How to Get Osteo Striga: an All-Poisoning SMG for Any D2 Content

August 23, 2023

Do you like the idea of comfortable shooting in D2? It’s when you don’t have to aim much, and your bullets cause a damage-dealing aftermath. Osteo Striga provides that.
Osteo’s gameplay is based on its inherent poison application. Each precise bullet will debuff the foe with a poison stack. They tick, dealing overtime damage.
Thanks to the Toxic Overload perk, Osteo’s final blows and consecutive shots trigger enemies to explode, spreading poison effects on close rivals. This makes it a great tool against packs of mobs.
And all these benefits would require good aiming from you to activate, if not a Screaming Swarm perk. It directs all your ammo right to the target adjacent to your aim. Enemies don’t necessarily have to be in the very middle of it.
Thanks to these features, Osteo Striga has become very popular among PvE-oriented players. It’s capable of fighting bosses and hordes of mobs. While upgraded aim assist helps to focus on more important combat elements than aiming.
This page will help you try this unique and fun gun yourself. We’ll explain how to get Osteo Striga and its enhancing catalyst. So find an additional slot in your inventory, and we are starting!

Buy Osteo Striga

How to get Osteo Striga: Overview of the General Steps to Acquire This Item

Soon, we’ll talk about specific missions to unlock Osteo Striga. But they won’t be available unless you own the Witch Queen DLC. The price is $29.99. You can buy it on whatever platform you use for playing Destiny 2: Playstation, Steam, Xbox, Epic, or Windows.

How to get Osteo Striga

Destiny 2 How to get Osteo Striga: Specific Methods and Missions Related to Destiny 2 

Once you have your Witch Queen DLC, here is how to unlock Osteo Striga (where to get Osteo Striga). First, you must complete an entire Witch Queen story quest. Then, head to the Enclave and open its crafting table. You’ll see an Osteo Striga.
But you can’t just grab the gun – you must craft it. You need 7 Resonant Alloy, 15 000 Glimmer, 2 375 Resonant Elements, and 1 Ascendant Alloy.

Unlocking the Osteo Striga Catalyst

Striga is potent on its own. But its full potential is revealed only after getting its catalyst. Here is how to get Osteo Striga catalyst and how exactly it enhances your playing.

What is the Osteo Striga Catalyst?

Catalyst is the final perk for your Osteo Striga. It unlocks its full potential, specifically by increasing reload speed by 30. And that’s a crazy boost for any SMG. You always reload when using them.

Get Destiny 2 Osteo Striga

Destiny 2 Osteo Striga Catalyst: Steps and Missions to Acquire the Catalyst in Destiny 2

To unlock the Osteo Striga catalyst, you must level the gun to 10. This actually takes quite some time but doesn’t require completing any specific missions. You just have to kill the enemies using Osteo Striga. It can be both PvP and PvE foes.

How to Unlock Osteo Striga Catalyst: Detailed Guide on the Unlocking Process

Your Osteo Striga has experience storage. After it reaches certain thresholds, its level will increase. The only way to get an experience flow is to kill the foes. Striga needs to make fatal blows from bullets or poison damage.
Each new level will require more XP to reach the next one. But remember, the consistent grind will beat them all. Soon, we’ll see the most efficient level farming methods.

Advanced Tips and Tricks

The first tip to remember is that PvE catalyst leveling is much more efficient. In PvP, the process heavily relies on your skill. You must land shots well and finish off the enemies faster than your teammates. While PvE has no such difficulties.
What’s also important is to have high Light Level gear. Some of the most efficient XP farming methods (we’ll soon talk about) are unavailable to weak characters. So ensure to get some proper items beforehand.

How to Get the Osteo Striga catalyst faster: Efficient methods to speed up the process

Running around and killing stuff won’t get you level 10 the quickest. You must have a strategy. Many players puzzled with how to unlock Osteo Striga catalyst have devised some.
The first approach requires you to visit the Dares of Eternity activity. It is a six-player dungeon full of enemy packs. Clearing it will give you huge chunks of XP, quickly filling your level bars.
If you are looking for a solo level farm, the Shuro Chi encounter in the Last Wish raid is an unbeatable method. However, it requires you to own a Forsaken Pack DLC. If you do, enter the raid through the “wishing wall” room and kill enemies. In a single run, you might get 60-80 bodies.
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Where to get Osteo Striga: Highlighting Specific Locations or Missions Where Players Can Acquire

So how to get Osteo Striga in Destiny 2, or, specifically, where? The SMG farming process occurs on Savathûn’s Throne World, above Mars within the Ascendant Realm. Here’s where you’ll complete the Witch Queen quest line.
When you do, visit Enclave (in the same location) and create Osteo Striga on the crafting table. You’ll get the resources needed for craft when completing quests.

Buy Osteo Striga Destiny 2 Now

How to Get Osteo Striga 2023

Besides the catalyst farm, boosters can also get you the SMG itself. Just in 4 hours, they’ll complete an entire Witch Queen quest, hoarding all the possible loot alongside. It will be a bonus to your order.
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Osteo Striga is a unique SMG suitable for fast-paced gameplay fans. However, farming it and Destiny 2 Osteo Striga catalyst is not always easy. Use the methods and guides shared in this article to speed those processes up. And if that’s too dull for you, ask boosters for help.

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