How to Get Money in GTA 5

August 24, 2023

GTA 5 has a ton of fun content. However, most of it hides behind your monetary capabilities. If your wallet is low, the game won’t shine like it could. So having bucks is a must, and we can help with that.
If you’ve been looking for the best way to make money in GTA 5, you’re on the track. Soon, we’ll present the most efficient dollar-farming methods for both story mode (single-player) and GTA 5 Online. So get ready to expand your cash storage, and let’s go!

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Overview Of The Importance Of Money in GTA 5

GTA 5 allows us to become a real L.A. gangster with a ton of property and entire arsenals behind. But to get those, we must hustle and earn cash. When you have enough, you can get any deadly gun, stylish, lightning-fast car, slick clothes, or multi-floor house. Moreover, you can invest in businesses to multiply your cash even more, accessing new purchases.

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Differentiation Between Making Money in GTA 5 Story Mode Versus GTA 5 Online

GTA 5 Online is a multiplayer-oriented version of Los Santos. So, in terms of ways to make money in GTA 5, it offers more co-op-oriented activities. For instance, in GTA 5 story mode, you are the only real person participating in heists (with 3 more computer-piloted characters). While in an online version, heists are executed by squads of 4 real players.
What’s also cool is that you can rob other players in GTA 5 Online. This is obviously much more rewarding than stealing from bots in story mode.

Making Money in GTA 5 Story Mode

Before we learn the best way to make money in GTA 5 Online, let’s first touch on the story mode. Many players enjoy handling their GTA business without outer interference. And if that’s you, here are ways to boost your income.

How to Make Money in GTA 5 Story Mode: An Overview of the Different Avenues and Missions

GTA story mode has generous money-making activities. Here is the list of the most viable ones:

  • Car thefts. If you happen to see a pricey car, that might be your chance to earn some bucks. Sure, you won’t find it difficult to get inside and turn it on. Now just drive your bounty to the Los Santos Customs and grab their reward;
  • Heists. A heist, unlocked alongside completing the main story quest, is the most “GTA” way to get cash. Assemble a squad of four professionals, choose an establishment, and check it beforehand to make a plan. Then, an extended heist mission will start where you have to enter an establishment, steal as much as you can, and get away from cops;
  • Assassinations. What about raising cash as a killer? Get a contract, track your target, and eliminate it without much noise. The slicker the process, the more you’ll get;
  • Racing. If you are allured with speedy cars and masterful driving, racing is for you. It works very simple. You just get a car (better tune it), find a racing marker on the map and win a prize pool;
  • Stock Market. You can also buy stocks hoping they’ll rise after your purchase. This has the biggest cashing potential. But can you predict the GTA’s stock market?

Try them all. See what works best for you and stick with it for some time. Anyway, if you get bored, you can switch methods quickly.

Best Missions for Cash in Story Mode

Without a doubt, heists are the most profitable missions. And the best among them is the final, sixth heist called “Big Score Heist.” It features all three main characters and requires them to work in compliance. If they fail, you might miss one of your biggest income possibilities in $201,600,000.

Tips and Tricks: Proven Strategies and Lesser-Known Ways to Maximize Earnings in Story Mode

Each abovementioned farming method has a trick to improve its efficiency. For instance, to get the most out of your heists, it is essential to stick with a “B, Smart Approach.” Also, consider who you employ and their efficiency to money-requirement ratio.
Regarding racing, the best character to choose would be Franklin. His ability to slow down time while driving will give him a drastic advantage in cornering. Therefore even a weak racer can score 1st position with him.
A real pro tip for the stock market abusers would be making a save file before investment. That way, you can invest all your cash without worrying about losing. If you do burn your money, just load a save file.

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How to Make Money in GTA 5 Online for Beginners

Previous methods were quite straightforward. But how do money methods differ in GTA 5 Online? Let’s not make you wait and see how to make money fast in GTA 5 Online now.

Getting Started: Basics for Newcomers on How to Make Money in GTA 5 Online

GTA 5 Online has no main story missions to be your helping hand. So no cash will magically appear in your pockets. Instead, Rockstar gives you a ton of other methods on how you can get dollars.
Soon, we’ll explain them. But if you don’t feel like figuring those out, you can hire GTA 5 boosting. These services can farm any cash for you in the shortest terms. It will be completed by a pro boosters’ team that also obtains Destiny Osteo Striga, Apex Legends predator badges, WotLK boosting, and weapons case DMZ for other orders.

Best Missions in GTA 5 Online for Money: A List of Beginner-Friendly Missions With Decent Payouts

The easiest GTA 5 Online mission for money-making is Daily Objectives. These special missions refresh daily and give you three quick tasks. After finishing those, you get the easiest 25k of your life.
What’s also pretty effortless is Contact Missions. These come from main story characters, giving you 18 – 23k per hire. You can do these solo, but the optimal way is in a gang. So if you have several spare friends, call them and earn together (the cash is not divided!).

Easiest Way to Get Money in GTA 5 Online

Speaking about the best ways to make money in GTA 5 Online, we can’t ignore Shark Cards (which are also the easiest). You can buy these for your real-life cash and get some in-game dollars. There are different types of those cards giving various sums of money.
However, they are not the most efficient way to trade your real dollars into game dollars. Boosting sites often give an improved exchange rate. So it’s better to compare both prices if you plan to buy a Shark Card. And if you are intimidated to use boosters’ services, check this “Is KBoosting legit?” guide.

Advanced Money-Making Strategies in GTA 5 Online

These were the ways how starting players can fatten their wallets. But what about more experienced GTA enjoyers? We have some useful methods for them too.

How to Make Money Fast in GTA 5 Online: Top Strategies and Missions for Big Payouts

One of the most paying out GTA 5 Online farming methods is with Import/Export missions. Their objective is simple: you purchase a high-end vehicle and deliver it to a certain spot. But the fact that players and NPCs will hunt for you during this task makes it much more complicated. You must understand that if you fail to reach a destination point, you lose all the cash you’ve spent on the vehicle.
Another profitable but safer method is completing VIP missions, available to Executives and Other Criminals DLC owners. To do these, you must hire bodyguards. If those can be your friends, you are about to open a channel of fun and money-profit.

Best Way to Make Money GTA 5 Online: Ranking the Most Lucrative Activities

At this point, you might have already caught vertigo from the number of profiting strategies. We don’t like that mess too. Let’s structuralize them in a convenient list, starting from the most lucrative activities:

  • Shark Cards;
  • Game boosters;
  • Heists;
  • Import/Export;
  • Trafficking Illegal Goods.

This compilation appeals to both new and experienced players. So pick methods according to your current in-game capabilities.

Fastest Way to Make Money In GTA 5 Online

The fastest way how to make money in GTA 5 Online for beginners is probably car theft. This iconic gimmick lets you grab any car in Los Santos and sell it to dealers (like in a single-player). This is available only once per 48. However, it is a quick and reliable way of earning.

How to Make Money in GTA 5 Online Solo

We’ve already mentioned several methods of how to make money in GTA 5 Online solo. If you’d ask us to name more, the first would be racing. To raise the racing profit, participate, specifically, in Premium Races. They require a 20k entrance fee but pay 100k for scoring 1st place.

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Unique Money Sources in GTA 5

In most online RPGs, the cash mainly comes from missions. But GTA is known for its creative farming methods. The following several paragraphs will reveal some of them.

Where to Get Money on GTA 5: Highlighting Hidden Treasures, Heists, and Other Unique Opportunities

The Los Santos map is brimming with hidden treasures. These are buried in the Senora Desert, lying at the Golf Club, Pacific Ocean stones, and more. Can you find them to earn millions of dollars?
Heists are a classic of GTA 5. In online mode, they are available only for player groups. But that doesn’t mean you must give up on stolen dollars. Bill piles you’ll receive will be enough to pay hundreds of thousands to everyone.
Another unique way of profiting in GTA 5 Online is running a business. As a true hustler, you can open a nightclub, agency, vehicle warehouse (for other players to complete import/export missions for you) and even a drug factory. Choose the one you like!

How to Get a Lot of Money in GTA 5: Strategies and Tactics to Earn Big Bucks in Less Time

Still, opening a business is quite a lingering process that will pay off after many playing hours. If you need cash here and now, the fastest way to make money in GTA 5 Online is by attending jobs.
The best thing about jobs is their consistency. You can complete tens of them daily and earn a stable profit. Moreover, if you find a group, the matchmaking will be faster for you, facilitating even quicker profit.


Arguably, GTA 5 has a most diverse list of money-making methods. Everyone can find a method he prefers. Enjoyers of fast driving can pick racing, hustlers – businesses, and shooters – bodyguarding or jobs. It’s just important not to get lost in all these farming strategies. That’s what you can use this guide for.

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