How to get Jotunn in Destiny 2?

March 20, 2023

Do you want to be the best player in the Destiny 2 Crucible? Or maybe you desire to conquer PvE content like it’s nothing? Most silly players would say you need to hone your personal skill to achieve that. They think it’s the only way to reach the goal. But it is a delusion. Bungie, Destiny 2 developer, has left a shortcut for power: the Jotuun.

In the next few minutes, you will learn what Jotuun is, how to get your hands on it, and why this exotic weapon is a must-have.

What is Jotunn in Destiny 2?

Although a Jotuun looks like a toaster: it is not for frying bread. It is for frying and decimating everything that gets in your way. No matter whether it is an NPC or the player in the Crucible, a shot of Jotuun fires it to its bones.

Jotuun is an Exotic Fusion Rifle with a solar damage type. The weapon manufacturer is a Black Armory foundry which made the gun capable of outputting 95 min-max impacts. The Toaster uses special solar ammo and works within a mediocre range of 47. Combine those stats with proper gear and skills, and you will cause a calamity on the battlefield.

With Jotuun, your opponents have no time to react. All they see is a blasting fire projectile in their face. Even if the shot was trajectory was offset and it landed near the opponent, one shot is more than probable. Having problems landing shots and tracking enemies? Consider cheap and effective skycoach services!

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How to get the Jotunn quest?

Since the Shadowkeep release, obtaining Jotuun in Destiny 2 has become much easier. To get the quest, head to the Ada – 1, a Black Armory vendor in the Annex Tower. She will give you a “Giant’s Might” quest. The quest has two main elements: kill vex with fusion rifles and complete ten weapon frames.

Yes, we should grind again. Tired of that? Boosting services might be a perfect solution for you.

How to get Jotunn Exotic Fusion Rifle

No need to look for additional Jotuun farming guides. We got you! Let’s begin with the first stage of the quest: killing vex. There are tens of locations on the map where vex reside. However, the practice proves that Artifcat’s Edge on Nessus is the most efficient spot. There are many vexes: get your best gear and jump into farming.

The next step towards getting Destiny 2 Jotuun drop is completing ten weapon frames. These frames are picked up from the same vendor that gave you a quest: Ada – 1. However, you must use modulus reports and ballistic logs to get the frames. To get those pieces, you have to complete Ada’s bounties.

So grab the bounties and start the grind. One after one, you will complete all the frames, and the weapon of mass destruction will be yours. Learn how to get the most out of this booming gun with the LFCarry Review.

The Perks of the Jotuun

Jotuun fusion rifle has quite some perks to raise its effectiveness:

  • Charge Shot. An ordinary shot is charged by holding the trigger. After reaching a destination, it explodes in a significant area and deals burning damage;
  • Volatile Launch. A perk that optimizes a Jotuun for an increased blast radius. At the same time, it decreases a projectile and handling speed;
  • Liquid Coils. Sacrifice some of your charge-building time with liquid coils perk, and get higher damage in return;
  • Shield Disorient. Cause an energy-matched shield explosion to disorient the nearby opponents;
  • Polymer grip. Obtain a lighter material polymer grip to improve the handling speed.

Check out these Jotuun perks, test them and find what’s best for your playstyle. Use the optimal perk combo to reach the highest PvP ranks or complete PvE encounters. Struggling to do that on your own? Look for the Destiny 2 Nightfall completion help here.

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So as you can see, obtaining and utilizing deadly weapons in Destiny 2 is not that hard. Take one quest, do a little grinding and enemy-scorching Jotuun is at your service. Use it to smash the opponents in Crucible, taking the highest ranks. Or utilize it for an effective PvE farm.

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