WoW SoD All Runes – All You Should Know

April 28, 2024

In this comprehensive WoW SoD Rune guide, we will explore the top runes for each class in WoW Classic’s Season of Discovery. So, whether you’re a veteran looking to fine-tune your character for challenging content or a new player seeking to grasp your class’s intricacies, this article crafted based on our practical observations will bring you valuable insights.

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Runes in WoW SoD – A Quick Introduction 

One major change in the Season of Discovery is the introduction of Runes, also known as Rune Engravings. These act as an extra layer of character advancement, similar to enchantments, and can be applied to gear. They offer unique character abilities that are separate from your talents.
In WoW SoD all Runes provide either a distinct ability or passive effect. Importantly, you can freely switch between different options in the same slot outside of combat. For instance, Mages can access healing spells like Regeneration, while Warriors can gain the ability to Charge with Warbringer.

WoW SoD Rune guide

How to Acquire Runes in WoW SoD?

Runes WoW SoD features aren’t just lying around waiting to be picked up; they are earned through battling monsters, exploration, and completing tasks. Based on our experience, here are the key methods you can use to obtain them:

  • Monster Drops: Defeating certain monsters can yield Runes as loot, similar to other items you collect from enemies.
  • Quest Rewards: Completing specific quests can reward you with Runes as part of your quest completion rewards.
  • Hidden Locations: Some Runes are hidden in hard-to-find places within the game world, requiring keen observation and exploration skills.

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What Are the Newest SoD Runes?

As Season of Discovery progresses, more Runes will be introduced. Here is our SoD Rune list with some new additions worth checking out.

Improved Barkskin Barkskin can now be cast on allies without slowing melee combat speed or spellcasting time, and it can be cast while shapeshifted.
Gale Winds Reduces mana cost by 20%, Boosts Hurricane damage by 100% and removes its cooldown.
Efflorescence Swiftmend now triggers Efflorescence, healing all allies within 15 yards of the Swiftmend target’s location for 109 health every second for 15 seconds.
Gore Hitting a target with Swipe, Lacerate or Maul has a 15% chance to reset Mangle (Bear) cooldown and grant 10 Rage. Hitting a target with Shred or Mangle (Cat) has a 5% chance to reset Tiger’s Fury cooldown.
Improved Frenzied Regeneration Frenzied Regeneration can now be used in all forms or while not shapeshifted. It converts your active resource into health every second for 10 seconds, up to 10 Energy, 10 Rage, or 5% base Mana into up to 10% health.
Elune’s Fires Certain spells and abilities extend the duration of your damage and healing over time effects on their target: Starfire extends Moonfire by 6 seconds, Regrowth extends Rejuvenation by 6 seconds, Wrath extends Sunfire by 3 seconds, Shred extends Rip by 2 seconds. Each effect can only be extended up to 3 times.
Lock and Load When a trap is triggered, your next Shot ability within 20 seconds costs no mana and has no cooldown.
Catlike Reflexes Increases your pet’s dodge chance by 9% and your dodge chance by 20%. Also reduces the cooldown of Flanking Strike and Kill Command abilities by 50%.
Deep Freeze Stuns Frozen targets for 5 seconds, dealing 803 to 935 damage to those immune to Stun.
Advanced Warding Increases the effectiveness of Frost Ward, Mana Shield, and Fire Ward by 100%, and reduces Mana Shield’s mana drain by 50% per damage taken.
Raptor Fury Each Raptor Strike boosts subsequent Mongoose Bite and Raptor Strike damage by 15% for 15 seconds, stacking up to 5 times.
Focus Fire Consumes pet Frenzy, granting you 4 Focus per Frenzy stack and 3% increased ranged attack speed consumed. Lasts 20 seconds. Your pet gains Frenzy with each Basic Attack, stacking up to 5 times.
Rapid Killing Reduces Rapid Fire cooldown by 2 minutes. After killing a target worth experience or honor, your next Shot ability within 20 seconds deals 20% increased damage.
Temporal Anomaly Sends out a time energy orb that moves slowly forward, granting nearby party members a shield every 2 seconds. The shield absorbs 174 damage and lasts for 15 seconds.
T.N.T. Boosts the damage of Explosive Shot and all damaging traps by 10%.

Best Warrior Runes

Name Slot Effect
Devastate (P1) Hands When you’re in Defensive Stance with a shield, Sunder Armor also deals damage equal to 150% of your weapon’s damage per second. This damage increases by 10% for each stack of Sunder Armor on the target.
Warbringer (P1) Chest Charge, Intercept, and Intervene can now be used during combat and in any stance. They also remove movement impairing effects upon activation.
Blood Frenzy (P1) Chest Gain 3 Rage each time you inflict Bleed damage.
Victory Rush (P1) Hands After killing an enemy yielding experience or honor, you can instantly attack a target, dealing (1 + 500 * 45 / 100) damage and healing 10% of your maximum health within 20 seconds.
Endless Rage (P1) Hands You gain 25% more Rage from all the damage you deal.
Quick Strike (P1) Hands An immediate reckless melee attack using your two-handed weapon, dealing 50 to 100 physical damage. This attack interacts with and activates all effects linked with Heroic Strike.

Best Warlock Runes

Name Slot Effect
Unstable Affliction (P3) Wrists Gradually damages the target with shadow energy, dealing 483 damage over 15 sec. If dispelled, it deals 870 damage to the dispeller and silences them for 5 sec. Only one Unstable Affliction or Immolate per Warlock can be active on any one target.
Demonic Grace (P1) Legs Surges with fel energy, increasing your and your pet’s dodge chance by 30% and critical strike chance with all attacks by 30%. Lasts 6 sec.
Shadow and Flame (P2) Waist Fire and Shadow spell critical strikes boost Fire and Shadow damage by 10% for 10 sec.
Incinerate (P1) Legs Deals 358 to 416 damage and boosts all Fire damage you deal by 25% for the next 15 sec.
Vengeance (P3) Head Temporarily boosts your maximum health by 30% for 20 sec when activated. Afterward, the extra health disappears. Also, when in Metamorphosis, Vengeance slows your falling speed using wings.

Best Shaman Runes

Name Slot Effect
Two-Handed Mastery (P2) Chest Striking an enemy with a two-handed weapon grants a 30% attack speed increase in two-handed weapons, along with a 10% increased Attack Power and a 10% increased chance to hit with spells for 10 sec. These bonuses are lost if you strike an enemy with a one-handed weapon.
Healing Rain (P1) Chest Selects an area within 15 yards around a target player and heals all party members in that area for 84 health every second.
Lava Burst (P1) Hands Hurls molten lava at the target, dealing 786 to 1,014 Fire damage. If your Flame Shock is active on the target, Lava Burst can critically strike.
Mental Dexterity (P3) Head Dealing damage with your melee weapons increases your Attack Power by an amount equal to 100% of your Intellect. It also boosts your spell damage and healing by 30% of your total Attack Power for 10 sec.
Ancestral Awakening (P2) Feet Critical healing with your Healing Wave or Lesser Healing Wave summons an Ancestral spirit. This spirit instantly heals the party member with the lowest health by 30% of the amount healed, provided they are within 40 yards.
Molten Blast (P1) Hands Blasts up to 4 enemies in a cone in front of you, dealing 146 to 206 Fire damage. This ability generates a high amount of threat. Flame Shock periodic damage has a 10% chance to reset the cooldown on Molten Blast.

Top Rogue Runes

Name Slot Effect
Shadowstep (P1) Waist Step through shadows to instantly move behind your enemy. You also gain a 70% increase in movement speed for 3 sec.
Combat Potency (P3) Head You have a 20% chance to gain 15 Energy whenever you deal melee damage with your off-hand weapon.
Carnage (P3) Wrists Deal 20% increased damage with your abilities against targets affected by one of your Bleed effects.
Shuriken Toss (P2) Waist Throw a shuriken at your enemy, dealing damage equal to 15% of your Attack Power. It also hits up to 4 additional nearby targets and awards 1 combo point.
Focused Attacks (P3) Head Gain 2 Energy each time you score a critical strike with a melee or ranged attack.

Best Priest Runes

Name Slot Effect
Pain Suppression (P2) Feet Immediately reduces damage taken by a friendly target by 40% and boosts resistance to dispel effects by 65% for 8 sec.
Twisted Faith (P1) Chest Mind Flay and Mind Blast deal 50% more damage to targets affected by your Shadow Word: Pain.
Divine Aegis (P3) Head Critical heals grant a protective shield to the target, absorbing 30% of the healed amount. Shield lasts 12 sec.
Despair (P3) Wrists Your spells’ periodic damage can now critically strike.
Void Zone (P3) Wrists Creates a dark area where enemies take 96 Shadow damage every second for 10 sec.

Best Paladin Runes

Name Slot Effect
Exorcist (P1) Legs Exorcism can now target any enemy and has a 100% increased critical strike chance against Undead and Demons.
Crusader Strike (P1) Hands Instantly deals 75% weapon damage as Holy and restores 5% of your maximum mana.
Enlightened Judgements (P2) Waist Expands your Judgement range by 30 yards and enhances your spell hit with all spells by 17%.
Fanaticism (P3) Head Boosts your critical strike chance with Holy spells by 18%.
Light’s Grace (P3) Head Your Holy Light spell reduces the next Holy Light cast time by 0.5 seconds. The effect lasts 15 seconds.

Top Mage Runes

Name Slot Effect
Ice Lance (P1) Hands Deals 96 to 113 Frost damage to an enemy. Inflicts triple damage against Frozen targets.
Spell Power (P2) Feet Increases critical strike damage bonus for all spells by 50%.
Deep Freeze (P3) Head Freezes the target for 5 sec (usable only on Frozen targets). Deals 803 to 935 damage to targets immune to Stun.
Displacement (P3) Wrists Teleports to the last Blink cast location, resetting Blink’s cooldown. Usable within 10 sec after Blink.
Enlightenment (P1) Chest Boosts damage by 10% when above 70% mana. Below 30% mana, 10% of mana regeneration continues while casting.

Best Hunter Runes

Name Slot Effect
Serpent Spread (P1) Legs Multi-Shot also applies Serpent Sting for 6 sec on targets hit.
Cobra Strikes (P1) Legs Critical hits with Shot abilities make your pet’s next 2 special attacks critical.
Lock and Load (P3) Head It triggers a free shot ability within 20 sec of a trap being triggered, costing no mana and having no cooldown.
Steady Shot (P2) Waist A shot dealing 75% ranged weapon damage.

Top Druid Runes

Name Slot Effect
Gale Winds (P3) Head Doubles the damage of your Hurricane ability, removes its cooldown, and reduces its mana cost by 20%.
Improved Barkskin (P3) Head Enables casting Barkskin on allies, removes penalties on melee combat speed and spellcasting time, and allows casting while shapeshifted.
Survival of the Fittest (P1) Chest Lowers your chance of being critically hit by melee attacks by 6% and decreases all damage taken by 10%. While in Bear Form or Dire Bear Form, this damage reduction increases by an extra 10%.

Key Strategies with Runes (Raids, PvP)

As mentioned, SoD Runes WoW provides a unique way to improve your character’s abilities across different game modes. Knowing how to use these runes wisely in raids and PvP battles can greatly enhance your overall gaming experience.

  • Raids: During raids, choosing Runes SoD depends on whether you aim to boost damage output or increase survivability based on your role. For example, DPS classes like Mages can benefit from pairing “Icy Veins” for faster spell casting with “Living Bomb” for area damage. Tanks might find the “Seal of Martyrdom” for Paladins useful as it boosts resilience by trading health for power, helping withstand boss attacks.
  • PVP: In PvP battles, focus on options offering burst damage, utility, or survival benefits. Rogues may find “Mutilate” efficient for combo points, along with “Envenom” for a powerful finisher. Priests might prefer “Power Word: Shield” for critical protection moments. Warlocks can rely on “Chaos Bolt” for quick opponent takedowns.

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Final Notes

All in all, picking the right runes goes beyond customization – it’s about unlocking your character’s full potential. In addition, they can greatly boost your abilities, making gameplay smoother and more enjoyable.
If you are interested in WoW, you can also check out our other detailed guides related to this game, including WotLK Mining Guide and guides on WoW Best Class, how to Fly in Zereth Mortis, or how to play WoW on Steam Deck.

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