How to Make a Modded GTA Account With Piles of Cash and High Level

February 2, 2024

GTA Online is full of fun. However, not every player can taste it due to a lack of cash and level. Why is that?
In GTA, you must grind a lot to gain wealth. Many players give up on that once they see how slow the process is. Can you get around it? Actually, yes!
Once you know how to make a modded GTA account, you can receive billions of bucks and tens of levels in the shortest terms. That’s what this page is about. So, pull up your chair and get ready to discover your shortcut to riches!

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Benefits of Using a Modded Account in GTA 5

Once you create a GTA Online character, you’re poor. You don’t have a car, real estate, potent guns, and other things essential to the GTA world. How do you get these? You start with small robberies, paving your way to heists and trying to open a passive income.
For some, this process might sound fun. But in practice, it takes a lot of time, and you can get bored during it. Thus, thousands of GTA beginners leave the game because they’re simply bored.
You can skip these grinds when you know how to make modded GTA accounts. You instantly get a character loaded with cash and a level high enough to purchase anything. What exactly can you buy?


Based on our experience, the best things to purchase on a fresh, modded GTA account are businesses. Such include:

  • Nightclubs;
  • Coke Lock;
  • Weed Farm.

These ventures will give you a passive income, multiplying your riches. However, it’s too static for some.

If that’s you, consider purchasing an establishment to unlock lucrative grinds. These are:

  • Agency – complete payphone hits, security contracts, and heists and receive around $100k per task;
  • Warehouse – fill a facility with extra cargo crates and get hundreds of thousands of cash. However, get ready to protect your warehouse. Players will raid it, so you better have a squad ready to fight them back;
  • Arcade – besides $50,000 passive income, you unlock an opportunity for casino heists. A single run can give you up to $3,600,000;
  • Vehicle Warehouse – hunt Los Santos high-class cars and bring them to the warehouse for cash. But watch out while delivering vehicles. Players will chase you, trying to prevent your affair.

Some of these should sound good to you. Build them first. Then, expand your range of businesses for diversity and higher income.

Real Estate

Next, you must get a dwelling. GTA offers tens of options here, from lousy apartments to luxurious yachts. But don’t refuse to spend extra here. A better house provides more vehicle slots, customizability, lucrative missions, and aesthetics.


Lost Santos is huge. You must be able to cross it conveniently to reach events and missions the quickest. Vehicles will help with that.
We recommend starting with cars, specifically sturdy ones, like Bravado Buffalo STX. This $2,150,000 muscle car drives 99.11 mph. Indeed, it’s not the best speed, but it’s entirely bulletproof and armored, which makes it perfect for missions.
Secondly, you need a helicopter. A good choice would be a Western Company Cargobob, which is fast and spacious. Look for the same parameters in water vehicles. For sea affairs, it’s better to take something like Kosatka, while for other cases, a speedy water scooter does well.


Last but not least, you need weapons. According to our testing, it’s optimal to carry different weapon classes: rocket launcher (RPG), assault rifle (Military Rifle or Special Carbine), pistol (Up-N-Automizer), melee weapon (The Axe), bomb (Sticky Bombos), and a mini-gun (Minigun). They will prepare you for any encounter.

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Evaluating the Worth of GTA 5 Modded Accounts

Before you buy a GTA account with mods, evaluate it. You must look at several things.
First, at a level. You want your modded account to be at least level 120 to unlock all the purchases. However, the game has many secrets you can unlock until level 720, so consider it if your budget is larger.
Once you know you can purchase anything, ensure you have a resource. You’re looking for dollars. If you want room for progression, pick an account with around $100,000,000.
Otherwise, opt-in for 1,000,000,000 accounts. They allow you to buy anything, unlocking all the game’s possibilities.
Now, how do you know a modded account is worth its price? Check other GTA boosting sites. Compare the tags of the same-developed accounts and see which offer is better.

Tips on Where and How to Buy Modded Accounts Safely and Securely

It’s all about research. Type “How to get modded GTA 5 accounts” into Google and see what sites it offers. Ensure the site you pick is appropriate. It means you must check its reviews and compare its prices and security methods to other ones.
Many find this process overwhelming. If you do, too, take a shortcut and check Askboosters. We’ve reviewed tens of boosters and present you with the best game-boosting websites. Find your favorite among them.
You can easily do it by checking their brief reviews. They expose the site’s prices, security measures, bonuses, range of services, etc.
However, regardless of your pick, we guarantee safety. All the sites we recommend are mediators between you and the seller. So, they won’t allow your cash transfer until you enter the account and change its login details.
Their security is sky-high, whatever service you buy. So, you can consider them if you need an Overwatch boost, Diablo 4 fast leveling, D2 Malfeasance, or even the completion of Liyue in Genshin.

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Key Considerations to Keep in Mind While Making a Purchase

First, evaluate an account. By comparing or buying from trusted sites, ensure it matches an average market price. But that’s not all.
Next, you should check an account server. It must be in your or an adjacent region, so you won’t face ping issues.
Finally, look at the account’s platform. If you play from the console, choose a PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, or Xbox Series X/S, based on which of these you use. They all have separate accounts.
On the other hand, PC users can choose between Social Club, Steam, and Epic Games. Which is better? These are just different clients with the same GTA V. Pick one you’re familiar with or where your friends play GTA (so it will be easier to connect to them).


Now you know everything about how to get a modded GTA account. What’s next? Just seize your riches with a single purchase. Determine your desired account, go to one of our recommended sites (or find one yourself), find a proper account, and make a purchase. Put grind aside and get straight to the end-game fun!

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