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World of Warcraft Classic Era Boosting assistance will lead you through every crucial phase of your game progression. Experience premier service from the industry’s top experts. We cherish our commitment to delivering an unparalleled gaming experience for you.

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We partner only with the most experienced gamers. So we must check each booster we hire to ensure their gaming skills. This guarantees that all of our orders are quick and qualitative.

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We stay in touch with you 24/7. That’s thanks to our tireless support team. Each member knows our services and your needs 100%, and they are always available. So clarifying any of your questions is effortless.

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Nothing matters to us more than our clients’ security. That’s why we implement VPN and encryptions. These tools hide that a third person accesses your account. So game masters won’t suspect you of boosting.

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Since 2020, we’ve completed over 150k orders. Over 6 700 of these customers have left their reviews on AskBoosters at Trustpilot; 93% are 5-star. If this doesn’t prove our quality, then what will?



I’ve used these boosting services to get some WoW Classic gold and level my character from 54 to 60. Although a service completion was delayed a bit due to the high load, boosters followed a strict schedule then and delivered all I wanted

Benjamin Patel

This service is quite decent. My order was completed fast and with professionalism. But what I liked the most was support. Its staff was always ready to answer all my questions, even when they were a little dumb

Thunder Blade

I’ve ordered several services for LoL, Apex Legends, and CoD here. All have satisfied my expectations. I have 100% trust in this service

What is WoW Classic Era Boosting?

Classic Era boosting is an online service that accomplishes something in-game for you. It does it by handing your account to capable boosters who know the game 100%. Thanks to their high skill, they complete our presented services quickly.
Our research shows that classic WoW is one of the most popular games for boosts. Although, our reviewed sites deliver Osteo Striga and Exotic Cypher Destiny 2 and Apex pred badges often too.

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Buy WoW Classic Era Boosting

Old is gold. True World of Warcraft fans know how the vanilla game outclasses its newer versions. It offers an inherent MMORPG element often forgotten in modern games: the demand to communicate with others.
But even when grouped, the game is difficult. Farming gold, completing instances, and leveling take tens of hours. Not everyone wants to spend that much time, especially if they’ve already done this routine.
This page will present a solution for these players: Wow Classic Era boosting. We will explain what it is, how it works and benefits you, and your safety when buying it. Pull up your chair, and we start!

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WoW Classic Era Boost Service

Benefits of WoW Classic Era Boosting

When you pay for the WoW Classic boosts, you exchange your money for some kind of benefit. Frankly speaking, you get several of those, including:

  • You save time. If you play WoW Classic, you definitely know how time-consuming this game is. Raising your character to 60 (where all the fun content starts) takes 240 hours of playtime. While farming just 1 000 gold requires 1 – 2 days. You can save these hours by ordering a boost;
  • Deprives you of routine. Completing WoW activities (even those described above) is fun when you do it once. But what if you need to level a second character or farm a raid for a tenth time? That’s a routine! By asking boosters to help, you’ll skip it to the result;
  • Helps you gear. After hitting level 60, your character is barely naked. Your gear won’t be enough for you to attend rewarding raids and dungeons. So you’ll have to grind long quest lines and farm reputation. Instead, you can hire boosters so they carry you through raids and dungeons full of valuable gear. All the loot is yours;
  • Makes you a respected player. In WoW, your progress is a sign of your effort. That’s what the community respects. So if you want to find a higher place in the WoW hierarchy, boosting will help.

These same boosting benefits apply to any WoW patch, not just classic. So if you play at 3.4.1., Wrath of the Lich King boost will give them to you too.

Types of WoW Classic Era Boost Services

In our practical experience, we’ve figured out that each WoW player chases a different objective. Therefore sites we present have broken down WoW Classic Era boost into various services. Here are the ones you can purchase:

  • Gold. We’ve already indicated how much it takes to farm gold in WoW classic. But it is essential to maintain your gear polished, get consumables, and raise professions. Boosters offer you to buy 50 gold for 10.95€ for these needs. The maximum order you can make is 10 000 gold for 2190€;


  • Leveling. A tough and lingering level farming is what unliked by many in Classic WoW. To get 60 efficiently, you must know which locations to visit, when you must do it, what quests to take, etc. Hand this to boosting sites. Regardless of where they start, they can raise your level straight to 60. 1 – 60 in the normal mode will cost 304€, while in hardcore, the price is 440.51€. Many use boosters for leveling, so your order might get in a queue. But you can speed it up by selecting the order priority: Express or Super Express;


  • Dungeons. In classic WoW, dungeons are essential for the game’s progression. You must grind them to get better gear until you are well enough for raids. Boosters can complete any hardcore low-level dungeon for 14.99€. While the top ones (Uldaman, Maraudon, Temple of Atal’Hakkar, Blackrock Depths, Lower Blackrock Spire, Upper Blackrock Spire, Dire Maul, Stratholme, and Scholomance) cost 59.99€. All the loot within them is yours. You can also choose between selfplay and piloted dungeon boost versions. For the piloted orders, the streaming is available;


  • Raid attunements. Before accessing top-tier raids in Classic WoW, you must complete the preceding quests. These are known for being long and boring. Boosters do Blackwing Lair (89.99€), Molten Core (62.99€), Onyxia’s Lair (209.99€), and Naxxramas (129.99€) attunements (quests);


  • Raids. Of course, raid boosting is also viable. That’s your chance to get the patch’s pinnacle gear for a little price. So you can hoard all the loot from Molten Core (449.99€), Onyxia’s Lair (149.99€), Blackwing Lair (449.99€), Naxxramas (499.99€), Zul’Gurub (249.99€), Ruins of Ahn’Qiraj (99.99€), and Temple of Ahn’Qiraj (399.99€).

That’s all for the Classic WoW. But if you decide to buy game boosting for later patches, you’ll find other services like coaching. When you get them, pros will explain how to accomplish anything in the game yourself. They can even give a tip on how to unlock Zereth Mortis flying.

Get WoW Classic Era Boosting

How Does Boosting Work?

Classic WoW boosting is completed in a straightforward scheme. First, you launch boosting website and pick a desired service. The next page will let you adjust the order, choosing extras, indicating your email and the commodity quantity. Now you can chat with a manager (to clarify any questions) or go straight to the transaction. PayPal, Visa/Mastercard, ApplePay, GooglePay, eps, gp, WebMoney, Skrill, Bitcoin, Qiwi, etc., are available options.
When your order arrives, the manager will send you a mail message. He/she will devise a booster schedule with you and give an approximate order completion time.
The booster will follow the schedule and complete the order. When it’s done, he’ll send you a report about what’s happened to your character during the service.

Is It Safe?

When you order a Classic Era boost, you are in complete safety. To ensure that boosters implement a VPN, connecting to your city’s IP address. Hence, game masters won’t spot that you’ve handed your account to somebody else.
But in many cases, VPN is not even required. Raid and dungeon completions don’t violate the game rules, as game masters cannot know that you’ve paid for them. So they see it as a usual instance carry.
You can make sure boosters are safe by checking their reviews. These are for WoW, Dota, CS:GO, GTA V Boosting, etc. Customers wouldn’t be that satisfied if they were banned.

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