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Weekend League FIFA 23 is a weekly competition known as FUT Champions. That’s one of the most popular EA Sports events. And it is probably due to how rewarding it is: player packs, coins, qualification points, etc.
To get these and other WL rewards, you must hit high ranks. It requires plenty of game knowledge and mechanical skill. You must know and correctly utilize the best formations, meta players, tactics, etc.
Managing all of that yourself can be very difficult. Especially if you don’t play FIFA daily for several years. But we can compensate for that. Today, we’ll share a concrete method of getting better at a game and scoring a higher rank in the WL: cheaply, quickly, and safely. But first, let’s clarify how the WL works a bit.

fifa 23 weekend league

When Does Weekend League Start FIFA 23

Tracking FIFA Weekend League is not hard at all. It starts every morning on Friday. It lasts for two days, finishing on Monday in the morning. That’s the time when the game determines the final rewards.
But before attending an opening WL game on Friday, you must first qualify for the event. Here is how you do it.

How The Weekend League Works In FIFA 23

First, you must know that there are 9 chances to qualify for the FUT Champions Final within each FIFA Ultimate Team season. To achieve it, you need to participate in Division Rivals. Your aim is to hit 1250 pts. Once you do, you enter WL Play-Offs.
This already gets you several rewards. But if you want more, you must keep pushing. Proceed to play and win at least 4 out of 10 matches. It will take you to the finals.
When you are in, you need to score 19 more wins. This will make you an absolute champion, pouring plenty of FIFA 23 Weekend League rewards on you.

Get Weekend League Rewards

About Weekend League Rewards

Talking about WL rewards, let’s see what you can get. Here are all the rewards you can obtain through climbing WL ranks:

  • Jumbo Premium Gold Pack;
  • Rare Gold Pack;
  • Mega Pack;
  • Small Prime Gold Players Pack;
  • Jumbo Premium Gold Players Pack;
  • Rare Mega Pack;
  • Prime Gold Players Pack;
  • Small Rare Gold Players Pack;
  • Rare Players Pack;
  • Jumbo Rare Players Pack;
  • Rare Mixed Players Pack;
  • Premium TOTW Pack;
  • Five 84+ Rare Gold Players Pack;
  • Ultimate Pack;
  • Up to 410 000 coins.

As you see, most of the Weekend League FIFA 23 rewards are packs. Each comes in multiple copies. So the number of players you’ll unpack after hitting a high WL rank is crazy. And the chances of some of them being a rare Ronaldo or Messi card are legit.
Plus, you get a ton of coins on top. Spend them purchasing specific player cards at the market or grabbing a few more packs.

What Weekend League Rewards Do You Get With Us?

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Weekend League FIFA 23

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the FIFA Weekend League?

FIFA Weekend League (FUT Champions) is a top event recurring each week. Every FIFA player seeks to participate in it as it gives away plenty of player packs and coins.

Is it hard to win in the FIFA 23 WL?

FIFA 23 WL is a challenging event. Getting into its playoffs is not that hard. But if you want to go to the finals and even win, you must be skilled and aware of the game’s meta.

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