How Do You Find a Personal Best Class in WoW

November 25, 2023

Your World of Warcraft fate is deciding. Choosing a class is arguably the most important stage of your journey. Take it seriously.
But how do you pick a proper class out of the 13 presented? You need information. Luckily, our experience has allowed us to pack everything you need on this little page.
Soon, you’ll find World of Warcraft best classes and which one is best for you. But a foundation goes first. Let’s see what WoW classes are and how they’re classified.

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Types of Classes in WoW

Currently, WoW has 13 classes. They include:

  • Warlock – ranged caster who uses dark magic and demons to deal damage;
  • Shaman – ranged/melee damage dealer and healer who uses powers of nature and ancestors to perform;
  • Rouge – sneaky thief who ambushes his opponent from the shadows to deal damage;
  • Priest – god’s servant who turns to holy powers to heal/shield his allies or switches to darkness to deal damage to foes;
  • Paladin – armored holy warrior who can tank, deal damage, and heal;
  • Warrior – classic warrior who can grab 2 two-handed weapons for heavy damage or raise his shield for tanking;
  • Monk – Asia-inspired class that uses spiritual teaching to heal, drinks brew to tank, and performs karate strikes to deal damage;
  • Mage – classic ranged caster that wields fire, ice, and arcane magic to deal damage;
  • Hunter – adaptive survivalist who can tame pets and use them for combat. Performs with a bow and a melee weapon;
  • Awakener – Dracthyr who uses the powers of ancient dragons to deal damage (ranged) and heal;
  • Demon Hunter – agile warrior who uses twin blades and forces of fel to deal damage and tank;
  • Druid – nature’s warrior who can shapeshift to deal ranged and melee damage, tank, or heal;
  • Death Knight – resurrected lich’s warrior who got his sanity back. DK uses frost, blood, and plagues to deal damage and tank.

As you see, some of these classes can perform different roles. They change them through specializations. All the classes have at least 3 specs (some are all damage dealers, like mage), while Druid has 4.

best class in wow

WoW Best Class for Beginners

But which one of those should you pick? Each WoW class has a different difficulty and playstyle. Beginners must consider easy classes.
Hunter is good. First of all, it’s very forgiving if you play with a pet. He’ll tank all the damage for you while you stay at a safe distance.
On top of that, they’re good damage dealers. And if you want to crank up a difficulty, you can always switch to their survivability spec. It requires you to manage traps, which is challenging.
Warlock is similar to Hunter. Its Demonology spec summons a demon pet to help you in combat. Pick a Voidwalker. It’s a demon who holds enemies’ agro and prevents you from taking damage.
If you want to play as a tank, pick Protection Warrior. It’s one of the best World of Warcraft classes for beginners due to its easy mechanics. The same goes for a Healing Priest. It’s as basic as it can be for a healing class and suits beginners perfectly.
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WoW Best Solo Class

For playing solo, you need a diversity of multispec classes. The easiest dungeon run class who can do lots of content solo is a Paladin. Take a proto (tank) spec.
He mitigates a ton of damage. It allows you to agro many or big mobs and kill them easily. Once foes cut through your damage mitigation, you can quickly heal back with your Holy Paladin abilities.
The same is valid with Druid. To make him a solo class, pick a Guardian spec. Once you shift into a bear form, your attacks shield you, and your evasion rating skyrockets. If you take damage, you can heal back. However, it requires more skill as you must leave your bear form to cast, which makes you squishy.

What is the strongest class in WoW?

To determine WoW strongest class, we must appeal to the current META. And it’s pretty usual. Like 2, 3, or 5 patches before, Mage stays on top of the DD pyramid.
The thing is in his scaling. By collecting enough crit chance, his Pyroblast ability becomes very easy to proc. And that’s how Fire Mages dominate the DPS meter.
When it comes to tanking, Demon Hunter is the boss, thanks to his recent changes. His new tier set and talents allow him to have almost 100% uptime on Sigil of Power DoT. Now, he doesn’t have vulnerable windows.
Among healing World of Warcraft classes, Discipline Priest is at the top in Dragonflight. He outperforms other healers. His shields are robust and can block a ton of damage, plus he provides a utility for the raid. He can even deal damage!

What is the Most Played Class in WoW?

In Dragonflight, class prevalence is based on their Mythic+ performance. Here are the most popular WoW classes that have been used in these dungeons thousands of times:

DPS                                                                          Healer                                                                    Tank
Shadow Priest Restoration Shaman                           Protection Paladin
Retribution Paladin Restoration Druid Blood Death Knight
Subtlety Rogue Preservation Evoker Brewmaster Monk
Destruction Warlock Discipline Priest Vengeance Demon Hunter
Havoc Demon Hunter                                    Holy Paladin Protection Warrior
Balance Druid Holy Priest Guardian Druid
Fury Warrior Mistweaver Monk

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Best Class in WoW 2023

It’s quite personal. To determine the best class for you, you must make a few decisions. First, pick a preferable role:

  • DPS – deal damage to enemies and see big numbers on the screen;
  • Healer – support your teammates and keep their health up;
  • Tank – keep mobs’ agro and mitigate their damage.

Once you have determined that, browse through classes. See which can perform that role. Pick between them.
It’ll be easy to pick the best class in WoW if you watch videos. They perfectly convey a feeling of playing a class, and that’s what you need to make a final decision. Trust your gut.

What is WoW Parsing?

Once you’ve chosen the class, leveled it, and started end-game PvE content, you’ll need parsing. It allows you to improve. WoW parsing shows how well you’ve performed during raid/dungeon compared to an average player.
But before you can check your performance, you must upload logs. Only one person in the group must do it. So, ask your mates before an instance if someone plans to upload logs.

But if that burden is on you, here’s what to do:

  1. Register on or link your account to it;
  2. Download a log recorder client;
  3. Type in /combatlog command in WoW chat before you start an instance;
  4. Finish an instance and press “Upload a Log” in the log recorder application;
  5. Set a log specification: public, private, or unlisted (only link holders will see it);
  6. Examine a log.

Inside a log, you’ll see other players who have been more effective than you. You can check their talents, items, rotations, buffs, etc. Analyze that to learn what you can change in your playing to perform better.

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Beginners can easily get lost in WoW. Once you launch the game, you face a difficult task: pick one of 13 classes. Now you know how.
On this page, you’ve discovered the most potent classes in WoW. You can play them. However, if you are a complete beginner in MMORPGs, consider one of the classes we’ve presented in the “WoW Best Class for Beginners” section.
Our site has other helpful gaming guides. Browse through it to WoW WoTLK professions, the easiest way to level up guns MW2, etc.

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