How to Unlock Flying in Zereth Mortis: Step-By-Step Guide

August 26, 2023

WoW PvE progress requires upgrading your legendaries. You can’t do it without visiting Zereth Mortis, the forbidden realm of the First Ones. It is pretty big, though. Running around farming might take lots of time.
It’s unless you happen to unlock flying Zereth Mortis. Flying drastically reduces the time to get across these islands. Hence, it speeds up the farm.
Do you want to be the first to upgrade your gear at Zereth Mortis? Then stick to this page. Now, we’ll break the location down, revealing the best methods to unlock Zereth Mortis flying. Let’s jump in!

Unlock Flying Zereth Mortis

Unlocking Flight in Zereth Mortis

Key Areas and Why Flying Matters

Zereth Mortis is one of the critical locations of the 9.2 patch. Every player will visit it to improve their legendary gear. To do it, they must collect Cosmic Flux and Progenitor Essentia scattered around the map.
The quickest way to get around these spots is from the sky, flying. It will allow you to see and grab resources fast, leaving a ton of your competitors behind. And there are many resource hunters in Zereth Motis.

Prerequisites for Unlocking Flight in Zereth Mortis

Zereth Mortis is a beautiful and elaborate location. As Blizzard have put so much effort into creating it, they want other players to discover it properly. That’s why they make you complete many objectives (we’ll soon reveal) to unlock flying in Zereth Mortis. While progressing through them, you travel the islands, doing quests and learning the world.
And the location is indeed delightful. So enjoy your exploration. Once you hop on a mount, the area becomes a tarnished grinding field.

Step-by-Step Guide to Unlocking Flying

To get permission to get on a flying mount, you must complete a new “Unlocking the Secrets” achievement, consisting of other 6 achievements. And here are what they are:

  • Explore Zereth Mortis. The first step to WoW unlock flying Zereth Mortis is discovering the entire location map. It means no blind spots on the map. To get rid of them, just travel to their location and walk around until the area is “discovered;”
  • Tales of the Exile. Firim has scattered his scrolls around the Zereth zone, 7 in total. You must find and read them;
  • Curious Collections. Zereth Mortis is brimming with hidden treasures. There are 27 of those. Find 5 to complete this point;
  • Adventures in Zereth Mortis. You can find 29 various rare monsters in the Zereth Mortis. Completing this achievement requires you to track and kill 10 different ones;
  • Path to Enlightenment. To do this, you must finish 3 side quest chains in Zereth Mortis. Look for the Enlightened Exodus and Look Who I Found! in Haven and Lost Grace in Pilgrim’s Grace quests;
  • A Means to an End. Finally, you must finish the sixth chapter of the 9.2 story campaign. This one takes time. Especially if you haven’t followed the main storyline.

If you are brave enough to complete all these achievements, Zereth Mortis flying unlock will soon be yours. But even those intimidated by these requirements can still enjoy flying in Zereth Mortis. Boost games will help.
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Tips and Tricks for a Smooth Unlocking Process

Several lifehacks can drastically simplify achievements. For instance, Curious Collection requires lots of platforming. And you can skip many jumping challenges by joining Venthyr covenant and using its Door of Shadows ability. It is a teleport. So you can blink right to treasure chests.
There is also cypher equipment, like Enigmatic Footguards, with similar effects. Using them paired with Door of Shadows will enable you to skip any jumping puzzle.
Tracking required rares for the Adventures in Zereth Mortis becomes much easier if you have specific add-ons. We hope you know how convenient they are. For instance, Handynotes highlights both treasures and rare monsters on a map!

Flight in Zereth Mortis

Benefits of Flying in Zereth Mortis

Once you understand how to unlock Zereth Mortis flying and do it, upgrading your gear will become easier. You skip all the jumping and go straight to Cosmic Flux and Progenitor Essentia.
Moreover, there is competition for this kind of farm. And you won’t be able to stand it without a mount. Flying players will loot faster.

Maintaining Flight Abilities and Restrictions to Know

Flying in Zereth Mortis is like in any other part of Azeroth. The game doesn’t restrict you much. Just remember that flying far beyond the map border will cause you to dismount and die. Also, you can’t fly too high up – you’ll hit an invisible block. But both these points are very abstract and won’t bother you during gameplay.

Get Unlock Flying Zereth Mortis


We hope this article was helpful and you understand how to unlock flying in Zereth Mortis in WoW. As a quick recap, you just need to do 5 achievements. All of them are straightforward. However, you can ease them even more if you implement tips from this article.
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