launched on September 26, 2022, and is a server option for the WotlK expansion.
WotlK classic has new features to awe the new and existing players. There are new professions and abilities and room for new rewards.
There is the arrival of death knight players. Here, players no longer need to get to level 55 to create death knights. Blizzard Entertainment did much of a development in the WotlK classic. Players can now enjoy “joyous journeys.” Here, players can improve their experience gains with a whooping size of 50%. You can decide to turn on or turn off this feature.
In this WoW new guide, askboosters.gg is ready to take you through the journey. We’ll also offer you the best means to enjoy an adventure and generous rewards in WotlK.

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What is the Best Class to Choose in the World of the Lich King Classic?

If you are a veteran or new player and are indecisive about what class is best for you, your worries are over. We have organized a list of the best wotlk classes you can select. This list is arranged in order of class adaptability, request for heroic dungeons, and PvE. The viability of the class to sustain through the WotlK classic.

  • Paladin: This is one of the strongest classes you can find, and it is the best healer in the WotlK classic. You can get a tank and raid healing, including a beacon of light and a glyph of holy light. The Paladin class is a complete combo. It has basic features to give you the best adventure.

The protection paladin can tank heroic dungeons, 10-mans. Also, players can earn rewards for the tanks and healers that scale through the heroic dungeons. It has different variations: the holy paladin, the protection paladin, and the retribution paladin.
In the retribution paladin, the strength won’t begin with full energy, but it will progress as the game continues. Here, you can attack your rivals with godly magic and weaponry. Paladins can access plate armor and shields, which gives them additional benefits during melee combat. Paladins are also called the hybrid class.

  • Druids: Druids are an adaptable hybrid class because they can perfectly play different roles. Druids can only access cloth and leather armor. However, they can be efficient if they are utilized with the appropriate gear. They have three variations: balance, feral, and restoration.
    • Balance: Here, druids can appear differently to attack the enemies from a distance.
    • Feral: This variation can take up a different appearance and attack the enemies when they are close.
    • Restoration: This is the healing variation; druids can heal injured allies. Balance druids are very effective in magic-damaged groups and heroic dungeons. Just like retribution paladins, feral cats don’t also start from their strong progress with time.
  • Priests: Priests are powerful in all forms as either healers or DPS. Discipline priests offer two buffs, the rapture, and power infusion. These buffs cannot be underestimated as they contribute greatly to players’ adventures. The Holy Priest and the discipline priest will inspire tanks to overcome difficult bosses. Shadow priests are effective for heroic dungeons and 10-man and 25-man raids. They serve as a means of rejuvenation.
  • Shamans: They provide spiritual directions and physicians of elements. Shamans act as moderators and wear cloth armor at the beginning; as the game progresses, they can wear mail when they advance to level 40. Their variations include restoration, enhancement, and elemental.
    • Restoration: Shamans can rejuvenate the health of their broken or injured partners. They do this when they call upon spiritual powers.
    • Enhancement: With their elemental powers, shamans can enhance the strength of their weapons.
    • Elemental: This variation of Sharman is to attack enemies from a long distance with natural elements like a volcano and lightning. It’s significant for small groups to have restoration shamans for healing purposes because it may get hard to find healers. Also, players can enjoy additional bonuses for tanks and healers that accomplish the heroic dungeons.
  • Warlocks: In this class, characters utilize combat pets called demons and dark magic with damage to defeat time spells. They can access cloth armor and use swords, daggers, and wands. There are three variations which are:
    • Affliction: This dark magic monster is prominent in damage on time spells.
    • Demonology: unleashes demons to guide them.
    • Destruction: involves fire and wrecking enemies; they are well-known for the damage they cause.

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The Best Way to Level 1-80  Alliance and Horde

It is a big decision to deliberate the right path in earning and gaining the best adventure. However, it is nothing to fret about. Our team of professional players are readily available to relieve the troubles.
In our WotlK guide, we considered every factor to offer you the best adventure and rewards. This guide guides you to become a seasoned player. You learn easy-to-follow steps from professional players globally. You can also get your Vault of the Incarnates Boost and Crucible Competitive Ranks Boost.


  • Your starting point varies based on race, but that is not a barrier. You can just perform any task to ascend to the stormwind city on levels 9 to 10.
  • Afterward, you gear your direction to The West fall region and ascend there close to level 17.
  • Your next location point is the Red ridge mountains. When you accomplish the objectives here, you are elevated to levels 24 to 25.
  • Then the dusk wood directs you to levels 29 to 30. You have two choices here: the stranglehold vale or Arathi highlands. You would have to contend with mobs and defeat them in the former. The latter option is serene and quiet. However, it is more stressful and demanding to get to this level. The completion of this level leads to 40 – 42  levels.
  • You will be advanced to the Tanaris, which is quite populous here, level 48 next. An extra tip is that if you don’t want to avoid getting weakened by the mobs, you can take the Feralis location. Whichever way you would still get to your location.
  • For this last dance in Alliance, you can scale through levels 58 to 60. This is in the Un’Goro Crater and slithers. The Felwood and winter-spring location is not populated and not difficult to attain. The unpopular option is the searing Gorge and blasted land location. Here, it is dominated by the mining profession.

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Below is the best means to scale through the horde sections in this guide.

  • You must start at the 9 to 10 level. Then, head for Orgrimmar.
  • Your second place is the barrans and stonetalon mountains, where you progress 25 levels.
  • You will garner lots of experience at Thousand needle place, and it is easy to get to this level.
  • It is recommended that within your level 32, you utilize 10 minutes of your time at Desolace. Activities are more here, and you would gain more experience points.
  • The Tanaris stage is next, and this is in levels 48 to 49.

Level 60

When you reach level 60, you can begin your journey for Alliance and horde at Hellfire peninsula. Your next target location is Nagrand, and the last stage you will encounter is Netherstorm.

Level 70

As you progress to level 70, your exploration begins at Borean Tundras, also called the Howling Fjord; this section ends at level 73. You can earn level 75 to 76 hero by visiting the Dragonlight. The next location point on your map journey is the Shalozar Basin, which covers levels 77 to 78. Finally, as you progress to Stornpeaks, also called the Ice crown, your journey is over.
All these steps are not compulsory to follow; you can twitch them as you desire. However, they are well-crafted steps from our veteran and skilled players. This step-by-step guide is significant for starting your WotlK.
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What Professions and Reputations are Better to Pick in the World of the Lich King Guide?

Deciding a profession could be quite demanding in WotlK. However, you must know what you desire. There are lots of professions in the WOLTK, and effort has been made to create a balance between these different professions. WotlK launches a new profession for the fun of and comfort of its players, and it is called inscription.

Our Wotlk guide will provide you with a collection of all the professions, their bonuses, and their strengths. You should know that some professions are in distinct situations than others.

  • Engineering profession: Here, you can find many sophisticated gadgets, making it uniquely distinct. An essential feature here is its rare glove enchants. You can access the hyper-speed accelerators, which offer over 340 haste ratings in 12 seconds. The hand-mounted pyro rock: You can set fire damage on the opponent from 1654 to 2020. And the reticulated armor webbing is another spice on its own; it offers you a +885 amour.
  • Jewel crafting: This is the second-ranked profession for DPS classes. Players in this profession get 200 unique trinkets. The main significance of this profession is the dragon’s eye rare gems that players can infuse in their gear. With 3 of these, you can earn generous stat bonuses, which are not easy to come by.
  • Blacksmithing: This is one of the most rated professions in the Wotlk classic. With this profession, players can acquire weapons for different classes. The players in this profession have special bonuses they earn. Also, they can make sockets for themselves, which increases their stats.
  • Tailoring: This profession is ranked for healers and caster DPS classes. Here, you can access tailor-exclusive cloaks or embroideries. These embroideries have different strengths; light weave embroidery, sword guard embroidery, and dark glow embroidery. Tailoring embroideries can also offer a leg penchant like the spell breaks.
  • Enchanting: This is one of the vital and popular professions in the WotlK classic. Players can add up additional “oomphs” to their class. This will help them gain wits on their bracers and boots.


World of the Lich King’s Reputation

Selecting a reputation is essential and can be earned from factions. These factions commend a character for good works. Factions are the frenzy heart tribe, oracles, wrymrest accord, kalu’ak, ebon blade. Knights, kirin tor and argent crusader.

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Best Way to Farm Pre-raid Gear in World of Lich King Classic

The best and safest way to farm pre-raid gear is to gather momentum before you attain the maximum level. Most of the pre-raid gears and slot enchants are earned through reputation. This returns the focus to factions, the heart tribe, oracles, wrymrest accord, kalu’ak, ebon blade. Knights, kirin tor and argent crusader. These factions have an epic 200-item level gear each.  You need to exert a reputation on these five factions. However, your character will determine the reputation you should focus on.

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