Wotlk Mining Guide: The Quickest Route From 1 to 450 Skill Level

October 27, 2023

What’s the thing you can’t progress without in WoW? Of course, it’s gold. You spend it on buying new gear, potions, food, jewels, mounts, or even a 1-month subscription token from the auction.
You must find an efficient way to farm gold to get these. Everyone does it differently. Some players like to sell BoE items, others level players for cash, and the rest gather resources. That’s what we offer you.
Today, we’ll give you a full WotLK mining guide that will leave no questions behind. You’ll find the benefits of mining, what materials you need, and many mining gold-making tips. Let’s jump in!

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Mining Overview

Mining is one of the WoW best ways to farm gold available since vanilla. It is a gathering profession. So, WotLK gold farming is all about traveling through the entire Azeroth in search of ores.
These hide inside the mineral veins. You must find them and dig with a pickaxe. As a result, you receive a random ore number, some stones, and jewels as a rare drop.
Digging also gives you xp. However, to get it, you must gather up-to-mastery veins. They are marked with green/yellow/orange when you point your cursor on them.
If the vein is marked red, you can’t gather it. To reach it, you must dig the ores of the lower level until your skill is sufficient.
Another way to raise your mining level is through smelting the ores. To do it, ensure the ore is in your inventory and approach the smelter. You can find it in most cities.
When done, open the general section of your skill book and find a smelting ability. Click it and find the ore you can smelt in the new window. If the ore is marked with green/yellow/orange, the skill will grow.

WotLK gold farming
Can’t find the ore in your smelting window? Visit a mining master. The chances are, you haven’t learned a required skill yet.

Mining Bonuses and Benefits

The main benefit of mining is its WotLK gold farming capabilities. You can gather jewels and ore endlessly and then sell them. That’s a constant source of money.
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The second important benefit you receive from mining is +60 stamina. Whether you are a PvP or PvE player, a little boost of survivability is always a pleasure. However, tanks will like it the most.
The next benefit is that you can level mining alongside your character. You’ll anyway visit all the locations where the veins spawn. Just track the mining masters to be able to dig relevant ores.
Moreover, you can accompany a mining leveling by developing another profession. The best choices are jewelry, forging, and engineering. To level these, you need the exact resources you extract from mineral veins.

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Mining Materials Required

Many players who read this have already leveled their character and spent tens of hours in low-level locations. They probably don’t want to return to them. And if that’s you, there is some good news.
You can use an auction house to buy ores. Smelt them immediately, and you can level the best gold-making profession WotLK without leaving a town. Here’s what to smelt.

Skill Smelting Requirements
1 – 65 110 – 130 copper
65 – 75 70 tin
75 – 105 70 bronze
105 – 125 25 – 35 silver
125 – 155 50 – 65 iron
155 – 175 20 – 25 gold
175 – 230 210 – 280 mithril
230 – 275 90 thorium
275 – 325 250 fel iron
325 – 340 90 adamantite

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WoW WotLK Gold Making Tips

Once you’ve reached the Northrend, you should change your tactic. Now you’re in a gold-farming game. Thus, you should optimize your WotLK farming to get the most profit.
The first thing that will help you achieve that is the Cold Weather Flying skill. It’s a mounting passive ability that enables you to fly in the Northrend. It makes spotting and reaching veins much easier. You can learn Cold Weather Flying in Dalaran, Sholazar Basin, or The Storm Peaks for 1k gold starting from level 77.
Next, consider the class you play. Characters with the ability to move or gather ores faster are the best. Thus, WotLK best gold-farming class is a druid. His Flying Form lets him fly and dig veins without transforming back to the human form.
And finally, create digging routes based on the expected vein spawns. Hence, you won’t fly blindly, hoping to find a mineral vein. You’ll know exactly where they spawn.

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Mining Leveling Tips

Do you still want to level mining by gathering ores yourself? Then, you’ll have to spend some time before your WoW WotLK gold farming starts. Here are some tips for each leveling stage based on our immense mining leveling experience.

Mining 1 to 65

First, purchase a pick near the mining teacher. Secondly, turn on the minerals filter near the minimap. Now, you can set off!

Mining 1 to 65
Any starting location like Durotan or Elwynn Forest is full of copper ore, which you should mine. However, Teldressil is an exception. So, night elves can start mining only after reaching Darkshore.

Mining 66-125

Mining 66-125

Visit a trainer and proceed to The Barrens, Ashenvale, Redridge Mountains, or Hillsbrad Foothills. Course around them and check the caves. These are rich in silver and tin, the exact resources you need.

Mining 126-175

Mining 126-175

Visit a trainer to learn Expert Mining and go to Thousand Needles, Desolace, or Arathi Highlands. Here, you’ll find a ton of gold and iron. Stick to the mountain edges and caves to gather the most veins.

Mining 176 – 250

Mining 176 - 250

Learn mithril mining at 175. And after reaching 200, visit a mining master to learn Artisan Mining skill. It enables you to dig truesilver ore. Look for it and mithril minerals in Tanaris and The Hinterlands.

Mining 251-300

Mining 251-300

Right after hitting 250, we dig mithril, truesilver, and thorium. But this time, you’ll gather it at the Un’goro Crater, Felwood, and Burning steppes. However, to gather rich thorium veins, you’ll have to visit the master after 275.

Mining 301-325

Mining 301-325

Now, this WotLK gold farming guide takes you to the Burning Crusade lands. To handle its fel iron, you must learn its secrets from the Hurnak Grimmord or Krugosh. They stay in the Hellfire Peninsula, where you’ll also find mineral veins.

Mining 326-350


Mining 326-350

Again, visit a mining master and learn to dig a new ore, adamantite. And then, find it and the fel iron in the Zangarmarsh and Terokkar Forest.

Mining 351-400

Mining 351-400

Now, real WotLK gold farms start as we enter the Northrend. First, get your new mining skills to be eligible for digging the cobalt. You can find its masters at Dalaran, Howling Fjord, or Borean Tundra. And then start digging cobalt in Tundra and Fjord.

Mining 401-450

Mining 401-450

Now, you must finish the final profession points off collecting some Saronite. First, visit a master to learn that. And then start collecting it in Sholazar Basin and Storm Peaks. These are already some of the best gold farming WotLK spots, so you’ll face competition. If it’s too big, just change a layer.

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This Wrath Classic mining guide has covered everything you must know about the profession. Now, you should be on an excellent start to getting gold. Just don’t forget that it’s not a magical tool that gets you instant results like Tower of Fantasy account buy or Apex boosting. Grind takes time!

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